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Tis the Season...already!!

WOW!  The Holiday Season is here!  Did it creep up on you too?  Where has the last month gone!?!


I know I have had my head down working hard to make sure that Dealer Synergy is prepped and ready for 2011, but I did want to stop everything I am doing just for a few minutes…


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John Q. Service Advisor

John Q. is a underachiever at ABC Motors. His HPRO is at .9 and his Gross Profit Margin is below 70%. Now, John Q. is not necessarily a bad guy. In fact, he is a likeable and hard-working employee. He comes to work on time and believes he contributing to the overall success of the Service Department.

Johns current performance level is not acceptable. And the consequence of not taking action has verifiable results. Take a look at Johns numbers.

His current HPRO at .9 at the… Continue

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Damage Control with Social Media

Advice for Auto Dealerships Facing Recalls

In the past few years, almost every auto manufacturer has announced some kind of recall for its vehicles. Your dealership needs to have a social media plan in place to minimize damage from the bad news and be proactive about fixing the problem. You can take advantage of social media to address the issue.

First, create a… Continue

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Time to Pause



The following was enclosed with a Christmas card we received from a good friend.  It caught my fancy and I thought I would share.


  1. Life isn't fair, but it's still good.
  2. When in doubt, take the next small step.
  3. Life is too short to waste time hating…

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Santa smash

Is this why they call it the Silly Season? Have a great break everyone and I'll check you all in 2011. Cheers…


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Contest is nearing the end...

Send in a picture of the service drive all decorated up and you will be entered to win in the DealerPro Training Solutions Best Decorated Service Drive Contest!

It's simple. Decorate, take a pic, send it to lbuchholz@dealerprotrainingcom or and you can win!

There are details on the blog at…


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Dealers and automakers are scrambling to fill the Web with social-media marketing, connecting consumers…


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Mobile Marketing at Your Dealership

Mobile Marketing at Your Dealership

Does your dealership have a Mobile Marketing Campaign in place yet? Cell Phones have become necessities in every day life and are beginning to replace the more traditional land lines. Your dealership now has the power to get your Sales & Service Incentives directly into your customers hands via their cell phone.

The most pivotal ingredient of any Mobile Marketing campaign for Car Dealers is Text…


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Make Excuses......or Make MONEY!!


If you missed the bus on having a GREAT November, I hope you wake up before it's too late to have a good December and to end the year with a BANG!

At this time of the year, not everyone has fallen into "holiday mode" and some dealerships are really ramping it up for the season! It's very easy for us to blame the holidays on having a bad last two months of the…


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Make It Free...and Nobody Gets Hurt!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been sitting with a client when they say, “I’m sick of being held hostage by customers who threaten me with posting a bad review on Yelp.”  Just last Friday, I had a conversation about this with a good friend who’s a successful sales manager for high-line import dealership here in the OC.  “Customers…


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Foursquare Adds Photos and Comments


Location-based check in service Foursquare has just announced the addition of photos and commenting features, due to arrive within hours to users of its iPhone application. The features have already gone live on the website.

According to Foursquare, these two features were among the most…


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WOMENCERTIFIED~SUSAN HAIR 561-309-7078~Communication

Home : Live Better AND Save Money with your New Year’s Resolutions

Live Better AND Save Money with your New Year’s Resolutions

By WomenCertified®

According to the US government, the most popular New Year’s Resolutions Americans make are Drink Less Alcohol, Get a Better Education, Get a Better Job,…


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If They Are Your Customer, Why Are They at My Desk? (a historical look at the importance of follow up)

It’s a common and prevalent misconception in any sales oriented business that, because someone has sold or even just spoken to a person in the past, the customer belongs to that sales representative, forever.  “That’s my customer”, “How did you end up with my people?” “Didn’t they ask for me?  They should have, they’re my customers.”  Where and when did the mentality that customers are “forever mine” begin?  The following is a result of my vast research to answer…


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Sean V. Bradley training an Internet Department on Objections, Expectations, Rebuttals and WHY...

Here is an article I wrote several years ago that has been re-published to NuMEROuS National Automotive Sales Magazines and…


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Lead By Communicating In 2011

2011 promises to be a challenge for all of us.

One of the biggest you’ll face (if you have not already) is becoming more effective as a Communicator.

This is part 4 in a series on Leadership for 2011.

The Leader in 2011 is a vastly different Leader than one from 1991 or 1981. The changes in personnel, technology, training, communications and knowledge DEMAND a Leader that is a better Communicator than one from those eras.

When I came up through the… Continue

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Tweet Attacks Review: Twitter Auto-Follow Software

Tweet Attacks is an interesting and unusual piece of software. In the hands of a ‘white hat’ social media user, it’s the best software on the market for building a targeted following on Twitter. In the hands of a ‘black hat’ type, it’s a spam tool.

Have you seen tweets show up as…


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Is Your Website Provider Watching Your Back?

As I read through dealer websites, I’m often surprised at how many advertising violations I find. You would think that website providers would make sure that this doesn’t occur, right?

You should never assume that the company that creates and maintains your website follows all the laws and regulations governing advertising compliance. State advertising laws vary and the responsibility for compliance lies with the dealership, not the vendor. Here are some examples of what I’ve run into…


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Toyota pays customers to tweet! How would you like them Following your dealership?

Toyota is offering its customers $500 for tweeting about a recent purchase, in order to build anticipation for its annual sales event.

In order to qualify, customers need to visit the Toyota Shareathon site and then send the following tweet: "If I get my new Toyota during Toyotathon they'll give…


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Paragon Case Study Free Webinar - Learn how Paragon became #1














Register today at…


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Social Media, BHPH and Decreasing Delinquency Rate

Here's a good rule of thumb for you about new technology: if it limits customer interaction it's probably not a good idea to go with it. That is, if a new technology, no matter how much time it saves you, takes AWAY from your ability to build relationships with your customers, then you're better off without it. Earlier, I was talking with B.A. Nerison,…


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