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There are 3 overlooked things:

1. No putdowns!

2. Don't criticize, but shift postive energy somewhere else when someone makes a mistake.

3. If you criticize too much, you are creating a culture of failure.

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Extracted comments from the post Dealers in California… by Arnold Tijerina.


Levi Arevalo commented, “Commissions are an archaic form of compensation that need to be eliminated.  Salaried workers with reasonable quotas would be more adequate.”


Jim Kristoff commented, “I believe the “NEW” model of automotive sales professionals need to be compensated in this way.


  1. Salary – (majority of their pay)
  2. Small volume…

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BOC Partners Gains 14 clients and loses Zero.

The general belief, in life and in the business world, is that if someone or something good is found, stay with them or it. This is the situation regarding BOC Partners and its clients. Over the first two quarters of 2011, all of BOC Partners’s current clients remained clients and continued to use BOC Partners for their advertising campaigns. Furthermore, 14 more clients decided to use BOC Partners as their automotive ad agency. These…

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How many phone calls can and should your internet department make?

Here’s a question I hear a lot at my Internet Sales 20 Groups: “How many phone calls should my department make per day?”

This question is huge, because simply dialing the phone can dramatically change the outcome of your dealership’s Internet Sales. Your Dealership’s Internet Department and BDC are, after all, a numbers game. Let me break it down for you:

  • The more people you dial, the more people you get on the phone.
  • The more people you get on the…

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Automotive Sales Training - Stop Whining About Price

Price cutting is a self-inflicted wound. Nobody holds a gun to your head and makes you cut your price. I know that many of you are thinking right now: "There is so much competition today that you can't maintain profits," "Everybody is giving everything away," "The salespeople can't negotiate," and "Everybody knows our pricing from the Internet..." Blah, Blah, Blah. Stop whining about price!


Only about ten percent of buyers buy on price alone. For that ten percent, you can…


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Billboards and Outdoor Advertising offered by BOC Partners

There is no arguing that the amount of distractions while driving have definitely increased: Ipods, Kids, Coffee Mugs, GPS, Ipad, Radio, Iphone, Texting. As a result, more and more people are hesitant about advertising on a billboard because they feel that since people are already so distracted while driving, people will not pay attention to a billboard. However, these people are wrong. In a recent study carried out by Product Acceptance…

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AdAgencyOnline.Net Reviews EVOX IMAGES ® On Their Automotive Advertising Experts Blog Talk Radio Show

AdAgencyOnline.Net is an automotive advertising resource / networking portal known for their in-depth reviews of cutting edge automotive advertising vendors on their hosted blog talk radio station – WAAOL, All Automotive Advertising News All The Time.  This week’s Automotive Advertising Experts show will feature a review of an iconic vendor, EVOX IMAGES ®, known by automotive advertising agencies as the best…


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Enthusiasm... There it Is.

The alarms rings at 5:30 am.  Up and at it.  Shower and all that jazz, coffee, breakfast and into the car.  I wanted to be the first salesperson at the store.  Each day.  Even days I was due in for the afternoon shift, there I was waiting for the chain to drop.  Enthusiasm, I had it.  Some of the people I worked with over the years told me they could tell when I was in the showroom, the energy increased.

Selling twenty or 30 cars a month.  Holding gross.  Prospecting through the…


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Want to win a FREE registration to the 11th Digital Dealer Conference & Exposition?

Hey DealerElite members,


The 11th Digital Dealer Conference & Exposition is having a sweepstakes for a FREE registration to the conference. Anyone is eligible to win so I encourage all dE members to enter! CLICK HERE TO ENTER!



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“It’s a scary world out there!”



In the movie classic, “The Wizard of Oz”, the character Dorothy, upon seeing the impending storm yells out…..”Auntie Em, Auntie Em…it’s a twister…it’s a twister!”


This is how most Automotive Dealers and General Managers feel about social media marketing. The social media storm is coming on fast, and spinning in directions that no one can predict where the future will go!


I have personally been in the retail automotive industry for 30 years,…


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Off to See the Wizard Pt 1

Who can you trust?  That’s a hard question.  In business, we all want the answer to be ME.  As we were forming AutoNetTV, one of the issues that kept coming up in our market research was trust.  Trust, or some variant, was among the top 3 concerns of every service center owner, service department manager or service advisor we interviewed. …


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Becoming is better than wishing


Everyone has wishes albeit winning the mega million dollar lottery, tossing a penny in the wishing well, even rubbing on Aladdin’s Lamp and making 3 wishes. We have seen wishes come true when people from all walks of life become instant millionaires. In today’s social world we watched the modern day rags-to-riches story of YouTube sensation Ted Williams go…


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How to leave Messages that generate business for your dealership?

How to leave Messages that generate business for your dealership?

We have found that most dealerships get one phone number when speaking to customers. In addition to this fact they usually have only the home number. Due to this fact our BDC’s need to make a large volume of calls in order to speak to a small volume of customers.

What this means is we need to leave a large volume of messages for customers. Due to this fact we have also developed a number of tactics to improve…


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Team Building as the Coaching Manager

The sport that so many predicted I would excel at due to my size was actually the sport where I floundered.  When it came to the hardwood, the only skill I had was shooting free throws.  My coaches could have just given up on me and focused their attention on the superstars on the team, but instead they invested time and energy into the one thing I could do well.  In place of teaching me to drive down…


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Working "WOW" Backward

When salespeople get to work in the morning, what's their goal for the day?  As managers plan the week or the month, what outcome are they focusing on?  When dealers set their sites on year end, what do they see? Usually, in each case, whatever it is, it's not enough.  Sales people want a sale, or a commission.  Managers focus on total volume or gross.  And dealers see that they ended up above water. 


Unfortunately, with visions like that, even if you accomplish what you set…


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Sometimes your biggest weakness can become your biggest strength.

 Take, for example, the story of one 10-year-old boy who decided to study judo despite the fact that he had lost his left arm in a devastating car accident. …


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John Miller | Bradshaw Automotive, Breakaway Honda, Bradshaw Infiniti, Bradshaw Acura


John Miller | John Christopher Miller

Born & Raised in Jacksboro Tennessee
Currently resides in Easley South Carolina

Internet Director for Bradshaw Automotive Greenville South Carolina Dealerships

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Tips for Taking a Fresh Look at Your Dealership SEO

The process of maximizing the amount of traffic and leads that your website generates from Google can be daunting.  Here are some basic things that our SEO team at DealerOn recommends focusing on if you are either changing website providers, contracting with a SEO or PPC vendor, or simply taking the pulse of the performance of your site and marketing efforts.


Determine Which Keywords You Should be Targeting – Working with your…


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Creative Approach to Become Liked on Facebook

The Manus Group is not exactly a highly recognized brand like Toyota or Chevrolet.  You might be in the same boat or your might just want to stand out from the other name brand dealer down the street.  Social Media Marketing is about standing out and being popular.  Yes, it takes us all back to those high school days where some of us excelled at…


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Erik Qualman welcomes YOU to the 11th Digital Dealer Conference & Exposition

Erik Qualman, keynote speaker for the 11th Digital Dealer Conference & Exposition, would like to welcome YOU to attend with a personal message.



What's his keynote going to be about?


Socialnomics: It's a People Driven Economy,…


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