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This is your business!

Treat this business like your own… because it is! Your desk is the front door to a business that works for its customers. Those customers - they’re yours. 

Yes, you work in a store with a manager and an owner. But it’s your name on the line here. It’s you who people will want to tell their friends about. They don’t say, “Go to…


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How To Be Less Productive

Show me the app that made you $1,000 last week! Got one?

Then why are we spending so much time inside of your digital distractors?

What is the benefit of having your phone in your pocket while you’re with a customer? That’s right - there is none! When your notifications take you away from what’s important, you lose the…


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Follow Up with Your Rules of Engagement

We’ve gotten your questions, your emails, and your comments. We love that you’re engaging, and I assure you, we want to give you the answer to every question you have in this business. What’s mine is yours, friends! I want you to know everything I do, I want to help you in any way I possibly can, and so does Ali Reda! Keep sending in…


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