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An Innovative Way to Keep the Roads Safe & Bring in Customers

Have you ever seen a fellow motorist texting while driving? What about eating while driving? Putting on makeup? Turning around to yell at their kids? Yes, all of these happen (and more) daily. Sometimes, all it takes for an unfortunate accident to occur is for a driver to spill that boiling hot Starbucks on their lap while commuting.




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What is the Difference Between Negligence and a Non-Liable Mistake?

If you’ve been injured in a motor vehicle accident in Arizona, then you may be wondering whether you have an actionable legal claim against the defendant(s).  Whether you are entitled to sue and recover damages against the defendants for personal injury depends on a number of factors, including the imposition of fault liability.


Not all “mistakes” necessarily…


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The Rock, Paper, Scissors of Sales, Seasonality and Ideas in Automotive Advertising

In the rock, paper, scissors game of automotive sales and advertising, it goes something like this:

Seasonality Cuts Sales – January is not, nor ever will be, December in terms of sales volume.

Sales Cover Ideas – good…


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Is Your Website Driving Your Best Leads Away?

A recent article from consulting giant Deloitte has added new importance to the role of retailer websites in the average consumer’s vehicle purchase journey. According to the results of its…


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3 Ways to Train Your Dealership MVPs on the Phones

When you consider the most valuable player at your dealership, who comes to mind? The dealer? The GM? The top-performing salesperson? What if I told you it's your receptionist. Yep, the person who is probably at the low-end of your pay scale. They are potentially working part-time, and maybe even new to the job, and you might even have a hard time remembering…


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Make the Initial Connection Count

Welcome back to our video series, Ali Reda’s Road to Sales Success. We want you to find incredible amounts of success, and we’re going to do everything we can to help you find your way to it. So, we’ve started this program with Carlos, and we’ve been diving deep into his new career. By immediately implementing the Auto Training Academy philosophy into the sales…


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Lies, D*mned Lies, and Statistics

Many people attribute the following quote to Mark Twain because he popularized it.

“There are lies, damned lies, and statistics.”

Twain—more than…


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While 67% Of Auto Lease Prices Remained Steady in August, Trucks and SUVs Experienced Significant Price Drops, the nation’s first online car lease marketplace for new lease deals, reports the latest update on new lease offerings for the month of August.  Over 33% of today’s popular automotive manufacturers of trucks and SUVs offered generous discounts on new lease deals.

While most car prices have remained steady in August, manufacturers offered…


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DealerTrack Press Release 8-23-2019

DealerTrack Press Release

It is with great pride we announce that DealerTrack has approved our Fixed Performance…


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What’s Your Service Marketing PRO?

If you ask a dealership GM or controller “What’s your marketing per vehicle retail (PVR)?” not only will you get a precise answer, but likely a dissertation on the drivers, trends and plans to optimize. That’s because auto retailers understand that marketing efficiency and effectiveness is the lifeblood of their new and used vehicle…


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The Truth About Reviews

These days, consumers usually look at online reviews when deciding not only WHAT they are going to buy, but also WHO to buy it from. However, there have been plenty of scandals in the retail industry concerning fake or paid reviews. So, it gets a little cloudy in the water, and consumers have gotten somewhat cynical.


Take Amazon. Hundreds of…


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Google Ads Conversion Tools

In this video blog, Jim shows that there's more than one way to get on board the conversion train in Google Ads.

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Ali’s Transactional Call

Last week, in Ali Reda’s Road to Sales Success we revealed that Carlos - new to the business - hasn’t taken any transactional customers. None at all. His business is being built solely on relationships. That’s right! His entire customer base trusts him, likes him, and believes in him. We want to create a roadmap for you to have it this…


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What is the T-R Contrast?

Excited to know more about Carlos’ journey? We’re so happy to have you watching our video series, Ali Reda’s Road to Sales Success. We’ve been telling you all about Carlos, a new salesman at Les Stanford whose manager and coach just happens to be Mr. Ali Reda. You see, we want to take what Ali did in ten years and condense it into a five…


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Rides on Demand: How Vehicle Subscription Services Could Grow Your Profitability

Over the past few years, subscription services of all types have become increasingly popular with today’s consumers. Big names like Netflix and Amazon leverage them to offer optimized, often instantaneous access to their goods. Now, it’s the auto industry’s turn, with the rising popularity of vehicle subscriptions. These programs charge customers a monthly…


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Top Benefits of an Accident Lawyer in Chicago

The current world gets characterized by frequent accident both fatal and non-fatal. If you are a frequent road user in Chicago then chances are you have ever gotten involved in an accident. If you did, then you should thank God you never got hurt seriously or even for being alive.

The truth of the matter is, most people get disabled or even…


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Top Benefits of Using a Law Firm for Your Case

Law firms are first cropping up and gaining fame at the same time. Today, most people opt to use law firms when dealing with their legal matters as compared to individual and independent lawyers. Mostly, most people prefer reputable law firms like Julian c. Gomez law firm pllc.

If you entrust such a law firm…


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Swapalease Data: Are Crossovers Not in Demand for Leasing?

Crossovers Not Seeing Growth in Leasing?

A year ago, roughly 7.4% of drivers polled said they would shop for a crossover if they needed to go out and lease a vehicle that day. A year later, that number dipped slightly to 7.1%. With all the explosive growth in Crossover production, is it not a vehicle that appeals to the lease crowd?

Does Payment Threshold Really Matter?

A year ago, the average lease payment was…


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3 Reasons Why Loyalty to Technology is Greater than Loyalty to Cars

Despite efforts to chase down loyalty in the automotive industry -  the path to a repeat purchase is an even tougher feat. Here are three reasons why loyalty to technology is greater than the loyalty to cars:…


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