What Makes a Person a Leader


Often we tend to think that people are born Leaders and destined to rise to the top because of their personality or genetic makeup.  Over the past thirty years our experience has proven that quality Car Sales Training and Dealership Training Courses can raise anyone’s potential to become a Leader in this business.


Certainly there are personalities that are more prone to produce Leadership in someone, but in most cases Leaders are developed through disciplined use of the right training curriculum that produces change and growth in their skills and abilities and by the choices they make and the goals they set for themselves.


Though there is no single type of person that defines Leadership, there are certain characteristics that are found in all who are considered to be Leaders.  The first would be their ability to influence others.  It may be the strength of their personality or the way in which they are able to define their plans and ideas, but Leaders by nature are magnets that others are drawn to and are willing to follow.


Effective an consistent Training can be extremely helpful for those who want to become effective Leaders in the business.  However, Managers are often promoted up from car sales positions and given no real automotive dealership management training.  This can often produce less than excellent results causing someone with tremendous potential to fail as a Leader because they were not properly trained.


Leaders are people who affect change by the words they speak and the actions they take.  Growth requires change and without it things and people remain the same.  Those who become Leaders in this business are those who invest time and effort in the right automotive sales training curriculum.  They experience personal growth and change through the things that they learn in the process.  Leaders seek answers to the how’s and why’s of life and they are willing to take chances and go first in order to find out what the answers are.  The results of these changes in their understanding and actions convince others to desire those same results themselves.


Leaders have a plan and don’t just shoot from the hip.  They set goals and take specific steps to achieve them.  They know where they want to go and they are willing to do whatever it takes to get there.  They are team oriented and willing to take the time to share what they have learned with others who desire to learn how to better themselves.

Real Leaders are action oriented people by nature.  They are not content to watch and wait for things to happen.   They see Leadership as a verb and not a noun and they make things happen by the actions they take.  Their willingness to take that first step toward accomplishing the goal is what sets them apart and makes them a true Leader. 


If you would like a free copy of my book “The Leadership Factor” email me your contact information at dlewis@davidlewis.com.


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