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Need to hire someone?

I saw your post and thought we may be able to help.  AutoMax has been in business for 12 years and have successfully recruited over 85,000 automotive people for auto dealers across America. Our data base holds over 24,000+  automotive people looking for employment now. we also will post on almost 200 sites for you. We are turn key low fee and we do guarantee our results.

There is a 60 day guarantee on anyone hired, AutoMaxHire will…


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AutoRevo Now Offering VideoCarLot Services from SiSTeR Technologies


Compelling videos help auto retailers sell more cars


DALLAS, Jan. 31, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- SiSTeR Technologies, a provider of applications and hosted services for the automated creation and management of multimedia marketing content for online retail and mobile environments, today announced that AutoRevo, one of the fastest growing dealer websites and Internet Marketing companies, will offer SiSTeR…


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Dealers: Use Super Bowl Advertising to Eat Your Competition For Breakfast

Thumbnail of Automotive Marketing Expert Max Steckler When it comes to Super Bowl advertising, auto marketing expert Max Steckler has one piece of advice for auto dealers: don’t forget about breakfast.

What does he mean? “The Super Bowl is the dance,” Steckler, Vice President of Advertising Products for ADP Digital Marketing, explains. “That’s where the courtship between advertisers and consumers begin.  It’s a…


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UpLead Technology will be represented this year at NADA by...

Peter Bond, Buck Parker, and Ken Zangara. Please speak with any of these gentlemen to learn more about what UpLead Technology can and will do for your dealership; it's absolutely amazing!

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VinSolutions LLC. Welcomes Jeff Loos as Executive Vice President

VinSolutions LLC. Welcomes Jeff Loos as Executive Vice President

Overland Park, KS. – January 28, 2011 – VinSolutions LLC, An industry-leading developer of Internet-based Customer Relations Management (CRM), Internet Lead Management (ILM) and Complete…


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Can Someone here recommend a Resume Writer?

Over the years I have written and re-written my resume.  And you know what? I suck at it.  I keep thinking about some of my accomplishments for the dealers I have helped over the years, and I can never get it right on paper.


So If you know of someone, not one of the internet services, but someone that has worked well for you, please post a reply.




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IntellaCar Launches Mobile Sales Presentation Platform - Starting With Toyota Dealers

I would like to offer my Dealerelite friends a sneak peak at a Press Release planned to coincide with the NADA launch of IntellaCar.

After all, what are friends for!  See you at NADA!




THOUSAND OAKS, CA, JANUARY 28, 2011 – IntellaCar, LLC announced today the nationwide launch of IntellaCar™.…


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You Can Train Me Now or You Can Train Me Later

Employee training can cost a lot of money. Not training your employees can cost even more. In lawsuits, courts and regulatory agencies sometimes impose after-the-fact training requirements in addition to large monetary penalties. Consider these actual cases:

A dealership faced a wide range of complaints, including failure to disclose material defects and misrepresenting sales and extended service contract prices, and was ordered to pay $1.5 million in restitution to victims, plus…


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The Worst Job Interview I've Ever Had

This past week, I had the opportunity to go on an interview for a management position at a local automotive dealership. The location was perfectly convenient for me. What they were looking for was exactly what I can offer and then some I'm experienced in BDC management and marketing. I'm up to date on the latest Social Media strategies. The compensation was more than adequate. Everything seemed to be a perfect fit.

I was sitting in a delightful office over one of the best cups of… Continue

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The Professional Service Technician

If I had a check made out with your flat rate Technician’s name on it for $10,000 payable in 12 months would you take the time to read this article? If your answer was yes then you will find the needed processes that form “The Professional Service Technician”.

  • Keep the customers car clean. Never allow a foot print, greasy steering wheel or door handle to be noticed by your customer.
  • Inspect the car for damage before you begin work. At least two times per year for every…

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Did You Know....

Did you know….

  • The average gross profit as a percentage of sales for Buy Here – Pay Here dealers is 37% while it is only 15.2% for franchise dealers.
  • The average net profit as a percentage of sales for Buy Here – Pay Here dealers is 16.5% while it is only 1.50% for franchise dealers.
  • Service & Parts (typically the most profitable department in a franchise store) average net profit as a…

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Customize Your Location-Based Marketing To Fit Your Dealership

Location based marketing within your social networks and applications provide your dealership an excellent opportunity to promote itself and your service department. With geo-based apps gaining an enormous amount of headway, it's important that your dealership use them to help promote your various marketing campaigns and departments. 

Location based networks like Foursquare, Gowalla, and SCVNGR are great avenues to achieve these types of promotions.  Let's start with Foursquare and… Continue

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Best Practices in Interviewing (Interesting Article)

We all know how litigious our society has become in the area of employment-related issues. Every recruiter, hiring manager, executive, and department manager must realize that asking illegal interview questions or making improper inquiries can lead to discrimination or wrongful-discharge lawsuits, and these suits can be won or lost based on statements made during the interview process.

Thus, it is important to incorporate risk management into your interviewing process to help minimize…


Added by Kevin "Friend Me" Bradberry on January 26, 2011 at 3:47pm — 1 Comment

Effective Free Resources To Enhance Your Automotive SEO Strategy

Car dealers seeking to initiate or expand their content publishing strategy, on a low budget, can leverage many FREE content publishing websites to build relevance, links, and search visibility. It is critical that car dealers add new content to their primary website each month.  In addition to on-site content, off-site content is needed to create relevance and powerful links back to the dealer's…


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Potratz Welcomes Justine Cervenka

Potratz is pleased to welcome Justine Cervenka, an experienced advertising professional who has joined the team as Media Director. Originally from Cobleskill, she has returned to New York after working for multiple agencies in Arizona since 1992.

Justine has handled accounts for a variety of industries, including retail, healthcare, travel, and education. She also… Continue

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AdAgencyOnline.Net Reviews izmocars For Automotive Advertising Agencies On Blog Talk Radio

Automotive advertising agencies are expected to improve vehicle sales for their auto dealer clients, however, their ultimate self serving goal is to provide added value and profits to support their fees.  Philip Zelinger, the President of Ad Agency Online, L.L.C. and the host of an automotive advertising resource / networking portal -- http://AdAgencyOnline.Net -- has accepted that responsibility for his affiliated automotive advertising agencies as he…


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Retooling Your Approach: Key Ways to Avoid Talking Yourself Out of a Sale
In our eagerness to close a sale, many of…

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QR Codes are Here to Stay-Is Your Dealership Using Them?

Utilize QR Codes to Drive Leads to Your Car Dealership

If you keep up with the latest digital trends, you know about QR codes. They're similar to bar codes (only with a 2-dimensional pattern) and can be scanned by any smartphone with a QR reader. Once someone scans a QR code, he sees a coupon, special website, video, or whatever the advertiser chooses to use. The opportunities for…


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Will 2011 Be a ‘Diamond’ Year?



Everyone wants to have a great 2011.  We will toss 2010 behind us and revel in the New Year with hope, belief, and expectancy. Will it be your greatest collective 365 days?  Will it be the best year of your life?  Will it be a “diamond” year?

The word diamond comes from the Greek word adamas, which means “indestructible.” The diamond is the only gem known to man, besides graphite, that is made of a single element, carbon. Diamond is completely made…


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What Does “NO” Really Mean?



Anyone who has been in professional sales for more than about 30 minutes has

heard the answer NO. No, I’m not interested. No, not right now. No, thank you. No, never.


Those who are ultimately successful in sales are those who learn the true meaning of the word

NO. It may surprise you to learn that NO seldom means no. Let…


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