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Tik-Tok Leapfrogs Insta-fame

I can see it. It happened right about the same time that Instagram stopped counting likes. It meant that insta-beginning of the end of being Instafamous. But other platforms are here to fill the void.

TikTok anyone? Where you can still quantify likes and see entertaining videos that encourage short-form content consumption. In the process,…


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An Opportunistic Approach to COVID-19 Marketing Strategies

Dealer Teamwork released this information to its clients this morning (4/9/2020). I'm posting it here to make it available to everyone.

This piece examines current COVID-19 advertising trends and provides recommendations to dealers on how they…


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Premise Vs. Promise

Ask not what the brand can do for you but what you can do to be a part of the brand. #premise #promise #Jordan #localsearchgroup #premisenotpromise #marketing #marketing #branding #brandpromise

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With renewal comes growth. And with growth, success.

"The advantage of living is not measured by length, but by use." — Michel de Montaigne, 1573

We had massive thunderstorms here last night. Continuous rolling thunder, lightning that lit up the entire sky, warm rains, and even…


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Flick Fusion and VinSolutions Partner to Deliver Video Communications via VinSolutions Connect CRM

Video solution helps dealers stay connected at a social distance  


URBANDALE, IOWA and MISSION, KANSAS, April 8, 2020 — To help dealers win the battle with social distancing, VinSolutions has selected Flick Fusion’s Smart Flicks platform to deliver integrated video communications to auto dealership customers via VinSolutions Connect CRM and the Connect CRM mobile app. The collaboration makes it easier for dealership staff…


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Recall Masters Supports Dealers with COVID-19 Response Kit to Help Handle Service Customers

April 8, 2020, Laguna Hills, CA – Recall Masters, Inc., the leading provider of automotive recall data, technology, and communications, today announced the launch of a special COVID-19 Response Kit at no cost for its auto dealer clients. The kit is designed to help improve the handling of service…


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Dealers Win with Multiple “Google My Business”

If automotive retailers want to maximize their opportunities with Google My Business (GMB), they must create separate departments for sales, service, parts and body shop. I’ve seen this topic debated online, and though some may disagree, I want the data to speak for itself in making this recommendation.

Let’s first establish what winning on GMB means. It doesn’t mean winning on branded search, since Google takes care of that. Precisely 100% of the time someone searches for a specific…


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Guidelines for aspiring car dealers – how to open a dealership

You’re not the only car enthusiast who dreams of becoming a car dealer. And you have many reasons to start a business in the automotive industry because it’s one of the titans of the world economy. There will always be a need for cars (new and used), at least until people come up with a more efficient mean of transportation. Who knows, maybe one day we’ll get from London to Barcelona in 10 seconds with the help of a portal? But for now, vehicles are the best…


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Marketing - Good For Society

Marketing, in the new world order, isn't about someone trying to sell you something. It's connecting with individuals to know them almost as well as they know themselves.

Think about the current COVID situation. We’re in an unprecedented worldwide slowdown. Consumption economies are often driven by feelings. Fear of the…


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The Untapped Potential of the Infotainment for Dealers | KPI Cafe Season 4 Bonus 2

KPI Cafe Host Dane Saville dives into the untapped potential of the infotainment in each of your dealership's vehicles for sales and customer retention. He brings on the premiere expert, Paige Donnelly of Emerald Infotainment, to dive into the details.…


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Bud Brown Volkswagen Provides Value during Recession with Binary Automotive Solutions Lifetime Warranties

Bedford, TX — April 6, 2020 — Binary Automotive Solutions, a leading provider of customized programs designed to help dealerships sell more vehicles, announces Bud Brown Volkswagen is now offering Binary’s Lifetime Warranty program as an additional benefit to its customers during the economic downturn.


Using Binary’s Lifetime Warranty Program as an additional customer benefit helps Bud Brown bring value to discerning customers, an important distinction in today’s…


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Understanding COVID-19 Government Relief Packages

Hi everyone! Dealer Teamwork, an automotive digital marketing provider, shared this information with its clients last Friday (4/3), but I wanted to share it here for everyone too. I hope you find it beneficial. 

Content summary:

Dealer Teamwork's executive team:

  • Shares its…

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Follow Up with Your Rules of Engagement

We’ve gotten your questions, your emails, and your comments. We love that you’re engaging, and I assure you, we want to give you the answer to every question you have in this business. What’s mine is yours, friends! I want you to know everything I do, I want to help you in any way I possibly can, and so does Ali Reda! Keep sending in your thoughts. We are really grateful to be with you on your journey!

Today we answer the question, “How do you make every call…


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So TIRED of This!


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Leadership In Crisis-Here To Help

Leadership is defined by what you do for your team and industry when things get tough. I have never seen a better example of leadership than my friend and co worker. Check out Vistadash's…


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(Not So) Radical Ideas – Critical Changes for a Millennial Work Force

When business resumes as usual, will you be ready to attract the cream of the crop?

-by Sally Whitesell for Fixed Ops Magazine.

I recently spoke at a conference in Orlando. After my presentation, I noticed a workshop on the schedule: “How to recruit and keep your technicians.”…


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Staying Connected During Social Distancing

How to stay connected via microcasting during social distancing. #localsearchgroup…


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JTA, Beep & NAVYA Autonomous Shuttles Help Transport COVID-19 Tests Collected at Mayo Clinic Drive-Thru Site in Jacksonville

The Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA), Beep Inc. and NAVYA partner with Mayo Clinic to safely transport COVID-19 samples on their Jacksonville Campus

For the first time in the United States, autonomous vehicles are being used to transport medical supplies and COVID-19 tests at Mayo Clinic in Florida.

At a time when healthcare resources and personnel are…


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How to Build the Foundation of Your Brand (and Other Cool Things, Too) | KPI Cafe Season 4 Bonus 1

For this episode, Host Dane Saville brings in the foremost authority on branding for automotive retail: Paul Daly. They discuss the "transaction of growth" in both digital marketing and branding, then pivot to the foundation of building your own dealership's brand.…


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War Plans

Let’s face the facts, today's car dealers and everyone in our industry is at war. I recommend your dealership register for disaster relief at…


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