I have been in this business (on the floor and licensed) since Feb and I just ran into my first really difficult and mentally challenging day on Saturday.  Set myself up for great success to have 4 possibly 5 cars out in one day.  Not too shabby for a newbie right?  Well it didn't go according to plan to say the least.  

Appt number 1 = tough financial spot, still working a deal, but not there yet. 

Appt number 2 = Started at a 2 car deal, fell flat and trying to resurrect it into a 1 car deal

Appt number 3 = Got stood up

Appt number 4 = Yelling screaming and losing a deal to the competition

Potential deals 5, Actual deals ZEROOOOOO

I pride myself in controlling my business and ultimate success, but on this day I felt like I couldn't control a darn joystick.  Spent a lot of hours Sat night and all day Sunday trying to define those failures and figure out how to turn it into a success story.  

As it stands right now 5 hours into the new work week, I think I have 2 back in the game and one still hanging out there.  The other is dead, but I guess we can't get them all (although my stubborn ways still try to get 100% lol)  

The lesson I took from this is you MUST get your head right as soon as the next business day starts.  Bad juju will just kill your production and slow down your ability to climb the ladder if that in fact is your goal.  Most people hate Mondays, I absolutely love them.  Its the fresh start I need every week to set and achieve new goals.  Now I have to figure out how to close 11 new deals to hit my goal for the months end.  Wish me luck!

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Good Luck, Frank...though I don't think you'll need it with that attitude.


The most valuable word in sales and in life that will give you an MBA (Massive Bank Account) is "NEXT." 

Most salespeople either fail or do not succeed because they cannot handle the rejection and mental ups and downs. Being great at sales can make you great at life. There are many parallels. Go to my twitter @marktewart or facebook @mtewart and watch the video from the Navy Seals Commander. Pay special attention to the "Sugar Cookie" section.

Best Wishes and Good Selling!

Controlling your destiny is one thing, trying to control the perspective buyer is another.  You really shouldn't try to do that, they want to feel like they are buying rather than 'being sold'. Spend some time on this site and listen to how to skillfully answer questions and make the buyer want to do business with you  www.iwanttothinkitover.com

Frank, you have a wonderful attitude of persistence.  I have to wonder about the 4th appointment, "Yelling screaming and losing a deal to the competition."  It sounds way too intense.  When I was new to the business and I found myself in a slump, I noticed that I would start pushing harder.  When I did that, I was trying to SELL and control the customer rather than assist them.  They noticed that and the slump would get worse.  Once I discovered that and relaxed, I started doing well again.  Maybe the keyword is "relax".

Frank, I love your attitude dude. Yesterday ended last night-keep the mindframe that every day is a new day to reinvent yourself. Control the controlables, the rest will take care of itself. Very proud of you.  Good luck this month my friend.

Ben Hogan quote..."The most important shot in golf, ........is the Next one"

Upfront Frank, I wanted you to know how refreshingly unpretentious your post is.  That, in itself, is surprising, as most I read here are devoted to countless expressions of self-promotion.  I envy you.  I haven't personally sold a car in over twenty years, but the satisfaction of doing it is as memorable as if it was yesterday.  Luckily, I'm still involved in making it happen, though, as I ghostwrite relationship centered marketing letters and contacts for the reps and management of a small group of client dealerships here in SoCal.

Rather than offer some sage "big picture" advice, which is readily available all over DE, I'd only suggest you take full advantage of being a "newbie" (it use to be "green pea") by continuing to use the blank business cards you were likely given upfront with your name handwritten on them, and telling everyone prospect you're new, "but no one will work harder for them."  Nothing puts a vehicle customer more at ease than if they believe they're dealing with someone who doesn't have a lot of professional selling experience.  Concentrate on learning as much as you can about your prospect through friendly qualifying, and look for every opportunity to express you admiration of them.  Forget the car, except to answer questions about it.  "Slow and steady" reassures your prospects they're more important to you than their money, and remember that them liking you is the goal.  The sale is only a manifestation of it.

As to your "Confessions of a blown Saturday," just remember that old hippie expression, "Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of your life."  One last thing....  Don't spend too much time hanging out on DE.  It can be a time waster and there's a fine line between motivation and intimidation when you read of others successes.  Oh, and if you're short on prospects, get the dealership to give you some older (bought 3 to 5 years previously) orphans.  If they've bought at the dealership before, you'd be surprised how successful you can be making friends with them, but keep your working list to less than 100.     


The best in sports and sales go 0 for 4 or 5. You're right Monday is a new beginning. My advice to you is don't let it wreck your Saturday night and Sunday. Spend a little time reflecting and the rest of your down time re-charging your batteries. While your resting ideas and thoughts will come to you. Not when your pouting and trying to grind out a reason why you had a bad day.

Just wanted to thank everyone sincerely for their input and encouragement.  Here is a little update on last week.  I am the type of person who does not hold on to frustration, I learn and move on.  So I came into work the Monday after my disaster and had my game face on.  Since then I had 8 sales in 7 days and jumped up to 12 for the month.  Now looking to push forward in the home stretch to reach my previously set goal of 15.  Its GO TIME!!!!!


a few weeks have gone by. How are things going for you now? Like the others said initially, you have a great attitude and I'm betting by now you've had some more good wins since your post on 5/29.

Hi Frank,

Managing your customers' expectations is important if you want to earn their business.  You need to share enough information with them to help them buy a vehicle that fits their budget and needs vs. their wants.  However, in your case I think managing YOUR expectations should be job one.

The people that make an appointment with you are not coming to help you meet your sales goal or objectives.  They expect you to help them meet their needs - not yours.  If you only see your appointments as potential sales and determine your success that day based on your closing ratio then you diminish their individual value to you almost as much as you are demeaning them.

Your goal should be to meet and greet as many new friends as possible which may result in their becoming a customer if it is in their best interest.  Your job is to provide enough information to help them find the vehicle that fits and to earn their business based on solving their transportation problems and needs - not satisfying your self serving agenda.

Before you think I am too theoretical in my advice, remember that your needs and your customers' are not mutually exclusive!  People like to do business with people they like.  Once they recognize that you are more concerned with them than you are with yourself they will be more likely to accept your advice. 

Simply put, you should make as many appointments as possible and prepare to meet and greet them with a goal to make a friend first and a customer second.  First time visits may turn into a sale but they definitely will turn into a new friend if you treat them like one.   If that is your goal you will always succeed and your confidence and growing list of potential customers will convert into more sales in the long run.

You should focus on how to make more friends, appointments and referrals vs. increasing your closing ratio.  After all, what are friends for!  

Hey guys, just a huge thank you for the support and experiences.  As far as an update, I have still been falling a bit short on my sales goals (then again I set standards for myself that are a tad aggressive lol), but none the less making a splash.  As it stands I am 2nd in the company in total leased vehicles year to date (didn't sell my first car till feb 1st), and 9th in the organization in new cars sold.  Always prefer to see my favorite number (1) in front of my name, but understand I needed to learn the business as well.  I'm sure updates and stories will continue to come up.  Hope all is well everyone!


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