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Everybody is Talking About It…But Who’s Really Getting It?

I love reading blogs. They are an amazing insight to what is going on in the mind of the writer. So, after reading blog after blog I am impressed and ecstatic that everyone seems to be aboard the customer retention train!

Here’s the rub. Everyone (okay, most everyone) would agree that the key to profitability in a dealership is not based on units sold or hours per R.O…it’s based on how many of those sold are retained as customers and refers their friends and family to the dealership.…


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It's Summer: No Time For Shortcuts

For most of us, geographically speaking, the hot summer months are upon us and the daily grind out on the car lot can take its toll on our sales agents.

Looking back on some of the basics in regards to the ”road to the sale” that we all memorized and practiced when we first entered the business and still should be, I see sales agents that continue to take shortcuts and still believe that they will end up with a car deal. Yes, we all know the car deal can still happen but how…


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Five Mystical Ways of Digital Kung Fu



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Recruiting For Positions In Your Dealership Has Never Been Easier!

Please watch this video and comment on it!


I will be posting here soon, and providing insight into the world of automotive recruiting. I would like to know what you want to see regarding types of information (recruiting related) you may have questions about, or are seeking additional information on..…


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Imagine a ladder. On this ladder there are 5 rungs. These rungs are labeled Prime, Near Prime, Sub Prime, Below Sub Prime and BHPH. These are all the various credit categories your customers fall into. People are moving both up and down this ladder as their circumstances change and their credit improves or weakens. If you have a method in place to sell and finance all 5 categories then you can serve all of these customers. Now, imagine the bottom rung is missing. As things happen in your… Continue

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My Vote For Video

What would you rather do?

A. perform at a higher level (ie: close more deals or generate more gross profit) from your current opportunities to do business.


B. generate more opportunities to do business.

For me, the answer is obvious. Unfortunately, many of the dealer contacts I’ve been making don’t seem to respond as well to offers of methods for doing better with what they have as they do methods for…


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Can Modern Solutions Protect Against Old School Practices?

Much has been written about Automotive Online Reputation Management and, fortunately, there are a number of companies and consultants now available to assist dealers in getting a handle on this crucial subject. Reputation and customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance to dealers and there is little doubt that many negative online postings are either questionable or do not reliably portray the true culture of the dealership.

However, I believe that a dealership’s reputation is… Continue

Added by Jim Radogna on June 17, 2010 at 2:54pm — 1 Comment

Would You Remove Safety Items from a Vehicle Because the Customer Requests It?

I know this question seems ridiculous; of course you wouldn’t. This would not only be harmful to the customer and any of their passengers, but would also affect unsuspecting future owners who will be impacted by a decision they did not make. And then there are the legal ramifications! There is legal precedence for the customer not being held responsible for making safety-related decisions; one court in California ruled that the customer is not qualified to determine what is safe and unsafe, and… Continue

Added by David L. Newman on June 15, 2010 at 3:47pm — 1 Comment

Where Have All the Leaders Gone?

When was the last time you worked with a manager and said, “that person is a great leader”? Early in my career, I can honestly say I learned more about what kind of leader I didn’t want to be rather than the kind I do want to be. Unfortunately, I found myself learning and practicing management traits of those poor leaders. It wasn’t until someone cared about me enough to tell me “you’re a prick to people at times” that I realized I needed to do something about…


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AdAgencyOnline.Net Uses Social Media To Teach Automotive Advertising Agencies About Automotive Advertising On The Internet

Automotive advertising agencies don't know what they don't know and they are turning to social networking communities like http://AdAgencyOnline.Net to listen and learn about the increasing role of social media in automotive advertising. Philip Zelinger, the President of Ad…


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If you are advertising your dealership on television, you are likely more successful than the car stores in your market who are not using TV. There is no better advertising medium for selling automobiles than television. But, before you call the production crew to shoot your store and prior to…


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I Will Close You. Today.

When I woke this morning,

I ‘strapped on’ a correct, positive mindset,

Much like a soldier going into battle.

Which is what being in sales today is like.

(That is no disrespect to our true heroes.)

I took stock of yesterday’s successes &…


Added by Scott Colley on June 10, 2010 at 2:00am — 2 Comments

Future F&I Office - No More Paper!

When I started reading this article I was agitated, thinking that electronic deal jackets, electronic signature pads, electronic document archives and electronic transmission of forms to lenders and vendors was a step towards reducing the F&I Manager's responsibility to a clerk. As I continued reading though, it became clear that the future (paperless) F&I office has been developing over time and based on the reliance of electronic convenience today, it's inevitable. With less time…


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Sales Consultants


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7 Easy Ways to Generate 400% More Online Leads - Part 1

The Good, The Bad ... The Opportunity!

There is so much good to focus on when we look at how the car biz is amping up and accepting the formally fear inducing world on online marketing. That's why I hate focusing on the negatives, but alas, how can we ever grow unless we admit, identify and analyze our failures. Website conversion is one of those failures.

Now, we aren't talking about selling cars online here ... cuz that just… Continue

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AdAgencyOnline.Net Links Social Networking Sites For Automotive Advertising Agencies On Auto Industry Insiders

AdAgencyOnline.Net is one of many online automotive advertising resource / networking portals that have formed to share best practices for automotive advertising agencies using social media. Philip Zelinger, the President of Ad Agency Online, L.L.C. and the host of the blog talk radio station…


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Leadership and Waiting: It Won't Get You Where You Want to Go

I have the privilege to work with the service department of a mid-sized dealership. The Service Director, whom I will call Bill, has a very aggressive plan for fixed operations. Bill wants to raise the bar on recruitment and selection, training, leadership, processes and sales. His ales initiative is the focus of this article.

Bill shared with his management team all operational date. The Service, Parts and Body Shop Managers pored over inventory costs, gross profits, process maps and… Continue

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The Technology Twister

When someone is given the task of starting up an e-commerce business for an automobile dealership they are bombarded with what to do and what not to do. It can be so discombobulating that your head will literally start spinning. Let's start with wondering which vendors to use when it comes to things like your website, data feed management, and the where to and which places to effectively market your inventory. Now throw a wrench into it with the all the different companies…


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Automotive Sales Training - Death of the Traditional Dealership - Part 2

Do you feel like you are missing out on something? Are you confused as to what the next step is in making your dealership successful? It’s a different ballgame than it was even just a few years ago. The traditional dealership is dead and you must bury it to prosper in the future.…


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