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How Does He Do It?

In our new video series, Quality of Life, we’ve been learning more about Ali Reda. We’ve heard about the goals he had in mind for 2018, and the numbers that those goals…


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Quality of Existence

Ali Reda broke the record for Most Cars Sold in a Calendar Month in December of 2018, surpassing the long-standing record of 173 cars. Last week, we began to revisit the mindset and intentions of Ali and his team at that moment in time in our video series, Quality of Life.…


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NEW YORK – May 24, 2022 – Wolters Kluwer, a global leader in professional information, software solutions and services, announced today new analysis from its Auto Finance Digital Transformation Index, a key resource that tracks the rate at which auto dealers, service providers and lenders are seeing growth in the evolution from…


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CXAUTO2022: Get Inspired! 6 Free Tickets for Dealers & OEMs!

As a special offer through our partnership with Dealer Elite, TLS is offering 6 free tickets for Dealers & OEMs, so that you can be inspired with stories from these innovative companies speaking at CXAUTO 2022 using CX as a differentiator.  Claim your free ticket using the code: Dealerelite2022CXAUTO 


Now in its 18th year, the…


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Ali Reda Breaks Records

Can you imagine if your best month was 167?

How about if you sold 1,582 units in one year?

At the end of 2017, we were all shocked by his numbers and in awe of Ali’s humble heart. He began every interview with thanks for all the people who shared in his victory, always insisting that he was no better than anybody else in the…


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First impressions still matter!

We’ve been dealing with strange times in the automotive industry recently with chip shortages and an insane gross market. This is not only creating tension for both the customer and the sales associate, but it’s straining an already tumultuous relationship that exists between customers and salespeople. 


Therefore, first impressions are…


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How Dealers Approach Vehicle Photography Different in Today’s Digital Retail World

A picture is worth a thousand words, but in today’s world of automotive digital retail it needs to be worth a thousand clicks. That’s because while more people are shopping online today for cars and trucks, they’re making many of their consideration and purchase decisions based on the vehicle photos they’re looking at.


Yes, sticker price size matters. Yes, financing matters. Yes, credit availability matters. But what gets a person interested in a particular vehicle, and…


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Practical Application of Ongoing Coaching and Training

You never hear a prize fighter say he fired his trainer directly after he won the championship belt, right? Well, that’s the whole reason why it’s important to continue coaching and training of the salespeople and BDC employees. Even after they seem to have mastered the phone and their appointment set rate is off the charts, continued coaching and training are paramount. This is what keeps them sharp! …


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Automotive Trends in a Post-Covid World

It’s no secret how much COVID-19 changed the automotive business. Many dealerships were shut down for months on end and others had such restrictive business practices that made it difficult to function. We’re now in a post-Covid world, and many things have changed within the automotive industry. While it’s still unclear as to whether these trends are here to stay, they have changed the face of the industry. …


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Knowledge is Power

Make no mistake about it, car dealers have an uphill battle to fight when defending their reputation. The sleazy used car guy character is still top of mind for consumers when making a purchase. And it is no fault of their own. 95% of all sales are made at the dealership, but most of that research now begins at home. Consumers will tell you the #1…


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Selling Service via the Telephone

Selling work over the phone is something that has been done since service centers opened, and this goes for independent centers as well as dealerships. Most advisors love it when they can sell work over the phone as it gives them the upper hand. There is nothing better than when an advisor actually has a minute to breathe and works through a quote, put the numbers together, and presents a well-organized “package” to their customer who isn’t tapping their foot in the waiting room.  This…


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Servicing Virtually

Servicing your vehicle has been an age-old activity for anyone who owns or drives a vehicle. With today’s world and technology advancing, we’re gathering new tools to enhance our daily lives on a regular basis. This includes technology in our vehicles, so why wouldn’t it carry over into service.  

Virtual service has started to take hold in…


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This Will Work

We started this series as a jumping off point. If you are brand new to the business, we’ve given you a lot to implement. If you have been doing this for a while and you just need a reset, Begin…


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ADAA Endorses Armatus Dealer Uplift as Retail Warranty Reimbursement Vendor

HUNT VALLEY, MD, March 31, 2022 – Armatus Dealer Uplift, the industry leader in Retail Warranty Reimbursement submissions, today announced that the Automobile Dealers Association of Alabama (ADAA) has named Armatus as the exclusive endorsed vendor for Retail Warranty Reimbursement services for the ADAA membership.

"The ADAA-supported Warranty Bill - Act 2022-104 - goes into effect 6/1/2022 and adds a streamlined and defined process to calculate labor and parts reimbursement rates by…


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CXAUTO2022: Get Inspired: The Power of Great Customer Experiences!

BOULDER, CO — May 1, 2022 -- Thought Leadership Summits, Inc. (TLS), is back in person for CXAUTO Summit Series to be held at the Ritz-Carlton Marina Del Rey, CA:

June 14th – 15th  CX Strategy & Retail Innovation  and CX Data Analytics & AI SUMMITS

June 15th – 16th  CX Aftermarket &…


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Customer Lounge: Friend or Foe?

You’ve had one customer on a test drive, your next appt just showed up an hour early, and somehow you were the only “available salesman” when a family just walked into the dealership… what do you do?

That answer is easy, you start juggling! Get them comfortable in the customer lounge, tell them to enjoy a warm or cold beverage, or snack, and here is…


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Money and Morality

There’s a topic we believe is important to address prior to enlisting the

aid of mentors in this area. In many people’s minds — and in much of our

culture today — the very idea of wealth,

on at least a “gut” level, has been villainized. In my experience, however, nothing

could be further from the truth. Most of

the wealthy people I’ve known have been

kind, caring, generous people who have

worked extremely hard for what they



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Reframing Life’s Questions We can have it all if we change “OR” to “AND”

Reframing Life’s Questions

We can have it all if we change “OR” to “AND”

When deciding what we want out of life, and where to put our energy and focus to achieving our goals, my mentors and I have found that we need to avoid a limiting concept called “The Tyranny of the OR.”

This concept, described by…


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The myth of the “self-made” man or woman is just that — A MYTH

The myth of the “self-made” man or woman is just that — "A MYTH"

We hold in awe those who started life without the benefit of money or

resources and went on to build empires. It’s almost as if they were destined

to be giants and got there with only their own determination and talents.

When we look closer, though, behind the myth of their “destiny,” we

begin to see the people around them. We see the family…


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Early Introductions

Welcome back to our video series, Begin Again! When I met Ali Reda in 2010, he was ten years into the business selling 25-30 units a month. He was obviously not at the peak of his career, but some days he…


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