dE members,I have my personal feelings about this issue, but I wanted to see what the dE dealer community thought. Should salespeople, service advisers, and/or finance managers be asking for reviews from people at the dealership?

That's not to say that they should be asking them to do the reviews while there, but should they be mentioning it before following up with an email?

I say yes, as I detailed in the blog post below, but what do you think?

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I guess my response to this questions revolves around your definition of asking. I don't think a salesperson, or anyone else at the dealership, should be asking for reviews to be answered in a specific way. I hate the old "Reviews are my report card so please make sure to give me all As" line.

With that being said, I believe the salesperson should absolutely tell the customer about the coming CSI survey and where else they can go to rate the dealership. I would talk about how important ratings are and how much we have learned from our customers about what they like and don't like and that this kind of feedback is very important to us. If my reviews are favorable, I have probably used them in the sales process and talked about how they can rate us at that time.

Most of us are pretty familiar with the Internet and how to find things like sites to rate dealers but we too often make the assumption that are customers are equally as familiar and that often isn't the case. Since I know I provide top-notch buyer experiences, I want them to know where to go to talk about me.

JD, after reading through your comments on this post, perhaps you have comments regarding reviews and surveys.  This brings up an interesting point.  Sales people are asking for a lot from customers at the time of delivery.  We want a perfect survey and a fantastic review on any one of multiple platforms.  As long as you did your job, people will deliver.  I say yes, ask for it.  Who ever received anything by sitting around doing nothing?

Will the OEM's lay off the survey and allow the dealers to focus on something more productive like reviews?

 The hands on Dealers/GM's with extensive in-dealership positioned experience tactfully inquiring post sale/service from a customer to assure their satisfaction to hyperlink a Google review site in an email, whether it's positive or negative in response. A designated staff member can respond within 24 hours. If positive, then extend sincere appreciation from all those that directly assisted, if not, respond in 24 hours for all prospective consumers to see that your store 'cares' in all attempt to rectify. As Dealers and General managers paying attention to their review activity SHOW very Little in review activity when passive vs. tactfully appreciative with a customer's post sale/service experience recount. I say post, because you do not want a review enacted in the store from a PC showing the I P address... In the past, we waited for the OEM survey days down the road combined with customer testimonies to their family, friends, and co workers of the Great experience or...  To 'act' electronically now post sale, in professionally inviting a review, yes, practices can change. If you truly 'care' about a customer's experience at the store, why would you refrain from inquiring post the sale/service aside from a phone call?


Ask for video testimony's, reviews, referrals and to bake a pie for you while in the dealership!

When you can get a customer to bake you a pie, they become a customer for life!

Happy Selling!

No disrespect to al, but if think there is too much on the line NOT TO ask for the top mark IF I HAVE EARNED IT, assuming I did earn it.

I agree with all here but i think one of the biggest things everyone is missing here is asking not only for a review but a referral as well ABS!  The easiest way to get referrals in my exp. is a Facebook like on your fan page. Not only do you get a valuable like you also gain free exposure  to that customers many friends they may have on Facebook. Customers don't always know which of there friends are in the market for a new car. The customer liking  your dealership  is a great way to show there friends your a great place to shop in the future

happy selling!

Heck yes ask for them. My reviews sell me a lot of cars directly and indirectly. I have had many people ask my internet depot to work with me and have had several people come in and see me because of them. I have close to 150 reviews in various sites and have them all back linked to my website. It does great for me.

In my opinion, it needs to be done periodically like Mystery Customers / Visitors Report. It would improve the services of any dealership in the long run - CRM/CSI, etc.

KR. Ganesan


Absolutely!  As an Internet Sales Manager, I encourage all of our sales personnel to "suggest" to their customers that they write a review.  They even suggest the site or sites that we would like them to send to, and I have the sales consultant respond to the review.  Buy or No Buy... Good or Bad... Every time the salespersons name ends up in a rating site, it adds to their visibility to the internet public.  It seems like no matter where we go, or what type of item we buy, we are always asked to respond to a survey or critique the service in some way.  So, I can't imagine there would be any reason for us not to ask, especially when the only thing we have to offer that is better than the next dealership is the way we treat our customers and our reputation.

JD, I can say that I think it is valuable for current/future customers and the team to know what people are feeling and thinking. (Both good and bad) Personally we take all the reviews in a positive light no matter good or bad. It helps us to improve and it also gives you an opportunity to address an issue you may not have known about not it been for the review availabilty.



JD, I think that if you don't ask for reviews, you are missing the boat.  We know that anywhere from 88-98% of customers are doing research online prior to purchasing a vehicle and it would be stupid to think that people aren't interested in what other customers have to say. 

Having said that, I do think it is important to do it through a third party though. There just seems to be more legitimacy when the review isn't posted by the dealer on the customer's behalf on their website.  We have been using DealerRater and they are great.  They have an excellent setup for dealing with bad reviews that allow us, as the dealer, to try to work out the problem with our customer before the review goes live.  If the customer doesn't respond to attempts to contact them, after a certain period of time, then DealerRater will not post it because it can't be verified that the customer is legit.  There is a lot more to it than I want to get into here, but there are very good ways of dealing with reviews.

Ultimately, my answer to this question is a resounding "YES", ask for the reviews and let them know you DO value their input!

I am going to comment as a customer. First, I'm glad you clarified the difference between asking to get the review while on-site vs. mentioning prior to sending via email or snail mail because I'd be answering quite differently.

I'd say it is perfectly alright to say, "BTW, you will be receiving a satisfaction survey in your email or mailbox.  I hope we provided you with service that was up to your standards, but if it wasn't, please let us know so we can better improve our service and earn your repeat business."

If I was asked in that manner, I could see my complaints turned into suggestions and find myself stressing on the good vs. the bad (if bad applies).  I can't stand when a salesperson says "Please give us a 5 star rating, blah blah blah CSI blah blah blah.  That's almost a guarantee I will knit pick everything.

It's kind of like putting your dealer names sticker on the back of my BRAND NEW or used car.  Are you going to pay for that advertising?  Otherwise please remove it.  It's my car now.


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