Three Reasons Why the Service Department is Your Best Friend for Closing Sales

Are you incorporating the auto service department into your sales presentation? 

If not, you should start so immediately! There is a reason why most successful car salespeople make the service department the last stop on their way to the closing table.  Car buyers today keep their cars longer and drive them further than ever before.  Much of that depends on the quality of their service providers who will take care of their vehicle during the time of their ownership.  

Still not convinced that the service department is worth your time and effort during your sales approach? Read these 3 reasons why the service department is key to higher car sales, and you will start adding it immediately:

1.  No one knows more about the reliability of vehicles than the people who work on them on a daily basis.  A good Service Walk introduces the Customer to the people who will be taking care of their car if they bring when in for service or maintenance.  Introducing Customers to the Service Manager or Advisor gives them an opportunity to ask questions about the vehicle they are considering, and about the way they run their Service Departments.  This can be a tremendous tool for closing the Customer during the negotiation process! 

2.  A well-run Service Department that is clean, Customer-friendly and well-ordered creates a tremendous visual effect for a potential Customer.  Many buyers will place value on the ease of access they will have when they bring their vehicle and for maintenance and repairs. Knowing that they will have a clean friendly place to trust their vehicle's maintenance with, your Customers will feel more confident that they have chosen the right car AND dealership. 

3. Introducing Customers to service personnel during the Service Walk gives them a closer connection to the Dealership.  If they feel comfortable with the people they meet there, it can go a long way to relieve their anxieties about the care and maintenance of the investment they are considering for a new vehicle.

So what do you think now? Here at DLA, we recommend visiting the service department yourself to let the staff know that you will be bringing potential customers to help close the deal. 

Contact Mary Mannella at 800.374.3314, extension 215 to learn more  

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