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Have You Ever Considered Using Shopstreaming? You Are Probably Already Doing It

Last year, U.S. e-commerce sales generated about $365.2 billion in revenue. With the COVID-19 pandemic resulting in changing shopping habits as nonessential businesses endure mandated closures, there is more incentive than ever to invest in growing…


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Facebook Advertising -- The Map is Not the Journey

Facebook advertising gives every business the ability to precisely target their advertising with exceptional knowledge of the consumer’s behavior.

Knowing the consumer by age, behavior, interests, and location helps you optimize the metrics that matter most. Even though it’s an exceptional platform, Facebook can be…


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Don't Practice...

Don’t Practice

That’s right, don’t practice…

Most sales people will practice in one place, and that’s on the lot with a customer.

That’s by far the absolute worse place to do any type of practice.

You should practice with other sales people and management.

You should be  SELLING with your…


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The Perils of Online Used Car Buying Services

These days, more channels are open for consumers to buy vehicles without leaving their homes. Whether that occurs through dealerships, independents, or online services, it is of concern, from a safety standpoint, that consumers know that their chosen vehicle is safe.


No consumer wants to spend thousands of dollars on a “lemon,” nor a vehicle…


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How Automation is Already Helping Your Dealership (and Why You Should Investigate Other Ways) - Part 2

In my last blogI discussed how dealers have been using automation to manage internet lead processes. In this blog, I will take it one step further and explain how dealers are using an…


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Discover the Details to Effectively Run a Fixed Operations Department | KPI Cafe Season 6 Episode 5

Ed Roberts, who leads the fixed operations for Bozard Ford Lincoln, joins the KPI Cafe to cover a host of topics that can help any dealership increase the efficiency and profitability of their fixed operations, but also leverage it to create a better culture and opportunities for your sales staff.…


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A COVID-19 Story

I know that there are way too many stories like this in the auto industry. That's why I made it.

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Quality of Existence

Last week, we began a discussion about that 202 car month when Ali Reda broke the record for most cars Sold in a calendar month, surpassing the long-standing record of 173 cars. We skimmed the surface of Ali’s intentions for 2018 and we began our newest video series,…


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Video Ads for Facebook

Video is arguably the hottest medium on the Internet. Based on the most recent statistics, the average adult spends nearly one hour watching videos online every day. These users spend a great deal of time watching video content. These statistics make video the ideal tool for advertising on Facebook, and its sister platform…


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How Automation is Already Helping Your Dealership (and Why You Should Investigate Other Ways)

Sales and service processes have been modified and fine-tuned as long as sales and services have existed. Making a product or service accessible and appealing is what drives sales. These processes include many areas where repetition comes in to play and have been mostly managed manually.  As technology has improved, the ability to automate repetitive…


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This is Not What We Do…Right?

The average dealer leaves over $250,000 on the table each year for every 100 units sold per month. That’s right, a quarter-million dollars. Surprised? That’s what your dealership sacrifices when you don’t offer Environmental Protection Packages (EPP), also called paint & fabric packages, to 100% of customers 100% of the time. Consider these…


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Want More Out of Current Leads? Lean on Your CRM.

If your CRM helped you nurture customer relationships, could you transform more leads into loyal customers?


The short answer is “yes,” and here’s why:


  • Today, a great customer experience drives loyalty, not product and/or price.
  • Consumers expect personalized, relevant information to help them make the best purchasing decisions.
  • Self-educated consumers want a consultative experience, not a hard sell.



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Desperate Times, Desperate Measures and Trust

While traveling through Asia, Alexander the Great fell ill. Everyone was afraid to treat him, as they feared that, if they failed, they would be blamed for the King’s death. However, one physician was willing. While Alexander waited for the physician to prepare the medicine, he received a letter informing him that this physician was not to be trusted and…


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One Small Step for the BDC. One Giant Leap for the Dealership. | KPI Cafe Season 6 Episode 4

In this episode of the KPI Cafe, Host Dane Saville is joined by Sarah Vantine to discuss the ways a dealership can truly leverage a BDC to effectively manage sales and service customers, breaking down the silos and delivering a smooth and consistent experience for the local market demand.…


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What A Good User Experience Can Do for You

With most of the country in quarantine, people are more reliant upon digital applications like Netflix and Amazon than ever before. Netflix reportedly had 16 million new subscribers in the first three months of 2020 due to the coronavirus. It’s no…


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Tips for an automotive dealership implementing significant renovations

Automakers from all over the world are introducing new design looks for their dealerships in an effort to increase the impact of the physical showrooms. Car buyers begin contact with the dealer by walking into the facility, which is why the look and functioning of the building still matters. As a matter of fact, automotive dealership facility design is…


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Productivity Is The Key to Revenue

Due to the current pandemic, customers are increasingly doing more shopping online. The current transformation to a digital retailing manner of car buying saw dealers scrambling to adapt to their current state’s requirements. Some dealers were shut down completely, others were able to sell online and some didn’t close at all. Regardless, dealers were still at…


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Don't Play the Same Ol' Song with Your Fixed Ops | KPI Cafe Season 6 Episode 3

In this episode, KPI Cafe Host Dane Saville brings back Car Biz Done Better's Sean Welsh to discuss ways to lead your dealership that demonstrates value for fixed operations and its people. There is a host of topics covered, outlined below, throughout this more than hour-long episode that will help ensure that your dealership doesn't play the same ole' song.…


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Don't Ask Me Too Many Questions When I Schedule An Appointment For Dealer Service

Today's environment:

Sometimes when I look at an auto dealer website I sit back, scratch my head, and wonder if they have ever scheduled an appointment for dealer service on their website? Not to mention all the bots that pop, and all the flashing offers! It is the farthest from the basic tenets of what makes anything usable today on…


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Ali Reda Broke Another Record?

Can you imagine if your best month was 167?

How about if you sold 1,582 units in one year?

At the end of 2017, we were all shocked by his numbers and in awe of Ali’s humble heart. He began every interview with thanks for all the people who shared in his victory, always insisting that he was no better than…


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