"Will someone throw me a bone here?"                                Okay...Let's talk about "house deals" or "unassigned orphaned clients" and how they should  be handled at the dealership.  First scenario: Sales Manager's neighbor comes in... SM sells car but assigns sales consultant to do all the work to get the car out the door. Second Scenario: Long time dealership service client comes in to service and stops by manager's office and expresses desire to trade out of money bucket car...How should this be assigned to a sales consultant on the floor?

Would love to hear from you various business practices and how this is treated at your dealership!  We probably all know in our minds what we think is the fair way to handle scenarios such as these, but we know in reality, it is not always the case!

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Great topic Nancy!

I like how Dave Anderson shares in this video on Entitlement http://www.dealerelite.net/video/the-danger-of-entitlement-part-1

There are many ways to look at who gets the bone. Sometimes it should go to the one leading the pack, the one who works the hardest and has the best attitude.

On the other hand, sometimes the one who is working the hardest is far from leading the pack, and in fact could be struggling to get their engines going for the month - a bone to a struggling positive attitude is sometimes necessary.

The majority of the team will appreciate the right decision on who the bone goes to...

In either event, a bone never goes to one who feels entitled... An "attitude of entitlement" leading the pack or not, are not the ones deserving of the bones... It's always about the RIGHT ATTITUDE...

Grinder Carbucks always gets the bone!!!! Check it out!~ http://www.dealerelite.net/group/carbucksdeexpress
WOW!  Awesome video and I love the viewpoint...DP's and managers think this is a simple issue..but is it?  Making wrong decisions on who gets the bone, can create a lot of havoc in a working environment disrupting the synergy and attitude!  Thanks for the comment Bobby, the King of Logic!!!!
Nancy, Who needs the deal? In our store, I would like to think every sales representative, is aspiring to sell 30+, month in and month out. We try to spread the wealth. No matter, if one has 20 out or 5 out, we try to keep the pass outs equal. Have a great night.

I like your answer Tony, but does it always go that way in all stores???  I went right past your store last night...should have stopped by...were you there?


Nancy- I was here last evening to close. Stop by anytime. Have a great day>
Nancy, two things I look at: work ethic and service after the sale. I give it to the one-not necessarily the one who is the leader on the board, but the one who is giving maximum effort. Some of the ones I give it to are trying hard, but cant seem to get on the board. All they need is a spark and a bone is usually the spark to restore their confidence. I also want to make sure that they follow up with great service. Although every customer deserves that, some sp are not up to par with it yet. Some ask me how they can get a house deal and it is a coaching opportunity for me. I tell them that if they would do a better job with the clients they have now I will throw them a bone.
The likability factor of the salesperson, and diligence in long-term follow-up would be my only considerations they be the best chance to insure repeat and referral business stemming from the initial transaction.


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