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You Might Like The Way You Look?


Chaz always made sure I looked good. For years I would drop by my local Men’s Warehouse to buy a couple of dress shirts, a pair of slacks, and sometimes a suit. Chaz always seemed to be there and he always seemed to remember my name. I don’t know how he did it, but he…


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Social Media Doesn’t Take Weekends Off

I was having a casual conversation with a counterpart at a different automotive social media company yesterday when he asked, “Why do you guys monitor on the weekends? The dealer doesn’t care and as long as we reply on Monday, they’ll be fine.”

The discussion that ensued was long and nearly got heated. Thankfully, cooler minds…


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Business Social Media Differs from Personal Social Media

It is always difficult when we have something that can be used for both personal and professional gain. Since many of us began using social media to connect with friends, family and like-minded people, we forget that it is not the same application for business.

Understanding that there needs to be a difference is where your success can begin.…


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To Women With a Passion for F&I



            The glass ceiling for women’s acceptance in the finance industry was shattered over a decade ago.

            According to the 2012 Catalyst Census of Women Executive Officers and Top Earners, which counts the number of women in upper management in Fortune 500 companies, women comprise over 18% of all executive officers in the finance industry, and 19% of board directors in the finance and insurance industries…


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The Transformation of Customer Service

Our philosophy at MPi centers on using technology to increase efficiency and generate more revenue for the dealership, while ensuring a better customer experience and an increase in customer retention. However, sometimes it’s the small things that contribute to this effort.


A recent…


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Women: Stop Selling Sex & Sell Yourself!

A girl walks into a gas station (no, this isn’t the start of a bad joke). 

Let me start again ---

I walk into a gas station wearing my dealership's polo on my way to work.…


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Promoting on Pinterest with a Personal Account

Papas Pinterest

For a long time, I assumed that this was a well-known technique, but after talking to some clients I realized that it’s not as common as I thought. If you have a Pinterest account (you should) and you don’t mind using it for business (you might), then you should definitely be mixing in some business-relevant posts.

Here’s the basic idea – your personal Pinterest or…


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Automotive Sales Training - Four Ways to Improve Your Meet and Greet Immediately

Too often salespeople are being taught to have a “power greeting”. Salespeople have been traditionally taught to walk directly up to people, stick out their hand, aggressively give a firm handshake, exchange names and welcome them to your dealership. Sounds good, however let’s review potential pitfalls to traditional meet and greet approaches and how you may improve them.


People in out society have 3 general comfort zones: home, work, and vehicle. Most of us spend about 90+%…


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Do You Want to be a “HERO OR A ZERO?”


               (Are You Ready For Battle)                         

(Part IV of A Business Model That’s Just Plain Bad For Business.)…


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Web site Management

   How do you know if your web provider is doing the best possible job for you?   How do you know if your SEO/SEM is really working?  Who knows someone who can look at web page and everything about it to see if changes needed to be made.  

Added by Daniel Tegeder on June 27, 2013 at 1:19pm — 5 Comments

Anchor Text Alternatives for 2013

What kind of anchor text are you using for your SEO? I was surprised to learn recently that many people are still using only exact match anchor text as part of their strategy. Since the latest round of Panda and Penguin updates, using exact match SEO will get you hammered by Google, so it's time to move on. I've found six exact match anchor text alternatives that will give your SEO…


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Slaying the 7-headed Dragon of Time Killers

8760 – That’s how many hours we each get during a year. 24 hours every day for 365 days. And yet, despite the fact that we each get the same amount of time, some people accomplish far more than others. Why is that?

If you’ve read any of my previous articles, you’ll know that I believe it is because we have lost focus on the “Forgotten Foundation” of time management.…


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Be Thankful About Real Life on Social Media

Businesses are starting to get it. They once saw social media as a channel like many others through which they could broadcast their message. When that didn’t work, they shifted to using it as a branding tool only. When that wasn’t effective, they started communicating with people. Bingo! Now, more need to take it to the next…


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Ten Truecar Scholarships To AutoCon2013 To Be Awarded


TrueCar Announces 10 Sponsored Scholarships to AutoCon2013!



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From the NCM Institute: Will You Take The Six-Month Challenge to Maximize Your Profits? Written By: Robin Cunningham

Written By: Robin Cunningham

Most Monday mornings I find myself standing in NCM Institute’s beautiful training facility welcoming a new class of retail automobile dealership managers who have come to Kansas City for formalized training specific to their job responsibilities. After introductions, I tell them something like: “We won’t be talking about what you think you have come here to learn until just before or…


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Get Noticed In Your Job Search!

I had a candidate recently say: "I don't want to say too much about myself and what I have done in my career but".. I cut him off midstream and said SAY EVERYTHING about yourself and what you have done and leave nothing out....Make Noise In Your Job Search!...Leave nothing out!!! #getnoticed

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AdWords 101 - Should You Consider Using Google Adwords?

When it comes to advertising of any kind, it is important that every dollar you spend will get results.  This truism has held for generations and it continues today.  But there have been some changes to this model.  An excellent example of how the game has changed somewhat is Google Adwords.  Google Adwords allows you to have small text ads appear on the side of the Google search page during a search.  Using Google Adwords can involve a good deal of strategy on…


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digital dealership system tv warren henry


MIAMI, FL (June 20, 2013) – Warren Henry Auto Group (warrenhenryauto.com) is pleased to announce the selection of the Digital Dealership System (digitaldealershipsystem.com) to…


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Bentley Scores with Heritage

What’s the one thing that big box retailers don’t have? Heritage and a story. Sure, they can hire celebrity spokespeople, spend millions in advertising and photography, but they can’t tell me a story. This is one thing that Bentley has excelled at in their recent campaign dubbed, “Le Mans 24 Hours: Les…


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Managers Complaining They Can't Hire Salespeople.

I visit a lot of dealerships in the course of a week.  One complaint that I am hearing is they "can't get salespeople".

Here is a decades old fact: 87% of people, that attempt car sales, are out of the industry in a year.  That was published by NADA thirty years ago and I doubt that it has changed.  

I am amused to hear managers complaining that they can't hire salespeople.  I was talking to the new car manager at a Lexus store.…


Added by Doug Davis on June 26, 2013 at 11:26am — 3 Comments

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