Manager Confirmation Call Guide & Demonstration Video

An appointment that is confirmed by a manager is the highest yield buyer in our industry.  Check out this 2 minute video and click this link to download the Appointment Confirmation Call Guide.

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Comment by Kyle Disher on January 4, 2017 at 10:02am

Good stuff Steve thank you.

Comment by steven chessin on January 3, 2017 at 4:19pm

"A welcome call". As a BDC director I called our contact an "invitation not a negotiation". We understand that it is better to avoid buyer's price requests or demands. And yet in many job descriptions it clearly states that an 'INTERNET SALESPERSON" provides a quote. WHY ?  It only requires some training to side-step this in everyone's best interests. One of my Camry appointments came-in ...the old gentleman was a giant over 6'6" and a former pro athlete with such terrible arthritis he could barely bend to get into the Camry he had tried to price over the phone. I pointed-out that the car did not fit him and suggested an Avalon left-over with a bench seat. He could not have been more pleased. There are so many unknown variables when buying/selling a car that researching online just doesn't begin to cover. Too many look for slick techniques when better customer service is the best sales technique. Customers deserve tips not tricks. If the suggestions are valid they will respond positively.

THAT SAID --- In stores with a bdc I believe the appointment director rather a sales manager should do the confirmation but not always -- only when the rep isn't feeling that the appointment is solid. AND that an automatic text reminder should be used --- just as doctors use.            

Comment by Kyle Disher on January 2, 2017 at 8:44pm

Hi Steve,
Fair and valid points. Locking down the appointment is just a part of this, it is about getting management involved. Why do we have sales managers take TO's? Because the more management involvement there is the better off we are with satisfying the needs of the customer and ultimately making the deal. If done correctly, it is very rare that a manager will cause an appointment not to show up. We're not just going for shows, we're going for SOLDS. When managers get involved from the start it is so much more likely that the deal materialize.
OLD SCHOOL "Hey I am calling to confirm your appointment" is not what we are looking for AT ALL. The problem with manager confirmation calls is often times this is what happens. We're looking for a WELCOME call and for the customer to meet the managers as soon as they arrive. If a manager meeting more customers costing a dealership car deals there is a much bigger problem at that store than these phone calls. When these calls are done correctly it means more shows, more sales and happier customers. HOWEVER when done incorrectly they can do much more harm than good. Thank you Steve!

Comment by steven chessin on January 2, 2017 at 8:00pm

Kyle  - Well  ----  this is certainly an old-school standard ! Hard to disagree with - but  ........  

You feel strongly that a higher authority will lock-down the appointment. Fair enough. But who made that appointment ?  I have seen bdc appointments un-wind when the sales team intervenes. This causes friction with bdc as they were banking on THEIR appointment being kept. I believe a more delicate reminder from a calendar text is sufficient. If a confirmation call is to be made I'd be more comfortable letting the original setter do it as they have the only relationship with that customer until they T.O at the store.

However --- without a bdc  --- the issue changes from should or shouldn't it be done ---  to will or won't it be.  

Comment by Mark Handlon on December 12, 2016 at 11:32am

It is the most important thing a manager can do to "help" insure that a customer will actually show up for the appointment!

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