January 2023 Blog Posts (26)

TotalCX Announces Addition of Chief Experience Officer to Leadership Team

TotalCX is pleased to announce the promotion of Leez May to the role of Customer Experience Officer.

HOUSTON – Jan. 31, 2023 - TotalCX, a leading provider of AI-driven customer experience management solutions, has announced a new member of the executive leadership team, Leez May, who has…


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Every Shopper is a Buyer

We’ve all come across the “just looking” tire kicker that hits our lot on a sunny Saturday afternoon or the one calling around every dealership for a deal but won’t disclose their timeframe to buy. They have what feels like a million questions or no questions at all, they want to drive your entire inventory, or they just want to peek into a window or two and not be bothered. Each person is different regarding their purchasing process and prowess and how they warm up to a sales…


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Free Reuters Automotive Webinar – Digital Dealership of the Future


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What is the Role of Artificial Intelligence in Sales for Your Dealership?

Artificial intelligence is one of the current buzzwords in business. Everywhere you look, articles and posts talk about how artificial intelligence can redefine your operations. Artificial intelligence has quickly become one of the most important tools your dealership can use to increase sales and the customer’s overall impression of your dealership and the sales process. …


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They Say Ignorance is Bliss. But I Find Yours Disturbing...



Let's preface this article by saying it isn't about beating anyone up. It's about offering realistic insights into the struggles we're currently facing. If we don't tackle the issues we face head-on, we're asking for a rude awakening in the coming months. For those living under a rock, according to a recent NY Times article, auto sales in 2023 will be at a…


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DealMaker Launches: Hybrid, Pre-desking Solution for Digital Retailing

eLEND Solutions adds ‘real deal’ digital finance solution to its suite of digital credit and identification solutions to eliminate frictions and profit leaks in the vehicle purchase process


Dallas, Texas – January 26th, 2023 – eLEND Solutions…


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Fomo or no FOMO

Who doesn't like a nice front-end gross profit? Most of us would be lying if we said otherwise. In the last three years, things have been different, right? For the first time in years, we consistently held a healthy front-end gross profit on new vehicles. Something that seemed to be of a bygone era. Previously, we'd focus on how much we're willing to lose to hit the stair-step program from the OEM. It has been…


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IDentify Launches: Sophisticated Fraud Solution for a Sophisticated Problem


New auto dealership solution from eLEND Solutions combats epidemic of identity fraud that is impacting nearly 80% of dealerships


Dallas, Texas – January 25th, 2023 – eLEND Solutions announced today, at NADA 2023, the launch of IDentify, a layered,…


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Monthly Payment Trumps Vehicle Sales Price for Consumers, but Majority of Online Payment Calculators Get It Wrong


One in four deals reworked because dealership online calculators inaccurately quote payment terms, impacting F&I sales penetration & transaction times, according to eLEND Solutions survey, as dealers report sales pullback driven by economic uncertainties


Foothill Ranch, Calif. –…


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CULA Sets New Record in 2022 with $2.7 Billion in Vehicle Leases


Leader in indirect vehicle leasing for credit unions tops previous single-year record for originations as number of dealers participating increases


San Diego, CA – January 24, 2023 – Credit Union Leasing of America (CULA) set a new record in 2022 for lease originations with $2.7 billion in…


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Dealer Image Pro Industry Survey Shows Nearly Half of Automotive Dealers Are Not Satisfied With Their Automotive Merchandising Preferred Vendors

Preferred Vendor Debate Becomes a Hot Automotive Industry Topic In 2023 …


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Take it or Leave it...

“Take it or Leave it” has been a very common theme occurring in the auto industry over the past two to three years. While it seems to be that customers are evolving and adapting to this moniker (or reality), is it something that we should be allowing to stay as a practice in our place of business?

Those of us that are taking a look at the bigger…


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Taylor Nelson Joins FlickFusion Video Marketing as VP of Corporate Strategy

Urbandale, IA - January 23, 2023 - FlickFusion Video Marketing, the leader in automotive video and digital marketing software, has hired Taylor Nelson as Vice President of Corporate Strategy. In this newly established role, Nelson will develop and lead corporate strategies designed to enhance profitability, performance, and drive overall company growth.



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5 Skills That Can Help Appease Difficult Phone Customers

Difficult phone customers are the most nerve-wracking thing to deal with as a sales agent or customer service representative. Even if you have years of experience, having someone get upset or yell at you can just ruin your day. Luckily, there are skills that you can develop that make these calls easier and can even help you deescalate the situation successfully. …


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Chris Saraceno Honored with Dealer Education Award!

Shout out to our founder, Chris Saraceno, for being honored with Northwood University's Dealer Education Award!…

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Who Needs a Consistent Sales Process? (hint, we all do!)

We'd be lying if we said we didn't enjoy the stint when cars drove off the lot faster than we could purchase more inventory. But as that winds down, we must ask ourselves, "are we prepared to sell cars again?" Let's be honest; in the last three years, we could easily overcome objections, and more so, we could even hold record levels of gross. But did we actually follow a sales process in this frenzy? Most will…


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BDC and Sales/Service Staff: There’s a difference in their phone process… but should there be?

There is nothing better than a well-oiled machine when it comes to working efficiency. On a dealership level, by that, I mean - everyone has a set of specific tasks, they focus on completing while co-workers perform separate/similar work for the greater good as well. In theory, this is the way a great business operates and succeeds. But is that truly the case when it comes to phone etiquette and process at a…


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How to Use Inbound and Outbound Sales Techniques to Boost Revenue

When it comes down to it, your dealership’s success relies fully on your ability to close sales successfully. There are various ways to accomplish this, but inbound and outbound sales have become the buzzwords of car dealership sales. But which one should you use, and how do you make them work for you?


Inbound vs. Outbound Sales

To understand how to use each sales method properly,…


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FlickFusion to Showcase Award-Winning All-in-One Video Marketing Platform, Nucleus, at NADA

Urbandale, IA—January 16, 2023—FlickFusion will be showcasing its award-winning Video Marketing & Communication platform, Nucleus, at the NADA Conference and Exposition in Dallas, from January 26-29 at booth #5102. Nucleus offers dealerships a fully-integrated video marketing and communication solution, including automated data-driven inventory videos, patented AI-driven interactive…


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What's the ideal appointment system in the shop? Service BDC or no Service BDC?

There are a few points to consider when debating on adding a service BDC. How big is your shop? What are your primary appointments being made? Are your advisors overworked, or can they handle making their own appointments? These are all important things to consider when determining whether a service BDC is right for your shop. 

A large shop should be bringing in much work. That statement alone…


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