November 2022 Blog Posts (8)

Back to the Future

What Does the Future of the Automotive Industry Look Like?


The automotive industry may feel like it is in constant flux, but there is actually a lot more stability than you might otherwise think based on the news reports. That doesn’t mean that the industry isn’t experiencing some major developments. Technology is constantly changing how the world operates, and car dealerships…


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Increase Customer Retention

Nowadays, finding a way to retain your customers is an important part of the business. Car prices are rising through the roof, and not building the loyalty of your customers can be a quick route to losing them. Building loyalty for your dealership can be difficult since people aren’t buying cars as regularly as they buy other products, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t possible to do. Using the right tools…


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What is Active Coaching? Why’s it so important? How’s it so effective?

It’s a check and balance, something that we do on a regular and ongoing basis with our athletes, whether they’re just starting out in T-ball or all the way up to our professionals. A coach is there to lead players through drills and game-time scenarios. Athletes practice regularly to maintain their already honed skills and work on improving skills that may need some work. With that being said, why wouldn’t we…


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Appointment Setting 101

When you work in customer service for a dealership, one of the goals you may have is to set appointments for people to come and test drive new cars. If you are new to the dealership, this may seem like a waste of time, especially if there are people walking in to buy a car regularly without an appointment. However, appointment setting is one of the most valuable ways you can contribute to the dealership’s…


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5 Reasons Your Store Needs Scripts

At first glance, phone scripts may seem like something that isn’t necessary for your calls. Many people feel like they can be more successful if they are allowed to handle calls their own way. However, phone scripts are actually one of the most valuable tools you can use to not only have successful phone calls but also to improve the overall…


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Auto Dealers (Cautiously) Optimistic About Profits and Valuations in 2023

A positive outlook by the majority of dealers is tempered by a rising minority who think valuations and profits will decline, according to the recently released 2022 Kerrigan Dealer Survey.


Incline Village, NV – November 7, 2022 Auto dealers’ optimism about the valuation of their dealerships remains strong headed into 2023, according to the newly-released…


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Why your next new sale should probably come from the service garage – and how to make it happen

For years, dealers have been using increasingly sophisticated marketing data and technologies to aid in their equity mining and conquesting efforts. But today, leading retailers have found an even more competitive edge by leveraging data and resources that combine the powers of equity mining in the service lane.


Combined with solutions that include equity calculators, smart dealers are now easily integrating credit-first soft-pull tools into their daily workflows to build…


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Kerrigan Advisors Represents Spartan Auto Group, Criscuolo Family in Sale of Four Michigan Toyota and Lexus Dealerships

Sale of two Toyota and two Lexus dealerships marks the 170th transaction led by Kerrigan Advisors, the leading advisor to Toyota and Lexus dealers nationwide since 2015

Incline Village, NV – November 1, 2022 –– Kerrigan Advisors, the premier sell-side advisor and thought partner to auto dealers nationwide, represented Spartan Auto Group and the Criscuolo family in its sale of Toyota and Lexus dealerships in Central and Southeastern…


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