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Reasons for BDC Expansion: Evaluating Core Indicators

A business development center (BDC) is a dynamic entity that needs to be able to expand and contract. Sometimes it’s necessary to expand in one area while simultaneously pulling back in another. For example, you may need to cut back one lead source and simultaneously increase the number of leads from another source.

When it comes to growth, there are different reasons to expand and several methods of expansion. When BDC ROI reports…


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How to Compensate Your Business Development Team

By the time you are at the point of considering how you want to compensate your business development center (BDC), you have committed to the

program and have decided what type of BDC you will have:

• a large, full-service BDC that includes customer service

representatives (CSR) who will team, you have committed to the

set service appointments and conduct CSI follow-up

•a small BDC that only handles sales…


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Train to Bridge the Gap: Connecting the BDC and Sales Department

I believe training should happen in every department, every day. If you have a business development center (BDC), it should be mandatory! Contrary to popular belief, training doesn’t have to be a complicated affair. Ongoing, daily training does produce results.

Why do we train our BDC personnel? Because we need to bridge the gap between the sales department and the BDC, and the easiest way to do that is by properly training both sides. The…


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Hiring the Right People to Work in Your BDC Today

Before you can hire, you have to recruit and that doesn’t mean just placing an ad in the local paper. Recruiting for a business development center (BDC) is serious business because these individuals will represent your dealership to the community. They will be your voice, your first impression. If you hire the wrong people, you could inadvertently ask prospects to shop elsewhere.

I am assuming you have already hired an outstanding business…


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Hire the Right Business Development Manager

Often, when dealers are contemplating starting a business development center (BDC) in their dealership I am asked, "Who should run the BDC?" The question I should pose to that dealer is: how good do you want your BDC to be? A business development manager (BDM) is directly responsible and accountable for maximizing sales and profitability of the BDC to agreed levels of performance. To achieve top performance, you have to hire top talent.



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The Paradigm Shift to Accountability: When Is The Time to Start a BDC?

I am told that in the early 70's, finance offices were not in every dealership. They were just beginning to pop up here and there. Today, almost every dealership has a finance department that is responsible for their own production separate from the sales department. A similar thing started happening a few years ago with Internet departments. Now many dealerships have Internet departments separate from the traditional sales staff. Today, business…


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Business Development Centers: The Most Accountable, Measurable Department

In today's market, many dealerships are leaking money. They are unknowingly minimizing, rather than maximizing, the effectiveness and profitability of their marketing efforts. The source of this leak is a brilliant invention more than 130 years old. It is also the instrument used for endless marketing efforts, oftentimes by some of lowest…


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What is a Facebook friend worth to your dealership?

I have read a couple of articles about what a Facebook fan is worth to a

business and there is zero consensus. This is rightfully so in my

opinion considering every business is different so won't the value be

different? Will restaurants have the same value as dealerships? I don't

think so. I want to try to figure out a dollar amount with your help for

car dealers.

First off, I said friend not fan because I thinks friends will have a higher value. Profile pages… Continue

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“Your story is not where you start - it’s where you take it to.” – Tony Robbins

Breakthrough with Tony Robbins aired on NBC tonight. You can view it at if you missed this initial…


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Congrats To Dealer Elite!

You guys do a great job of keeping things hopping. Very interesting and well maintained site and group. Not surprising at all you have grown so rapidly. Thanks for allowing our little start up to be a part of it.

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"Well I Guess I Could Always Sell Cars?"

The year was 1974 Nixon was president, U.S. population was 213 million the Dow was at 600 average cost of a new home was $39, 000, and cars were $3200 Household income was $11,000!!!!!!!...Stamps were .08 and gas was .58 the top song that year was The Way We Were by Streisand and there was NO fashion.

I had tried and had three failed attempts at college, no degree, was making $175 a week working in a garage and was about to get married, not a winning formula.

The very LAST… Continue

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Are You "Old School" Or "New School"?

Sometime about 10 years ago the car business reached a fork in the road.

The industry was challenged by a newly (or soon to be) informed and

empowered consumer base. From that point forward dealers have been faced

with a choice: hang on to those old school sales and marketing

techniques or join the ranks of the next generation dealers who rely on a

“more sophisticated” approach…a kinder, gentler car business.

This choice is still facing thousands of dealers… Continue

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Auto Industry Recession

With all the obstacles that we have seen in the past 5 years to the current's no wonder there are so many dealerships struggling. We preach process and structure but yet as managers....I see so many that do not follow up, are not consistent, and allow themselves to fail by not being leaders to their consultants and fellow managers...but yet friends that allow them to fail. I look at management and sales consultants today compared to just 7 years ago...I do not see the strong…


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Getting Control

Getting Control

"It's all about control." I heard this from day one in my automobile sales career. If you have been in the auto industry for any admissible amount of time; I am confident this will resonate with you. It always seemed interesting to me that when the term "control" came up - the most common topic of conversation was this: How far in the process you can "take" your customer.…

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Grant Cardone Challenge

Can you match what a sales person that attended my seminar last week did. 10 Deals in one Week.
You want to know what he did....Call me.... 800-368-5771 and I will show you what he sell more cars in one week than most people will all month.

grant cardone

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Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday

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A young man just attended my seminar last week in Charleston and this is what he said....

I'm so glad I attended Mr. Cardone's workshop. The guys been calling me GC Jr, because I sold 10 this week!" Prince…

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Saving Newbee Advisor

In the movie “Saving Private Ryan”, an Army unit is sent to resuce the last surviving brother for a mother in waiting. The team is successful and Private Ryan returns home to live a life of fulfillment.

Nice story. Great plot. Excellent movie.

What has that got to do with Fixed Operations and Service Advisors?

Well, it is more about what you are not doing than what you are doing. And “Saving NewBee Advisor” could just as well be titled “Saving Every Advisor.” But I… Continue

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Are You Trying to Save Your Way to Profitability?

Getting profitable. Wow. How cool would that be?

You come into the store the first day of the month, open the door to your office, turn on the lights, sit at your desk and open the drawer that you keep your last months financial statement in and read through it until you come to the page that has the final numbers....and you smile a little self satisfied smile....when you realize "we paid all of our bills before we even opened the door this morning."

Sounds like a science… Continue

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Get 300 Fans on Facebook in one day

NO offense but if you can't get 300 fans in one day on Facebook,
you don't understand something about social media! Lebron James got
200,000 in one day but I ain't getting his kind of media attention. Maybe one day.

Go to this site and see what I mean.
It is free to watch and learn how I drive social media.

Don't blame the player,…

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