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Jim Ziegler's Secret Tips On Avoiding The #1 Mistake Car Salesman Make That Blows Deals & Lowers Gross 856-546-2440

Jim Ziegler's Secret Tips On Avoiding The #1 Mistake Car Salesman Make That Blows Deals & Lowers Gross

Dealer Synergys Video Production Team just completed James A. Zieglers BRAND NEW Training Curriculum for Bradley On…


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General Manager of Toyota Manhattan Reviews The Internet Sales 20 Group in New York… 267-319-6776

Jason Manos, General Manager of Toyota Manhattan Reviews The Internet Sales 20 Group in New York…

Jason says that when he was told from the VP Of Operations he had to go to a 3 day workshop, he was not to thrilled. Like…


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Experienced Internet Sales Director From Honda Manhattan Reviews Internet Sales 20 Group 7 In New York 856-546-2440

Dorothy has a tremendous amount of Automotive Sales, Management and Internet / BDC experience and knowledge.

I am honored to have such great feedback from her about the Internet Sales 20 Group as well as about the…


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Close out Weekend- Sell urgency!


Subject: Close out week end

Close out week end- OUR TIME TO SHINE!!!


Let's Sell urgency - and teach our associates the same. The end of the month gives you several built in urgency motivators!


Urgency comes from two main motivators

1) HOPE for gain

2) FEAR of loss


To increase your closing percentage, present both hope for gain and fear of loss in your verbal exchange with your customers.Do so in a…


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Do You Care?

You lose sales when your customers don't think you do.

How You Can Start Caring Today?

Learn how your marketing needs to be consistent to make a sale. With every new offer, sale, and promotion, your marketing must feel the same throughout. Get all the details this week on Hard Facts.

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AutoAlert and Credit Miner team up to help dealers attack the service drive!

CreditMiner℠ is the automotive industry’s only real-time pre-screen provider, giving dealers access to TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax bureau data
Proprietary BASIS₂℠ software platform provides the
industry with permissible bureau
data consisting of:
Up to 5 auto loan summaries
Current payment data
Auto loan balances

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Stop Learning - Stop Growing


There is never been a better time in history for the general public to have access to vast amounts of information. The Internet empowers anyone who wants to learn so much information and knowledge that was once only available to those who could afford such things.  The…


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Don't Rely on Your Website Provider to Increase Conversion Rates. Be a Game Changer.

According to Dataium's most recent benchmark study, the average number of monthly unique visitors to a dealership's website is 6,509. Of those, an average 1.7 percent submit a lead form. Combine that with an average half percent conversion rate for chat, along with phone calls and walk-ins (which are…


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Social Media: Reciprocate Your Way To Increased Engagement

Customers increasingly expect businesses to have a social media presence. The key however, is to not just have a presence, but to then use that presence to interact with customers. When customers engage with you, it’s important to give them an indication that you are, in fact, listening. Of course, to accomplish this, you must be paying attention in the first place. If you…


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Thank You Mr. Vic


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Google and Apple Race for a Piece of the Auto Market

In the automotive market developments are constantly surfacing that don’t just hint at a world of interconnected and automated driving, they scream it. Two tech giants we don’t normally associate with cars are poised to disrupt the market. Google’s push to get an autonomous car on line has been going since 2010, and Apple has been secretly working on a car…


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Is Your Dealership Losing Google's Trust?

Over the last month, there has been a lot of noise about the lack of transparency between some SEM companies and their automotive clients.

Showroom Logic founder Patrick Bennett provides an insightful look at why it's critical for a dealer to have access to have more than just access to their Google Analytics account - they need access to their Google Adwords and Bing Ads accounts, as well.

He discusses why Adwords tools such as Quality Score need to be actively monitored by…


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Service Dilemmas: What Would You Do?

Every dealership has seen this customer—the one who demands to be reimbursed for damage they claim happened while the car was in the dealership’s care, or because of faulty service work. You might find it challenging to deal with these customers, especially when you don’t believe your team is at fault. So what is the best way to handle them?


To help answer…


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Donate Your Car New York But Do It The Right Way

If someone tells you donating just comes to them easily who have a lot of money, then do not believe them. Charity or donating something comes easily to those too who have a junk car. Yes. Having a…


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Customer Experience Sole Purpose - "CPR The Heart Of Loyalty"

There is genius in simplicity!  So why do we complicate this Customer Experience Economy we live in today.  Each of us are consumers.  We have needs (rational behavior).  We have wants (emotional behavior). Pretty simple! 

Business is an entity.  Business has Personal Brands of Business representing the Business to consumers and customers, and Business…


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Quit doing the same thing over and over, expecting to achieve a different result. If you are not happy with the profit margins of your service department, join us for our upcoming Service Management training seminar. Learn how to increase your revenue, set realistic goals and improve your overall quality of life.

Don’t let yourself become insane.

This class is…


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All Car Segments Declined While Full-Size Vans Increased

All Car Segments Declined While Full-Size Vans Increased  


Welcome to this week's edition of Black Book Market Insights, with in-depth analysis of used car and truck valuation trends and insights straight from the auction lanes.


The team of Black Book editors are seeing more signs that the summer slowdown is taking shape. All car segments saw a decreasing change in values this past week, and comments straight from the lanes tell us dealer…


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Increase Sales through Conquesting Consumers Motivated by Open Recalls

Following tremendous pressure from the NHTSA, Takata has expanded the recall on its faulty airbags. In fact, it just doubled the number of vehicles that are subject to recall to 34 million – that’s one in seven vehicles on the road today – and the largest recall in automotive history. Since then, consumers have been flooding the NHTSA website, searching to see whether their…


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I think you're pretty charming

But Do You Consider Yourself Charming?

How do you increase sales as a salesperson? If you're in sales, you better be charming. On this week's Think Tank Tuesday, learn the four steps you need to follow in order to be interpreted as personable, instead of creepy.

  • Understand what being charming truly means!
  • How to start building connections that lead to…

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