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Why you need Quality Assurance Training...

When you want to improve the quality of your phone calls, it can be challenging to know where to start. Even if you have standardized procedures and phone scripts, every phone agent operates a little differently. To improve outcomes, you need to know how to use quality assurance training and what some of the outcomes you should be looking for are.


What is Quality Assurance…


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How dealers and their partners can build the right omni-channel experience using seamless and effective verification tools

The U.S. economy entering 2023 is much more strained compared to even the early days of the pandemic just a few short years ago. Inflation continues to affect U.S. retail and automotive shoppers, with ongoing fears of a recession this year. Vehicle prices are still extremely high and now there’s even talk of gas prices rising again.


However, auto retailers and their lender and OEM partners continue to push forward, knowing that despite the economic pressures and higher prices…


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Skill Review

Have you ever noticed when the sales floor goes out for good third-party training that they come back with a pep in their step? That’s because whatever speaker they had got them fired up and ready to go all out for your product. There is nothing better than rekindling that spark and feeling some extra motivation to get back into the sales game full steam ahead. But what would make that even better? Someone to come back to the dealership and discuss it with, not even just that day, but days…


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Armatus Dealer Uplift Announces Move to New Headquarters

HUNT VALLEY, MD, February 16, 2023 – Armatus Dealer Uplift, the industry leader in retail warranty reimbursement submissions, is pleased to announce the move of its headquarters to 50 Schilling Road in Hunt Valley, Maryland.

The 15,000 square foot space features a comfortable and open floor plan with a modern ambiance, equipped with state-of-the-art technology that ensures the staff can quickly respond to inquiries from customers as well as prospective clients.

“Our company has…


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How to Improve Your BDC Training

Many dealerships have started using a Business Development Center or BDC to bring in new business and to increase the effectiveness of the appointments that their sales agents have. If you have never used a BDC before, you may not see why it is important or if you have worked with an ineffective one, it might be frustrating to think about dealing with that. Luckily there are some things you can do with…


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Caller ID + Landmark Directions = Success

Caller ID was created to make everyone’s lives easier. Sometimes in a dealership setting, it does, especially when a customer has a thick accent or a hard time remembering their phone number. Other times (98% of the time), the caller ID is the communication killer that staff should avoid at all costs. 

Why is caller ID a communication killer? We…


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Who Are We

We can do many things to stand out against the competition. Quality phone skills, streamlined processes, and even an up-to-date website. Yet many of us struggle to achieve any of the above tasks. Have we ever stepped back and asked ourselves why we cannot accomplish any (or all) of the above? Sure, there's the age-old excuse of "not enough time in the day" or "we don't need that to…


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How Call Scoring Helps Your Phone Agents Improve

One of the most important things that you need to focus on with your phone agents is making sure that they are performing up to expectations and that their phone conversations are effective. Effective calls lead to more sales, which means greater success for your dealership. One of the best ways to evaluate the success rate of these phone calls is by using call scoring. 

What is Call…


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Car Pros Automotive Group Named Top Selling Kia Retailer

Retailer wins volume sales crown for the fourth time since 2018 and was also the # 1 Kia EV dealer in 2022; four of five Car Pros Kia dealerships finish in the top 20 nationwide


RENTON, WA – February 7, 2023 – Car Pros Automotive Group announced today that it has been named the top Kia retail sales…


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How are you using Call Tracking?

Let’s paint a picture. We’re in the showroom, and a customer is starting to get noisy at the other end. Our ears perk up, and the first thing that is audible is, “they told me on the phone that…” The thought crossing everyone’s mind is, what DID they say over the phone? Is this customer forgetting/misunderstanding what was said to them, or is one of our customer service representatives not holding up to their end of the bargain when the customer is physically in front of them? Neither of the…


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Let the Good Times End?

There's nothing sweeter than looking at a hot P&L statement. Sitting back in the chair throwing air hoops for a job well done. Or maybe you’re browsing online for another Rolex to add to your collection. All of this is well and good. In fact, it's fantastic. What's not so fantastic are the problems dealers will face in the coming months. It's a telltale sign when vendors come in hot with their latest tech products to assist your dealership. Offering much of the same products they…


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