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BIG DATA: Are We Using It All Wrong?

Big data is a buzzword that’s been floating around the auto industry for some time now. Every dealership’s DMS is filled with opportunities. Through segmentation, data and equity mining, combined with a little bit of common sense, dealerships can target customers with relevant messaging and see great conversion rates. But what about reaching those people that aren’t your…


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This Week in Social Media

News for the Week of 12.30 

Google 360-Degree Storytelling on YouTube

Storytelling is BIG and YouTube doesn't plan on missing out. Google Spotlight Stories are now available for select Android users on the YouTube app, bringing an in-the-moment, virtual reality feature to users. Now,…


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Turn Phone Shoppers Into Sales

Are your shoppers constantly on their phones in your showroom? We've developed some strategies that can help you reach the customer in some new ways. Find out how to turn phone shoppers into sales on this week's episode of Think Tank Tuesday!

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The Approach

The Approach

I find it interesting how we can learn things from different professions that we can all use in our everyday dealership operations. Today I want to look at what we can learn from pilots. Some of you…

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Own Your Way to Customer Loyalty

Earning customer loyalty in today’s society is especially tricky. As almost every retailer now has a loyalty program, it’s difficult to stand out and make your customer truly feel special and appreciated. Earning loyalty isn’t simply about giving something away. It’s about creating and nurturing a relationship that builds a brand advocate who will continue to patronize your…


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Navigating SEO: How to Make the Most of Link Building in 2016

How to Make the Most of Link Building in 2016

Link building isn't dead, and it's not likely to die in 2016. If you want to build authority for your website to increase organic traffic, link building is still a crucial component of SEO.

The problem is, you may not be aligning your link building efforts with the standards that will lead to…


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What’s the Difference for Your Dealership? 

Ever wonder about the difference between your CEM and CRM?  What are the specifics of each, and how do they benefit your dealership—both individually and when strategically positioned to work together?  At first glance, it’s easy to think they’re synonymous, and while they have overlapping features, there are definitive…


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Auto Dealership Business Model in for Disruptive Change--May Be a Revolution, a Collapse, and a Reinvention Soon

Auto Dealership Business Model in for Disruptive Change--May Be a Revolution, a Collapse, and a Reinvention Soon

The current automotive dealer business model is in great peril and must change dramatically in the near future.

Are you crazy?  Auto Dealers--whom should now be called Automotive Retailers-- are having a record year in sales and profits in 2015.  Warren Buffett and AutoNation are buying up franchise dealerships --and there has never been a better time to be in…


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Used Car Profit Occurs When Buying, Not Selling

From a logical sense you would think that profit is made when selling a used car, but reality is that profit occurs when buying them. This is because profit isn't about each individual vehicle sale, but about your strategy and process as a whole. How you buy used vehicles, and why, is more important that how you sell them.

I published a post recently called Ideas for Enhancing Your Used Vehicle Acquisition Strategy that references…


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What Facebook Reviews Mean for Your Dealership

Facebook Reviews Matter

Look out, Yelp.  Facebook has joined the latest list of sites vying for consumer attention when it comes to user reviews and ratings.  With its recently-launched Best Professional Services site, it joins a crowded market that caters to local businesses and organizations seeking…


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Low Depreciation for Cars and Trucks

Welcome to this week's edition of Black Book Market Insights, with in-depth analysis of used car and truck valuation trends and insights straight from the auction lanes. Click here to download the full…


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10 Creative Content Ideas for Your Dealership

Creating Original Content for Your Social Media Platforms

There’s no denying auto dealerships have traditional marketing channels down to a science, but modern consumers find every way they can to skip over ads. In response to this problem, content marketing has become one of the most successful ways to engage consumers across the internet and social…


Added by Joseph Little on December 29, 2015 at 11:22am — 1 Comment

Four Simple Steps to Increase Website Conversion

Dealerships are constantly working to increase their website conversion – and for good reason. Organic conversions typically see the highest closing rates. However, I frequently encounter dealerships that wonder why they aren’t getting higher conversion rates, despite adding the latest gizmo or widget. Conversion rate optimization is tricky.…


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Helion Reveals Top IT Requirements for Increased Productivity at Dealerships in 2016

Timonium, MD – December 28th, 2015-- Helion Automotive Technologies, a leading provider of information technology (IT) solutions for auto dealers, revealed today the top four IT requirements to support productivity at auto dealerships in 2016. The recommendations are based upon data collected from working with hundreds of auto dealership clients, and recent trends such as the increase in usage of mobile devices.…


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Most Up To Date Statistics State That Car Dealerships Need A Video Strategy Or Else... 2015 856-546-2440

Most Up To Date Statistics State That Car Dealerships Need A Video Strategy - 2015 Video Is The Most Powerful Tool For A Car Dealership. A dealership or dealer group can utterly crush the competition and have an unfair advantage in…


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2015: Reflections & Gratitude for the Industry I Love

In reflecting back on 2015, I would like to reach out and share my thoughts about how grateful I am to be in a career I love and for that career to be in an industry that I love!  Very few days go by without thoughts of how truly thankful I am to be involved with so many great companies – from the large mainstays to the tech start-ups. And I am also lucky to work with the…


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You Need an Online Parts Store for 2016

Integrated Parts Store on Your Website is Easy and a Must for 2016
The current state of the automotive marketplace is over-saturated, but you don’t need to panic. There’s an additional revenue source that you can start implementing to increase your profits.
On this…

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The Super Bowl Time of Year

This is the time of year that I like to call “the super bowl time of year.” What I mean by this, is that everyone is looking at improving their business and their personal lives. Whether it is improving your Fixed Operations, selling more units, or maybe losing weight. Everyone has a goal that…

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Converting a Bus into an RV: Factors to Consider

Converting a pre-owned city or school bus into a luxury motor home is a remarkable process. The conversion design must be appealing, exceptional and innovative to fit the needs of RV-ers. If you love ‘homemade’ motor homes, you can look for a bus conversion for sale, or make one yourself. When it comes to a typical vehicle conversion, it involves purchasing a used bus, and…


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