Preparing to Grow Your Internet Department

Before you begin recruiting, interviewing, or hiring for the position of Internet Manager/BDC/Internet Director, there are three crucial things you must do first.

1)  Determine the hierarchy of the store.  Who will this person, in a new department, be reporting to?  Often anyone from sales managers to salespeople believe they can delegate work to someone in the Internet department while the top stores usually have a director or GM as the only entity that presides over the Internet team.  Decide who is in charge of what and this will help you understand the type of candidate you need to hire.

2)  Develop a pay plan based upon your goals for the Internet department/BDC and reward these specific metrics.  What specific tasks must they complete and how will it drive business?  Beyond sales goals, do you want them to achieve a certain level of contact made/engagement?  Will you be thrusting inventory duties, website responsibilities, or, social/video tasks upon them?  If so, build out the pay plan with escalating levels of income predicated upon their success with these initiatives.  The structure of this position (A-Z, appointment setter, Director) will help determine the pay plan.

3)  Create a written, detailed job description specifying all duties, expectations, hierarchies, necessary skills, and intended earning potential.  

Once you have this framework for their position, you understand how to begin looking for the right candidate.

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Comment by Stan Sher on July 27, 2011 at 12:24am
You know I love it...
Comment by Joe Clementi on July 26, 2011 at 11:22am
Nice job Joe!

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