I thought this would be an interesting discussion.
Most people enter the "car biz" because we didn't make it somewhere else.

"Who would you be if you weren't in the auto industry?"

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Had I not entered the car business, I would probably still be involved in the music industry in some capacity. I have my degree in music business and always thought of being a music producer. Was accepted into the Berkley school of music in Boston for their film scoring program. Maybe I would have been a movie score writer. Either way, I love the car business and it is my home.
I'm inclined to say that if you're only in the auto biz because you didn't make it somewhere else, then your passion is elsewhere. Not saying you should leave the car biz to pursue where you "would" have been ...or maybe I am. I'm a big "chase your dreams, and let them chase you at catch you' kind of thinker.

"It's never too late to be who you might have been." or maybe "You might not be where you thought you'd be, you are where you are."

Although, in my case, if I hadn't entered the car business, I wouldn't be as happy and content in my current situation as I am now. I left a Collection Agency at the age of 20 to pursue a job in the automotive field, and since then, I've soared higher and higher.
Before the car biz, I served in my beloved Marine Corps for 8 years, then I ran drugstores for a back east co. named Eckerd. After 2 years I found myself getting trapped in an office with operating statements, and quit liking my work.
Enter the car biz, remains fresh everyday, as every customer, and every deal is different..... love it every day, however it is still a means to an end. My goal has always been to serve my country and her people, and to ultimately become a member of our United States Senate.
No grandious visions of being president.....Have you ever watched "Mr. Smith goes to Washington"? This is how I see our political arena. Doing right for the simple good of doing right, not personal gain.
Thank you for listening to me ramble, and take a moment to look into the Federal Reserve, this is thought by most of our citizens to be a part of our government, however it is a privately owned co. that sets monetary policy without congressional approval....HMMMMM.

God Bless, and happy selling,


If I weren't here in the auto industry then for sure, I would be a musician or at least a singer. Yes, I have good vocals since childhood and loves to participate in family concerts. On the other hand, I also like to attend music concerts. I agree due to the workload it has become tough to participate in concerts but I always try to get some time for it. Likewise, right now, I am searching to get all details to attend an upcoming music concert in Chicago, IL from here https://concerts50.com/upcoming-concerts-in-illinois. Because I have an important meeting with a client there and I also want to stay there for a few days to have some fun with husband. That's why I preferred to join some college days friends at a music concert.  

after nearly thirty yrs in the car biz i'm not to sure possibly still in the corrections department here in australia, but that is a very hard question to actually answer.

having a passion for cars since very young and serving my country in the australian army and having left that i guess i followed my passion, there is time i wonder why but most of the time its what i love but after all this time  i guess i made the right choice


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