February 2021 Blog Posts (30)

Carlos Huerta’s First Week

Welcome back to our new video series, Ali Reda’s Road to Sales Success. Last week, we told you who we at Auto Training Academy are. We want you to find incredible amounts of…


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The 9 Deadliest Missteps of Document Scanning

Electronic document storage is now becoming the rule rather than the exception at many dealerships – and for good reason!  The benefits are far reaching: from enabling easier audits to ditching jam-packed filing cabinets.


Yet as with any big change, there are speed bumps. The biggest obstacle is the lack of an official dealership scanning process.


Too often, this job is seen as simply clerical and assigned to a $10 an hour temp or piggy-backed onto the…


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Avail the Best Servicing of Diesel Motor in Jamaica with Alan Reyes the Mechanic

It is important to request a quotation on costs as this helps you to make a quick estimation of costs associated with servicing the diesel motor in Jamaica.

There are many businesses in Jamaica when it comes to availing of diesel motor services. But the trend shows that more and more people prefer to use the services of Alan Reyes the Mechanic.…


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Walk-Around Woes - Make a Good First Impression by Checking for Recalls

A salesperson has to build rapport during the initial meet and greet with the shopper. Once they have worked their way into an (at that point) semi-familiarity with the customer, they should move on to the fact-finding step. In this step, salespeople ask questions to help direct the customer to the vehicle that best fits their needs. Or, if the customer…


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Maus Family Automotive Partners with SureSale

Maus Family Automotive adds SureSale to all pre-owned vehicles, increasing purchaser’s peace of mind

Tampa, FL & Santa Monica, CA –  February 22, 2021 –  Maus Family Automotive today announced that it has partnered with award-winning SureSale to offer the industry’s most comprehensive vehicle report on each of its pre-owned vehicles. SureSale offers consumers transparency and confidence in their used vehicle…


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Who We Are

Massive success comes when you believe!

When I met Ali Reda ten years ago, he was selling 25-30 cars a month. We made adjustments in his process, his mindset, his style, in what he did every day, and in his time management. He shifted completely to a… Continue

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Tips on How to Boost your SEO Ranking

Owning a website has become a common thing for most people due to technological innovation. This has greatly influenced business owners to run their activities through online platforms. This way, it will be easy to gain more traffic that is international. Nonetheless, there are some aspects you should consider for your website to perform well. This is through the services that you…


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Cars.com’s Best Value of 2021 Award Winner, the Hyundai Venue, Gives Car Shoppers Performance and Tech Under $20,000

Win a Free 2021 Hyundai Venue: Cars.com Sets Up One Lucky Shopper for the Ride of Their Life

CHICAGO, Feb. 18, 2021 —  Leading automotive digital marketplace and solutions provider Cars.com (NYSE: CARS) names the 2021 Hyundai Venue its inaugural Best Value of 2021…


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Tesla and BMW Continue to Steal Marketshare from High-End Competitors


Swapalease.com, the nation’s largest car lease marketplace, unveiled today its lease trends report from the fourth quarter of 2020, offering insight and perspective into the auto lease trends shaping today’s automotive retail and consumer preferences. Click here to…


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Having a Mentor, Being a Mentor — Passing Down Lessons is a Crucial Element of the Theory of 5

The primary message of the Theory of 5 is that we believe the happiest, most prosperous people in the world have found a way to excel and continue to grow in five crucial areas — spirituality, relationships, parenting, business and finance, and health and fitness — by working with mentors and co-mentors.


When we identify those around us who are excelling in these zones — and when…


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How To Be Less Productive

Show me the app that made you $1,000 last week! Got one? Then why are we spending so much time inside of your digital distractors? What is the benefit of having your phone in your pocket while you’re with a customer? That’s…


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While many SUV Brands Decrease Lease Payments, Others Increase Monthly Rates After the New Year to Meet the Segment Average

Wantalease.com, the nation’s first online car lease marketplace for new lease deals, reports the latest update on new lease offerings for the month of January. While many truck lease payments have remained steady, SUV lease pricing is experiencing a split in both increases and decreases – depending on the…


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9 Steps to the Ultimate Lead Follow-Up Process for Car Sales

In today’s retail environment, why are so many dealerships still playing games with customers? Sales Managers and salespeople dodge questions and push hard for appointments. They’ll also play bait and switch with website offers. Are you among them?


Playing games ruins your reputation and costs you sales —I know this from a personal experience. On the day before Christmas, I was going to buy Dodge Charger for my daughter. I went to the website of the closest Dodge dealership…


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How Poor Cyber Security Can Cost you $1.8 Million in Lost Business

Cyberattacks are becoming a common problem and lost productivity due to a cyberattack is a huge blow to any business. Here at One View, we are aware of at least 5 dealer groups in just the last six months that were impacted by cyberattacks. One group with 25 stores and over $80 million in annual revenue lost all access to their computer network for over a week.


Dealers think in terms of revenue and productivity time. With 72 working hours in a week and $80 million in annual…


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Don’t Be a Slave to BDC Benchmarks

A lot of dealerships prefer using an internal sales and service BDC to maintain control of leads and processes. Yet, many struggle to measure what’s working and what’s not when it comes to maximizing the efficiency and productivity of every BDC agent. Are you among them?


The BDC is the glue that holds it all together when it comes to bringing traffic into your store. Managed properly, your BDC can help increase appointments, shows, sales, and closing percentages.



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5 Notable Things To Know About Car Mechanic

A person who builds automobiles and repairs different machines and engines is technically termed a mechanic. There are different types of mechanics, namely auto mechanics, car mechanics, aircraft, diesel, heavy-duty, and many more. Every mechanic is specialized in his field of study.…


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Cars 50 Years Ago And Now – Has Style Really Been Surpassed By Functionality?

There Are Definitely Debates On This Topic

A gear head out of a garage may well tell you that the answer to this writing’s topic depends on the definition. How do you define “style”, and how do you define “functionality”? As the English say, that is indeed a “sticky wicket”! For example, consider “suicide doors”. These are still around, as it turns out—full-cab pickups usually…


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Vehicle Disposal Company Brampton

The gap from the location that you live or wherein the junk car is and wherein the buyer is should now not be large to keep away from more prices. the numerous scrap car removal companies junk car removal Brampton that you may be capable of get can be placed at distinct locations which you may have to make certain that you discover. you could use the coins that you may be able to get from promoting your junk car in different…


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Cars.com Delivers Three Times More Dealer Website Referrals Compared to Nearest Auto Marketplace Competitors

Driven by 76% Organic Audience,2 Cars.com Leads Third-Party Marketplaces in Direct Referral Traffic1 and Delivers Shoppers Twice as Likely to Buy3

CHICAGO, Feb. 9, 2021 — As the 2021 Virtual National Automobile Dealers Association Show kicks off this week on Feb. 9-11,…


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Kerrigan Advisors Represents the Fields Auto Group in Sale of CJDR Sanford and Land Rover Orlando


Lithia Motors acquires dealerships in third largest Florida metro; Sale marks the 114th Kerrigan-led dealership sale since 2015, and 6th Florida sale in 13 months.

INCLINE VILLAGE, NV – February 9, 2021– Kerrigan Advisors, a leading sell-side advisory firm to auto dealers in the U.S., represented and advised Fields Auto Group, one of the largest dealership groups in the US, on its sale of Land Rover…


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