May 2020 Blog Posts (54)

Your Grand Re-Opening Plan

As we move forward with the grand re-opening of your city or state, customers will look for new evidence in the way of operational advertising for your store.

It's more than a brand promise. Viewed through the consumer lens--It's more or less--"What will you do for…

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Binary Automotive Solutions Sends Hand Sanitizer Care Packages as California Dealer Clients Reopen

Bedford, TX — May 11, 2020 — Binary Automotive Solutions, a leading provider of customized programs designed to help dealerships sell more vehicles, continues its aid programs into May by extending their free marketing program through May 31, 2020, for any dealership nationally and by delivering shipments of hand sanitizer to its California area dealership clients who are reopening.


Following up their free dealership marketing support in April, Binary wanted to extend their…


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The Whats and Whys and Wheres on Websites | KPI Cafe Season 5 Episode 3

In this third installment of Season 5, CEO Dave Spannhake and host Dane Saville discuss the importance of, best practices for, and benchmarking of a dealership's website: the land of no competitors.

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Auto/Mate Adds Remote Signing Capability to eDEAL™ Signature Capture

New feature offered as free trial to help dealers sell vehicles during COVID-19

Albany, N.Y. – May 11, 2020 – Auto/Mate, a business unit of DealerSocket, has added a remote signing feature to its eDEAL™ Signature Capture digital contracting tool. The new feature is being offered to Auto/Mate’s current eDEAL customers as a free trial, helping them to overcome…


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Common Problems Behind Vehicle Failures

Understanding the different typical factors behind vehicle breakdowns will certainly allow you to spot problems when they arise. Here are 5 reasons that your automobile may stall while being driven:

Faulty Alternator

Your alternator, the component that is in charge of creating electric power in your automobile, might stop working. When your engine is running, its…


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Tips for Coping and De-escalation | KPI Cafe Season 5 Mental Health Episode 1

Marriage and Family Therapist Kit Nowell joins KPI Cafe host Dane Saville to discuss tips for coping and other de-escalation techniques during times of uncertainty and distress. Whether you or someone you know lost a job, is grieving the passing of a family member, or going through any other trauma, there are things you can do to help manage your mental health.

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The “New Normal” is Simply 2023

Pre-pandemic I was not a Luddite. I ordered my fair share of material goods from Amazon. My spouse buys and sell stuff on eBay. I did a lot of Christmas shopping via the Internet. What I had not done was purchase local items online. That is my new normal. I have experienced what it is like when local…


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Managers, Step Into Your Role

Changing this industry starts with you, leaders. 

Quit managing numbers and cars, and start loving people. Let’s think back to your beginnings. How did you get started? Who was your mentor? What did they do to help you grow? 

Your raise becomes effective when your salespeople do. How do you build…


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Size Doesn’t Matter--Covid-19’s Market Reset for Carvana

Carvana promised a new way of doing business in the auto industry. Well before the current revamp to virtual retailing, they promised seven-day test to own options, delivery to your door, and the ability to pick up your vehicle from a state-of-the-art vending machine.

With over 12 billion in market capitalization and operating expenses that…


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The "Why" Behind Your Dealership's Digital Marketing | KPI Cafe Season 5 Episode 2

In our second episode of KPI Cafe's Season 5, CEO Dave Spannhake and host Dane Saville dive into the "why" for investing in your primary digital marketing channels, including SEO, SEM, and Programmatic Media.

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Were You a Quaranteam Player?

I talk to a lot of dealers that did the best they could, for their employees, when the pandemic was ramping up.  I heard wonderful examples of store owners sending their most at-risk people home, with pay,…


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A Good Insight Into Designing Custom Decals For Your Vehicle

Car decals are something that can be applied to a smooth surface on your vehicle and is essentially an adhesive vinyl sticker. This can be a custom design decal as a company logo, a motivational quote or some other custom graphics. They are usually stuck on the exterior of a business vehicle for the purpose of advertising. There are many methods of advertising your business like placing LED signs for your Business, special billboards, custom decals for vehicles, and many…


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Powered Alternator

Have you ever wondered what part your car can't work without? The answer is one word ALTERNATOR.

The alternator constantly produces the required amount of electricity to power all consumers, while also storing its surplus in the battery and replenishing it. Today, all cars have alternators because they have the ability to generate…


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How to Better Your First Impression

The first impression. The possible start of a long-lasting relationship. You have but one chance to get it right. It’s one of those critical pieces where someone makes up their mind about you in less than seven seconds.

You’ve likely had thousands of these experiences…with friends, new acquaintances, business contacts, and in your…


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