June 2023 Blog Posts (6)

Auto Dealership Buy/Sell Market Begins 2023 with Robust Growth, Outperforming All First Quarter Results on Record

First quarter 2023 completed transactions increase 43% compared to First quarter 2022, resulting in a record 405 transactions over a trailing 12-month period, driven by multi-dealership transactions, an increase in sellers coming to market, and private buyer interest in business-friendly states, according to the First Quarter 2023 Blue Sky Report® by Kerrigan Advisors


Incline Village, NV – June 26, 2023 – The auto…


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Are We Answering The Customers Questions: Dealership Mystery Shops

As a savvy customer, nothing is more infuriating than being ignored or receiving a response that dodges all your questions. Pre-Covid, dealerships used to pride themselves on their promptness in addressing leads. Even the OEMs had standards in place to ensure that all inquiries were answered within a specific timeframe. However, during the peak of the pandemic, when demand outstripped supply, some dealerships conveniently chose to overlook their leads. And if they did bother to…


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It's one thing to be great on the phone, have efficient systems in place, or even flaunt a sleek, modern website. But, oh boy, it seems like we're a bunch of klutzes trying to fit a square peg in a round h*** with those tasks. Now, ever wonder why we trip over these hurdles? Maybe we're spewing the worn-out "time is a luxury we can't afford" excuse, or even the grand old "we've sold cars since the dinosaurs roamed, and we're doing peachy." Peachy? Really? Is being stuck in the mundane…


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I'm just calling for the fun of it...

One of the most glaring issues affecting dealerships today is the dismal state of their phone skills. It’s alarming to witness how poorly some sales consultants handle inbound calls. Often, they fail even to say a simple "thanks for calling ABC Motors," instead opting for a generic introduction like "sales, Chris…" This lack of professionalism right at the outset leaves a negative impression on potential customers and set the tone for the entire interaction. …


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Kerrigan Advisors Represents Beck & Masten Auto Group in Sale of Houston Area Kia Dealership to Group 1 Automotive

Sale of Houston area Kia dealership highlights the strength of the Kia brand in a large and high-growth metro area; the transaction marks Kerrigan Advisors’ 7th dealership sale in Texas in 2023

Houston, TX – June 7, 2023 – Kerrigan Advisors, the premier sell-side advisor and thought partner to auto dealers nationwide, represented Houston, Texas-based Beck & Masten Auto Group in the sale of Beck & Masten Kia to Houston,…


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Pioneer announces Investment into CerebrumX and Strategic collaboration to jointly expand Mobility Services business globally

Pioneer Corporation, a global market leader in mobility products, announces its decision to invest in and form a business alliance with CerebrumX Labs Inc. (CerebrumX), a leading AI-driven automotive data management company, to accelerate the growth of its mobility services business.  


Pioneer and CerebrumX have also entered a strategic partnership, committed to developing innovative, data-driven mobility services, including connected services for OEMs and after-sales service…


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