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SureSale Taps Auto Innovator Michael Rose as Vice President Product Development

Veteran of TrueCar, eBay Motors, Google, Autobytel/AutoWeb charged with further innovating and expanding SureSale’s platform for quality used vehicles


Los Angeles, CA – September 30, 2020 – SureSale, the award-winning platform for quality used vehicles, today announced that veteran automotive product innovator, Michael Rose, will join the company as Vice President of Product Development. Michael joins the company’s growing team as it focuses…


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5 Hidden Sources for New Leads

The saying, “Everything old is new again,” applies to your leads. Old leads can become new sales when you use the data in your CRM to re-start sales conversations with customers who are still in the market, or in the market again.


This strategy is especially helpful if you’re not getting the volume of high-quality new leads that you’d like from your website and marketing efforts.…


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What Are You Doing for Service Awareness During this Pandemic?

It is no secret that the service department tends to get the smallest part of the dealership’s marketing budget, despite bringing in the most revenue. Some dealers take this for granted with marketing dollars focused on sales. I get it – dealerships originally served as a critical, local arm of the OEM’s distribution of new models. However, due to the…


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Sometimes Sinners Make the Best Preachers

Correcting My Contribution to the Battle Between Buyer and Seller


I spent 31 years in automotive retail, in every variable role from used car salesperson to GSM, then GM and Dealer Principal.

For most of that time, I was a part of and supported the combative culture the car business created.

  • I was a master of small…

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Choosing The Expert Mercedes Service

Are you a car owner? Then you would undoubtedly prefer a professional service for your vehicle. When the car is new, then the owners are more careful about car servicing. Mercedes is Expert services offer genuine and quality service. But the main question is how to identify a reliable Mercedes serviceIf you need any help in this area, then you can find satisfying…


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No Tomorrow Mindset

Ali Reda, ladies and gentlemen!

In the video series, Quality of Life, we’ve been learning more from Ali about exactly how he broke the record for ‘Most Cars Sold in a Month.’ December…


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Don’t Make Promises That You Can’t Keep

In this era of transparency, consumers can gather more information than ever before. In the past, they relied upon the dealer to provide it to them. Now, however, they can visit multiple websites in order to gain the information they need before even contacting a dealership. Once the consumer decides they are ready to buy (or close to it) and start to take…


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Amplify Your Marketing With Video Ads

Amplify your marketing with video ads.

#videoads #youtube #dealers #dealerships…


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Protective to Acquire Revolos, Adding Complementary Product Portfolio to Asset Protection Division

Protective Life Corporation (Protective), a wholly owned U.S. subsidiary of Dai-ichi Life Holdings, Inc. (TSE:8750), today announced it has reached an agreement to acquire the Revolos family of companies.

“Protective’s Asset Protection Division is an important—and growing—part of our business,” said Rich Bielen, President & CEO, Protective.…


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5 Tips to Ace Manufacturer Service Warranty Audits

As the saying goes, the only guarantees in life are death and taxes. For dealers, you can add a third: audits.

The general trend in the industry over the past few years is manufacturers auditing more frequently, on a smaller scale. Manufacturers are struggling in the time of COVID-19, and it’s likely that increased audits will be a source of revenue for OEMs.…


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Few Notable Advantages of Regular Car Repairs Services

A car is an expensive item that needs regular care by expert mechanics. Hence, regular servicing of a car is essential for running it in good condition. Many car owners ignore this necessity of taking their vehicles to shops for car repairs, resulting in downgrading. You can surely do minor works, like changing the engine oil or cleaning the fuel filter. But it demands unique expertise to fix the complicated problems spotted in the car engine or brakes or the…


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What is the real cost of training? What is the real expense?

What’s the real cost of training? What’s the real expense?


If you’re like most answering this question, the answer that rolled off your tongue instantaneously was “nothing” then you supported that answer with a statement along the lines of “we pay managers a salary, and they handle it.”

Stop for a second and think about the above statement; while it’s true, they receive a salary, how many managers, when asked to write out their job description, include “training” on…


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End of Month Focus

Welcome back, my friends, to our video series Quality of Life!

We’ve been discussing Ali’s success, his goals, his strengths, and how having a coach helped him to see more…


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Live Video, The New Normal to Sell More Cars & Service

Every penny spent on advertising and marketing is to get more people into the dealership. Dealers also make a significant investment in the salespeople themselves, training them to help develop the person-to-person skills needed to sell to all the prospects marketing dollars drive into the dealership. Those person-to-person skills are where most…


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I Went on a Blind Date Yesterday. Their Name was…?

Many people over time have gone on blind dates. Sometimes those dates were set-up by friends and scheduled for one person to meet the other with the two having no knowledge of each other. Sometimes the one being set-up by their friends has some information about who they will be meeting and sometimes both parties have some prior knowledge of each other. The…


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What Is The Best Content For Your Consumers?

Craft the best content for your consumers in your area.
#jimflint #localsearchgroup #marketing #content #socialmedia #engagement #dealerships

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You Got ‘Em. Now What Do You Do?

As we know, consumers are constantly being barraged by marketing messages. Most of those messages are either via traditional (television or radio) ads. For most retail establishments, in-store retail displays are vital to not only attracting a customer’s attention but also assisting in purchasing decisions. The psychology behind this is that people buy what…


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5 Tips for Selling in a Mobile-First World

Truth be told: we’re all addicted to our smartphones. Nearly 80 percent of the U.S. population owns one, and adults spend an average of 3 hours and 35 minutes every day staring at that small screen. And it’s not just for millennials - even my 70-something parents are constantly on their phones, texting and going online.


This constant connection and easy access to information lead customers to expect…


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