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 I recently started a BDC department at a dealership that has never had one and is also very old school. Currently the only CRM that they are using is Reynolds & Reynolds which is not a very good CRM for a BDC perspective. What is a good cost effective CRM  that would be good to go with ?

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Hi Catlin.  I was a BDC Manager in various capacities (from a small BHPH dealership to an outsourced automated dialer environment), and I've been taking my CRM along with me everywhere I go!  lol.  

In all seriousness though, there is a great CRM called "Aeros."  They are a smaller company, recently bought out by AULtec I believe.  It is a very robust system with minimal costs.  They charge per user license.  So if you have a ton of users, it could get expensive, but if you are just starting, it may be a great place to start.  If I remember correctly, it is something like $55 per month per user.  How many people will need log ins?

I found it very useful in BDC.  It takes a little effort in the initial set up, but there are tons of ways to customize the program to send out automated e-mails, schedule phone calls, etc.  


Hope this helps!

Caitlin!! :)

I started a BDC internet department at a store that just had reynolds and reynolds too and it is def not the best tool for bdc..i just signed up for promax last month which is pretty cost effective and is about 90% the same as the vinsolutions program they had at duval ford, check it out. So far so good for me :)

Reynolds is not the best but is not the worst either. Look at VinSolutions, eLead, DealerSocket, iMagic, web control AVV. If I can help you feel free to reach out.

Stan Sher

I'm a BDC manager currently stuck with Reynolds and Reynolds as well.  I'm familiar with VinSolutions, which I loved, and iMagic, which I'm not a fan of.  Lol.

Separate systems... separate problems... (time plus $$$)

Your existing Reynolds & Reynolds Contact Management will work fine (for smaller stores). Save spending the additional $$$ and spend the required time to get to know the CRM. R&R has good tech support.800-767-0080 then press 2,3,5,2.

I have worked with most of the big providers and can safely say it is the effort you put in NOT the CRM (ILM) that makes or breaks your results.

Good Selling,



Thank you for your question....I would recommend VINSolutions.....But keep in mind the a good CRM is only as good as the data that is put into it :)

-Shawn Clos

I know it may cost a little more, but spend whatever it takes (within reason) to get the best one that fits your dealership's needs today and for the future. A CRM tool is the backbone for your BDC and the primary means of digital communication with your prospects and customers. Do not look to "skimp" on this expense - just keep in mind that "you get what you pay for." Remember also that "cost effective" means the best use of yours and your teams' time as well as the monetary expense for the CRM tool. An inefficient or ineffective tool costs you much more than money - it costs you time, it can possibly turn off customers, and be frustrating for new personnel to learn. A good CRM tool is intuitive and shows you where you can find potential deals and replies from prospects, rather than having to dig through it to find what you're looking for.

Look for one that's web-based and integrates sales, desking AND service, which is why your bosses probably went with Reynolds in the first place. Dealer Socket and VinSolutions seem to offer the most comprehensive tool. Dominion (owners of AutoBase and AVV WebControl) has a new one coming soon. Higher Gear has a solid solution, and have been hearing some positive things lately about CAR-Research XRM.

If it is set up properly, R&R should be an effective solution for you if you have access to the whole program. Maybe let them know you are unhappy and 'shopping' and get them to help you restructure it. I have seen it work VERY WELL in an aggressive BDC. 

If you're shopping, vinsolutions is pretty slick for the money.


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