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Write Service Podcast: Episode 25- Key to Making an Extra 5-10% Income

This week, Jeff discusses the key to making an extra 5-10% income: having a strong follow-up program! Don't allow yourself or your process to become automated, don't rely on one approach for everyone, and always remember that NOTHING exceeds personal contact between you and your customer. With just five steps, you'll see higher retention, higher sales, and higher survey scores! Copyright 2018 Wm Jeff Cowan



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An Interview with Keith Shetterly of BullCutter.com , What does it DO for dealers?

What is BullCutter.com ? What does it DO for dealers?

CHRIS: First, welcome, Keith, and how are you? Most importantly, what made you decide to build and launch BullCutter.comTM? What does it DO for dealers?  

KEITH: Thanks, Chris, and I'm great. BullCutter.comTM is my response to real dealer problems with bad vendors in advertising, websites, and CRM: In…


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Negative Reviews Can be Sales Gold!

Study after study finds that word-of-mouth is the single greatest influencer when it comes to marketing. Providing a consistently excellent customer experience, then having those customers go out and tell their family and friends about it is the marketer’s holy grail. According to many, it’s perhaps the easiest and…


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The Power of a Pruning Mindset

Pruning is the process of removing what is undesirable in order to make room for growth, and is a necessity if you want to reach your fullest potential and live the game changer life. In this episode Dave shares three pruning strategies (realign, revitalize, remove) you can apply to your daily activities, associations, mindset, and more, to help you remove what's less than optimal and make room for unstoppable growth. Download or stream this episode for free on iTunes, Google Play Music,…


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6 Contact Strategies that Pay Dividends with Women

Men and women communicate in different ways and have different expectations when buying a car. Therefore, it’s critical to incorporate different contact strategies into your communication methods with your women customers.

1. Know the difference between talking and communicating. There’s a big difference between talking to and communicating with women. Communication builds trust, and trust matters to women. In fact, trust ranks as the #1 reason women choose their…


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Success in Professional Sales Podcast: Episode 24- Four Reasons Why Sales Might Not Be For You...

Have you wanted to be in sales but you're not sure if it's the right fit? Sales is rewarding, challenging, and fast-pace, but it also is not for everyone! Stay tuned to hear the four points that will help you determine if this role is meant for you. Copyright 2018 Wm Jeff Cowan

Click HERE to watch!

Website: thejeffcowan.com…


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Promotion Principles to Protect Your Organization

Some leaders excel at picking others for promotion and development while others lead their organizations into chaos or ruin with poor choices in this regard. Following are principles from two men who were, arguably, two of the best people-pickers of the last century—General George C. Marshall, and Alfred Sloan of General Motors—as related by one of my favorite minds on the matter, Peter Drucker.

Step 1: Think through the process.

Look first at the nature of the…


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Crack the Code for Selling to Women

Pre- and post-purchase analytics are the key to cracking the code for selling to your #1 buyer: women. Women are buying 45% of all vehicles today, which translates to 819 total vehicles per year at an average new car dealership. Yet most business leaders still don’t celebrate this market, nor do they…


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Using Instagram to Boost SEO – Useful Tips for the Uninitiated

The principal reasons why brands take to the social media are to enhance brand awareness, engage with customers and followers, and build brand loyalty. However, it is quite evident that they can use social media to also make their SEO more effective even though Google has denied that it factors in social…


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The Incredible Power of Clarity

As Vince Lombardi said, "It's hard to be aggressive when you're confused." Game changers know this and understand that becoming unstoppable is a result of becoming resolutely clear about their: purpose, goals, values, personal philosophy, daily behaviors, and more. This episode shares the powerful benefits of clarity as well as key aspects to creating clarity, so that you can reach your fullest potential and help others do the same. Get it now at …


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Growing Technicians

One of the largest concerns facing the automotive industry is the shortage of technicians. Many qualified technicians have left in retirement or have moved on to other markets that also have needs such as fleets or oilfields. Adding to this concern is very few young technicians have chosen to enter a market with so many challenges. A few of the obstacles…


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EXCLUSIVE New Book Release: "What I've Learned From Attending Over 35 Indy 500's"-

Every May, thousands descend upon the Indianapolis Motor Speedway to watch and be part of the “Greatest Spectacle in Racing”, the Indy 500.  Millions more watch on television from around the world. All know that Indy is the biggest single day sporting event in the world, but what many do not know is that it is also a college and an institution of higher learning. For just one day a year, by attending this event, you can get a lifetime of knowledge that will take the average student years to…


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DealerELITE Subscribers Receive $400 Off Digital Dealer 24


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Disagreeing Well With The Theory Of 5 Philosophy

No matter how compatible they are, two people living together are going to butt heads every now and again. Decide on your “rules of engagement” early on. Do …

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Service Conquest: Success is in the Data

As new vehicle sales profits become more difficult, it is important to increasingly turn your attention to growing your service business.  Dealers are rightly interested in finding new service customers to replace lost customers. However, service conquest is very difficult because you must overcome three challenges:…


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The Future of your Service Department

There is nothing more frustrating to a customer than being told a repair will take X amount of time - only to be informed later that it will take longer. To those who work in busy dealership service departments, this happens frequently. Customers come in for one thing and, during the multi-point inspection,…


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Write Service Podcast: Episode 22- The Next Visit Technique

This week, Jeff visits yet another common mistake that service advisors make: not asking for future business! Future business requires the advisor to not only sell the service, but also sell themselves! The most effective way to do this is by using the proven techniques: The Next Visit and The Proactive Next Visit. Both word tracks will secure you more future business than you can imagine! Copyright 2018 Wm Jeff Cowan…


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How to Best Present the Benefits of a Career in Automotive Retail Sales!

Recruiting and hiring quality personnel for vehicle sales has never been easy, but according to most dealers I talk with, it’s never been as difficult as it is today. Even most of those in the job market with an interest in a “sales” career state that they want to stay away from selling cars!

Although the automotive sales profession has pretty much overcome the stereotyping of the ‘50s, ‘60s, and ‘70s, it is still plagued with negative perceptions, the most…


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Winning the Retail Game is Getting Harder. Can You Do It?

Do you think retail is changing, or do you believe that continuing to do the same thing will allow you to prosper as you have for decades? Certainly, the auto industry disruptors must be a wake-up call, at the very least. But is it enough of a wake-up call? We’re watching entire industries pretty much go out of…


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Strongest Week for Used Cars in Two Years

Welcome to this week's edition of Black Book Market Insights, with in-depth analysis of used car and truck valuation trends and insights straight from the auction lanes. Click here to download the full…


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Clean Diesel Vs. Diesel

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It’s hard to imagine commerce without diesel fuel. From the ships that carry cargo across the oceans to the trains and trucks that haul those goods to their ultimate destinations, diesel fuel is what makes all of it possible. However, that power…


Get Secure and Reliable Car Title Loan Services

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Cash is the most important part of every human being’s life. But, sometimes it is not available when you need more. At that time, the loan is the best option that can help you to solve problems. If you want emergency cash then,…



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Dealers using the new AuctionACCESS Mobile App will be eligible for discounted Black Book Digital…


Write Service Podcast: Episode 25- Key to Making an Extra 5-10% Income

Posted by Jeff Cowan on April 19, 2018 at 12:00pm 0 Comments

This week, Jeff discusses the key to making an extra 5-10% income: having a strong follow-up program! Don't allow yourself or your process to become automated, don't rely on one approach for everyone, and always remember that NOTHING exceeds…


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