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Leverage these emotions to sell more cars to millennials

Today’s news is full of articles about the buying power and habits of the “millennials”, which has an estimated population of 78 million. This Women’s Wednesday is part of a multi-part series we are exploring about women buyers within this segment. Of millennial buyers, 53% are female. Understanding the nuances of selling to this new generation of women can put…


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Building Smarter Sales Advisors Will Increase Your Dealer’s Revenue

Today’s cars continue to become smarter as they “learn” and adapt to the behaviors of drivers. Cars “listen and learn” about the driver to provide the optimal driving experience.

How can your sales advisors learn to engage, optimize and convert women shoppers into buyers and provide the optimal sales experience? What changes can your…


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Breaking News: New Report Helps Sell to Millennial Women Shoppers

We've been studying the car buying habits of Millennial Women and are surprised with the differences they exhibit. This really changes the game.

  • Their expectations are different.
  • Their desires are different.
  • Their values are different.

So if you try to sell them the usual way, it won't work as well. But when you change your selling style to align with these differences, EVERYTHING becomes easier.…


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3 Ways to Ensure Women Shoppers Return to Your Dealership to Buy

Surveys indicate the top reason women do not purchase at a dealership on their first visit is they are still looking. However, only 4 in 10 of those “shoppers” who leave a dealership without buying a car will ever return to the dealership. Given that women shop at 30% more dealerships than men, it is important to create an environment that welcomes a return visit. Here’s how:…


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