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How Does He Do It?

In our newest video series, Quality of Life, we’ve been learning more about Ali Reda. We’ve heard his goals for 2018, and the numbers that those goals produced. We also learned that breaking records has never been his goal. Frank Lopes told us in last week’s broadcast that the real measurement - the gold of who Ali is - exists not just in the fact that he achieves these great numbers, but in how he does it. So this week, we’re going to dive in with Ali, and…


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Quality of Existence

Last week, we heard some incredible news!

Ali Reda broke the record for Most Cars Sold in a Calendar Month, surpassing the long-standing record of 173 cars. We skimmed the surface of Ali’s intentions for 2018 and we began, without warning, our newest Video Series “Quality of Life”.

Realizing, of course, that we have so much more to talk about on the topic, today’s video…


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Ali Reda Broke Another Record?

Can you imagine if your best month was 167?

How about if you sold 1,582 units in one year?

At the end of 2017, we were all shocked by his numbers and in awe of Ali’s humble heart. He began every interview with thanks for all the people who shared in his victory, always insisting that he was no better than anybody else in the industry.…


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