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Four Keys to Eliminating BAD Customer Surveys, Forever.

Originally published in DEALER Magazine 

Frustrated with bad surveys?

Ever had a customer tell you they were “Completely Satisfied”, but then “trash”…


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Looking to Build Better Customer Relationships?

Customers are becoming incredibly sophisticated, elusive, and empowered since the latest digital retail wave. As a result, the dynamics of the relationship between brands and customers is evolving. But even in this new digital era of online engagement and transparency, the reality is that the relationship dealers should hope to have with customers…


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KPI Cafe Season 6: All Things Fixed Ops with a Great Lineup

I've never been more excited to launch a season of the KPI Cafe than what we'll release starting on Friday, July 10th. We are going to have a robust discussion on various aspects of your dealership's fixed operations with a great lineup of industry experts.

Dave Foy - Evolution of a Dealership's Fixed Operations



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Sales Happens on Every Channel… Is Your Dealership Prepared?

In today’s times, people are concerned about COVID-19 as are businesses. Technology has become more important than ever for both consumers to shop as well as businesses to stay afloat. Many dealerships were restricted from sales being open while some were allowed to only sell online. How, exactly, do you sell a car completely online to consumers who are…


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What are you really saying?

In our video series Communication is Key, we’ve been digging deep into high level communicating. We want you to be comfortable and successful in this business, and to do that you have to speak with enthusiasm, sincerity, and skill. 



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Marketing Ideas to Promote Your Car Dealership – A Step by Step Guide

To build customer trust and become an excellent leader, any entrepreneur needs an effective branding strategy for their business. It’s essential to keep in touch and communicate better with your potential and existing customers, answer all their questions, and build a strong connection. By doing so, you’ll…


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"It Doesn't Take a Genius" Zoom Cast 5 Part 1

Mark and Mike discuss the power of storytelling and its impact on your success. This was so juicy we separated it into two parts. In the comments tell us your story of when your ability to effectively share a story positively impacted your life.


To learn more about Mike visit…


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Automotive Lead Process Mapping (Part 2)

As the automotive lead process is not a new thing. It has become obvious there is a collision between the dealership’s automated systems and human engagement. If you missed our previous post click here


Today, we will focus on the first two steps in the lead development process. The autoresponder…


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When Automation And Your Sales Team Collide (Part 1)

I love to create experiments. I am a big nerd at heart.

Right now, we are conducting an experiment about sales lead follow up and effectiveness that I wanted to share it with you. We tested 100 dealerships and recorded exactly how they responded to an internet lead request.…


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Phone Skills Pay the Bills

Phone Skills Pay the Bills


How many times have we heard this: “The customer is on the way and it’s a done deal!”

The salesperson washes the car and pulls it up front. He/she throws a Sold Sign on the dashboard and waits, and waits and waits….

The customer never shows.

The Sales Manager calls the customer only to be told the customer went to the wrong dealership and decided to purchase there, or something to that effect. The point here is that it could…


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Train, Train Hard, Train Like Your Income Depends On It!!! Because it Does !!!

Not All Training Companies are the Same...

Let Us be Your Virtual Assistant...

Take a Look Around, see how we can help...

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Enjoy the Evolution: COVID-19's Change

The way we purchase and service vehicles may never be the same due to COVID-19. However, in the stores I visit, it seems there’s more of an evolution than a revolution going on. Enjoy the evolution. 

The staff is down. Inventory is tight. Shoppers are buyers. Contactless sales deliveries ARE up. But only…


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Adapting to Change May Be Hard but Also May Be Vital to Success

COVID-19 has reformed and redefined the customer experience (CX), and now dealers need to think beyond short-term fixes and look forward into the new normal of an increased desire by consumers for digital retailing options, according to…


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Efficiency and Revenue in All Departments through Digital Channels

The economic downturn the auto industry has faced beginning in early March was more devastating for those dealers who were not able to quickly and easily shift sales processes online if they didn’t have digital retailing channels already. Now as restrictions lift slowly across the country, we are waking up to a new digital era that could turn out to be more…


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Managers Never Yell

Managers never yell, huh? I bet you have something to say about this, don’t you?

I’m serious though. I think they just don’t talk very good.

That’s exactly why we started the video series,…


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Voice Inflection

We’re back with our series, Communication is Key!

Bringing you up to speed, we’ve heard from Damian and Ali on the importance of being an amazing communicator in this business, and we’ve taken a look at…


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Used Cars: The Wild Ride that Could

As hard as we try to increase recall completions, there always seems to be a bump in the road. We may soon be in for a pretty big one from the used-car market and there are plenty of signs pointing to this having a major effect on both dealerships and consumers.


According to a recent article in…


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10 Steps You Can Take in 10 Minutes to Develop Stronger Google Campaigns

  1. Red Zone Foreign Countries--aka Negative them Out
  2. Eliminate Smart Bidding
  3. Move Settings for Display off of Recommended
  4. Turn off App Ads
  5. Use the same Google My Business login that you use for your My Client…

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5 Reasons why User Experience is the Foundation of a Strong Dealership

User Experience, by definition, addresses all aspects of an experience within automotive shopping, purchasing and owning of a vehicle from the customer's perspective. From interacting with an ad, to interacting with a website and to parking their new vehicle in their driveway, user experience guides the interaction of the customer throughout mobile apps and…


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PureCars Receives Digital Advertising Certification For The Porsche Dealer Program

ATLANTA, June 17, 2020  -- PureCars, a leading provider of digital marketing and advertising insights for automotive dealers, today announced it has been certified as an official provider of digital advertising for the Porsche Dealer Program. PureCars is now certified in a total of 14 OEM programs across the U.S.  


PureCars' digital advertising insights are powered by Meridian, its premier automotive marketing platform that combines powerful business intelligence tools with…


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