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Building Your Budget for the Covid-19 Environment and Beyond

In this moment of time we're in, there is an opportunity: growth. Whether you have a strong grasp on budgeting your digital marketing or have just begun thinking about it during this Covid-19 environment, we've created this content with the goal to help you grow and refine that understanding. 

If you find this content helpful, we have an educational series called The KPI Cafe with dozens of other videos that can help your dealership all year round: …


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Responsive Search Ads - KPI Cafe Season 1 Episode 10

Later today, we'll release a new episode with Paul J. Daly. Until then, let's continue to talk about ways to invest your money more efficiently.

Responsive Search Ads are a Google innovation that couples machine learning and automation to match your ads to search intent.

Why's that important? Because the more your ad matches search intent, the more it is relevant to the consumer. And the greater the relevance, the greater the…


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Coffee is for...


It’s for sitting across from somebody and having a great conversation. You see, closing IS important, but it’s not everything. The closing signifies an end to a relationship, and that’s not what we’re trying to do. Is it? 

The key to massive success is not just building the…


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Homepage to SRP Efficiencies: KPI Cafe Season 1 Episode 9

We normally want to give you a break from Covid-19 talk, but there's no great setup for this episode without referencing it. It's during crises like this that maintaining your digital presence is important because people are still searching.

You don't want to give up on what you've built. I bet your competitors and third-party sites aren't either. So let's dive into this KPI Cafe that helps give insights about making the customer journey efficient…


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"We're All In This Together" So Ditch The Pitch & Be Human

During this unprecedented time, we all need to focus on keeping the machine going and to do that with people in a widespread panic over CoVid-19 it's more vital than ever to show our humanity towards one another. Once industry resumes as what will be the new normal, your clients and customers will remember who showed empathy and compassion when they were hurting, panicked, or freaking out about an invisible threat.

I've gotten the most genuine short conversations and even a few…


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Social Distancing in the World of Social Media

Ah, broadcasts. Delivered to you across the nation.

Meet microcasts in the changing new world order. Those short, punchy, quick-hit videos, ranging from twenty second bursts of dancing to 10-minute mini-podcasts. Well, they’re becoming even smaller and more precise as we move forward.…


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Certainly Uncertain

No one knows what the future holds. But you know what you're capable of.…


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Knowing Your Customer vs. Looking for the Sale

How well do you know your sales and service customers? Not just the customers who have purchased a car in the last month, or the ones who get their cars serviced on a regular basis, but all of your customers?


Considering your dealership has thousands of contacts in its DMS, it’s highly unlikely —and unrealistic—that you know your customers…


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Letter from Alex Vetter - President & CEO of CARS

Dear Dealer Partner,

As the impact of COVID-19 is felt from coast to coast and across every facet of the automotive industry, our first priority for you, our valued partner and friend, is to ensure we help you maintain your business now and for the long term. We are asking you to go to the…


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RM Homepage Banner Study: KPI Cafe Season 1 Episode 4

Let's put down the remote and pick up a notebook because we have another great KPI Cafe . This episode stresses the importance of your internal team or marketing partner understanding consumer behavior to optimize their time and focus on what really matters. That's right: Getting a better return on your investment.

If you haven't yet, subscribe today and never miss an insight: …


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Marketing Is Good For Society

Good marketing helps people during times of need. #localsearchgroup #marketing…


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A Look at the Three Types of Distracted Driving

If you took a driver’s education class, you most likely learned about the basics of driving: keep your eyes on the road, hands should be at 10 and 2, etc. Even though most drivers know better, many give in to the temptation of their cell phone, dashboard controls or voice command systems, ultimately becoming distracted drivers. 

What is Distracted Driving?



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Data is Power - LotLinx Market Update and COVID-19 Market Analysis

Make the best possible decisions for your business during this uncertain time by taking advantage of LotLinx proprietary data. The LotLinx Market Update is the industry's ultimate and only source for a complete and accurate view of how shopper volume, VDP engagement and sales are tracking for your brand and location.…


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Protect Your Reputation with IT Best Practices

59% of consumers choose which dealership to do business with based on reputation. Erik Nachbahr, CISSP explains how having strong IT best practices protects your dealership’s reputation.

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Do You Believe in Magic?


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"Imagine" - A Message to the Automotive Industry

A message to all in our automotive industry.

All of our businesses are hurting right now. No one is exempt. You are not alone.

Many don’t realize how important dealerships and the businesses that serve them are to our society. Between the countless people our industry employs, to the taxes and philanthropic involvement our communities receive, we are…


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Do Not Use This New Google My Business Feature

Do not use Google's new “Temporarily closed” GMB label if your dealership needs to temporarily close due to COVID-19.

The problem with using this new feature is that you’ll first have to contact GMB support. There isn’t currently an option for you to access this label on the…


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Various Tasks That Are Handled by a Car Mechanic

If you want to maintain excellent performance of your car on roads, then you must take the vehicle to the garage for service at least once a year. The car experts available there will thoroughly inspect your car and find out the underlying or upcoming issues. They will fix the problems in the…


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How Automotive Lenders Can Improve Their Compliance Framework to Adhere with Automotive Loan Regulations

Many automotive lenders face challenges today associated with maintaining compliance in all facets of their business. Automotive loan compliance requires knowledge of federal regulations the govern applications, processes and practices. While it can be assumed lenders strive to remain compliant to the rules and regulations that govern them, remaining compliant can become a struggle if regulations are interpreted incorrectly.

There’s no question that automotive loan compliance is top…


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