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Addressing the objections to chat on your website

For as many dealers that are gung-ho about Automotive Live Chat and having dealer chat software on their website, there are just as many dealers who are reluctant to add this feature. The reasons range from price, to…


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10 Favorite Money Closes FREE to ALL

Thanks to all of you who took interest in this poll. Do NOT invest anymore of your time or energy or attention on the poll as their appears to be some problem with it.

I thank all of you who became interested here regardless of who you were voting for.

Regardless of which of the contestants you voted for send me a direct email to gc@grantcardone.com and we will send you 10 of my favorite money closes in a PDF format for your involvement here at Dealer Elite. The closing… Continue

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Don't blame me I voted for Ralph:)

So sitting here reading all the exchanges on DE and FB the past week I am not surprised by some of the tactics a couple of the contestants utilized to win.

I have to admit, in my years in retail I never took a JZ course, wish I would have so that I can speak to his content and knowledge base. I did take a course of GCs... Is there any doubt to either of their knowledge and expertise? None, but would I vote for them? I would have to say no... I look for expertise,…


Added by Micah birkholz on July 31, 2010 at 6:36pm — 3 Comments

Your Customer’s Perception Is Reality

I get it. It’s tough out there. Customer access to information on the internet continues to squeeze margins. Dealerships are just trying to make a buck in a fiercely competitive marketplace. You have to do whatever it takes to stay ahead of the competition.

I also get that some may view compliance as unnecessary, overrated, annoying, a waste of time and money, and downright harmful to profitability. These are perceptions and as they say, perception is reality.

Some… Continue

Added by Jim Radogna on July 31, 2010 at 6:25pm — 1 Comment

Cardone Wants Your Banks Incentivized

Who was doing this for you? Over the last eighteen months I was fighting for businesses to be rewarded in order to fix housing problem which has had negative impact on every business especially
for Auto Dealers....

Check it out.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CR4rSaRHnIk&feature=related

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Fixed Operations: Tips For Getting Exceptional Results Out of Your Multi-Point Inspection Process

The vehicle multi-point inspection is a BANK ACCOUNT for building high levels of customer retention, trust and profitable service sales. The inspection process has nothing to do what you sell today but what…


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Ready To Rock

Selling Automobiles for over 30 years has given me some insight. I have seen several cycles in the economy, and four distinct evolutions of how to sell and market automobiles. And as this economic situation drags on and on, It has evolved again.

Very low cost marketing campaigns that brand your business and engage your prospects. I am talking about Adzzoo marketing. With Adzzoo marketing all of us can be on the first page of google, ask, and other search engines in our chosen…


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Never Get too Serious It's Bad for Your Health

Added by Grant Cardone on July 30, 2010 at 9:31pm — No Comments

Become a Master Closer Today!

Do you want to learn to close like a master? Would you like to know how to stay in the deal and not give 'your' money away? How would you like to have more closes than the customer has stalls?
Well you can -- for every organization that gets Grant Cardone 25 votes today, we will provide a copy of The Closer's Survival Guide to each person that registers and votes for Grant. This is to encourage those that haven't joined to join and those that haven't voted to…

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Brain Food: Car Business or People Business?

Car or People business?
Written By Troy Spring, President of Dealer World.

Added by Troy Spring on July 30, 2010 at 11:22am — 3 Comments

Content is King and Links Are The Queen

I was speaking with Alex Snyder today and he reminded me of a statement I made in 2009 at the 7th Digital Dealer Conference which was:

"The most important person a car dealer can hire in 2010 will be a content writer."

With half of 2010 now past, I thought I would revisit why this statement made in October of…


Added by Brian Pasch on July 30, 2010 at 12:00am — 3 Comments

TK Training Network is Driving Down the Cost of Training, and oh yes...It's FREE!

TK Training Network is an Interactive Online Virtual Training Platform Community with a built in Customer Management Software Program designed Exclusively For The Automotive Industry! This site was designed using your feedback and it's here to serve you.

There is something here for…


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White Fur is the New Black Tee Shirt

Grant Cardone's version

of a black tee-shirt

Vote Today…


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Does #1 Mean Anything to You?

If being #1 is important to you then you have to look at what those that are #1 are doing, who they are doing it with. These are the FACTS and have nothing to do with personalities or what friends say.

In just the last four months this is a list of who has signed up for our Virtual Sales Training.

#1 Ford Store USA

#1 Mazda Store USA

#1 VW Store USA

#1 Jaguar Store USA

#1 Nissan Store USA

#1 Honda Store USA

#1… Continue

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Automotive Dealer Social Media Introduction

The search engines function like nature. Well structured and well adapted pages populated with original and relevant content, planted in the right soil, over time, will thrive. People, consumers, are on the internet based on the need to seek pleasure or the need to resolve pain. The pain component has to do with searching for and finding answers to questions – solving personal problems or finding more information and a great deal on their next car.…


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Viking Media Marketing Announces Exclusive Partnership with New Vision Sales


Help for the Automotive Industry: Viking Media Marketing Announces Exclusive Partnership with New Vision Sales

Strategic Partnership Will Streamline the Lead-to-Sale Conversion Process for Automotive Dealerships Seeking Qualified New Customers

DATE: 5/24/10

CONTACT: Scott Pinsker, 727.871.3204 or pr@vikingmediamarketing.com

Tampa, FL: From its global headquarters in Tampa,…


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New Vision Sales Announces Partnership with Contact At Once!


DATE: 6/8/2010

CONTACT: Eve Paletta-Weaver, 803.802.2124 or Eve@NewVisionSales.com

Fort Mill, SC: Glynn Rodean, President and CEO of New Vision Sales Inc. announced today that New Vision Sales has aligned with Contact at Once! in a partnership and will fully incorporate Live Chat into New vision Sales’ proven Skills not Scripts methodology.

Glynn Rodean has found through extensive…


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Active Listening is Essential to Mastering Communication Skills

Communication is "a process by which information is exchanged between individuals through a common system of symbols, signs or behavior," according to Merriam-Webster. While the definition does not directly mention listening, it is a key part of exchanging information.

How well you listen to others is very significant to earning their trust. Constantly learning about your customers and their individual needs is essential to building the…


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Robert W. Smith joins forces with New Vision Sales Inc.

Fort Mill, South Carolina, May 5, 2010 - Glynn Rodean, President and CEO of New Vision Sales Inc., announced Robert W. Smith has joined forces with New Vision Sales Inc. Mr. Smith, a 20 year pioneer and Industry Expert, is now the new South East Account Executive & Consultant.

An interview with Robert Smith by Eve Weaver; Operations Manager of the NVS Call Center & Executive…


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What Makes Your Customers Tick? Getting them from the Phone to the Showroom Floor

To determine what motivates a customer to buy a vehicle, we first must identify the different things that make customers tick. Each customer has a hot button, but combinations of the following motivators are usually present in each customer’s decision-making process. For some, it’s the status they perceive they have by driving a certain vehicle, while theirs focus on more practical aspects of vehicles, like safety, performance or…


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