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It’s Time To Learn How To Hit For Distance

Whether you are teeing off on the way to a 300+ yard drive or you hit a baseball deep to center field 420 feet. It took seeing where the ball will go before even swinging, it took practice in order to hit the ball straight toward the area you wanted it to land and it takes a continued commitment toward training to become better each and every day.

In our industry a lot of sales consultants and managers rely on luck rather than perusing their wants and desirers through dedication,…


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From the NCM Institute Blog: When Should You Compare Your KPIs to Best Practice Guidelines?

Last week I attended NCM’s semi-annual meeting of all its divisional directors, 20 Group moderators, Retail Operations consultants, and NCM Institute faculty members, who, along with our CEO set aside two and a half days to dialogue about what’s happening around the industry and within the company, and how best to address the needs of our clients.  As usual, it was a great encounter, with far too much agenda content and discussion for the overall time allotted.

One of the topics that…


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AutoUSA Introduces Payment Pro℠ Powered by DriveItNow®, Payment-Qualified Website Leads for Auto Dealers

Fort Lauderdale, FL – July 31st, 2012 – AutoUSA Internet Sales Solutions (www.autousadealers.com) today introduced Payment Pro℠ powered by DriveItNow®, a payment-based conversion tool for auto dealer websites. Payment Pro is a service that provides online shoppers with instant, real car loan payments based on individual credit and inventory eligibility, generating pre-qualified, first-party leads from dealer websites.

With Payment…


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News Release: KPA Announces KPA Mobile for Auto Dealers

Lafayette, CO (July 31, 2012) ­— KPA announced today the launch of KPA Mobile, providing auto dealers with more leads than any other mobile website provider through a combination of fast loading pages, fewest clicks, large images in listing pages, and properly positioned call-to-actions (CTA’s).

The number of online Internet shoppers using mobile devices is…


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How Do You Measure the Height of a Building With a Barometer?

   I came accross a very interesting story the other day that I wanted to share with you. It's a story from Alexander Calandra called the Barometer Story. For those of you that have read some of my other posts (here or other forums), You know I like to keep things Simple and Fresh. This story is an intersting way on how to throw creativity on top of that.

Most of us sell / advertise in a similar way. Albeit, print, radio, TV, social, Low price leader, Give away the funny…


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DrivingSales Executive Summit Announces Breakout Session Speakers and Presentations for 2012

Hot-button topics selected exclusively for the summit by dealers include Website Analytics, Used Car Certification, Reputation Management, Gen Y Social Media, Mobile Marketing, and more; Early Bird Registration available until August 15th


Salt Lake City, UT – July 31, 2012 – DrivingSales today announced speakers and presentations for the 2012 DrivingSales Executive Summit’s (DSES) key breakout sessions, including…


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How To Establish Your New Website On Google

Websites that have been established for a while always have the advantage over a new website when it comes to ranking with Google. Google tends to trust websites that have been around longer, and these websites have had more time to build good back links, which can make them difficult to compete with. Fortunately there are ways to compete with good…


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2012 The Year of Enforcement is no Joke


In case you have not heard there is a new sheriff in town and he is not friendly to consumer facing businesses. His name is the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and his top dog is Richard Cordrey. A little about Dick, He made notoriety in the automotive industry by successfully making Adverse Action Notices…


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Your CRM and Advertising aren't helping...just so you know

As I’ve been connecting with dealers over the past six years I have noticed a trend that few people truly address.

Technology is killing the car business. Your CRM hasn’t made you more money than you made 10 years ago and neither has your current advertising.

Whew…that was harder than I thought.

Before you start ranting about all the ways that your CRM helps and all the reasons that advertisers are bleeding you dry, let me just say this: it’s not technology’s fault and…


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ActivEngage Named Finalist for OBJ Best Places to Work

ActivEngage was a finalist in the Best Places to Work in Central Florida awards for 2012 (check out slide 13). Although ActivEngage missed the top spot this year by only .03%, we still feel that we are the best place to work by far, read more here to find out…


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Dealer Synergy 10 step phone process



Check this video out! I watched this video a couple of weeks ago and it help to completely understand the 10 step process. It shows ways of how to get the customer use to listen to my voice, how to pace the conversation, and also how to take control of the phone call…


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Secrets of the Best Automotive Service Consultants


Successful service consultants in the automobile industry do the following:

1. They plan their day the night before. They review all appointments and service histories for potential sales opportunities before the customer’s arrival.

2. They show up for work early:

a. Write up “drop off” appointments.

b. Review the day’s staff, and any issues or…


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How To Avoid The Sunburn Effect

That first day at the beach was always exciting.  It was a TOO day.  Too much food.  Too much water.  And way too much sun.  It often made the second day at the beach a depressing stay in the house day.  Everyone new you were burnt and would try to slap you on the back or grab your arm to watch you cringe.  Yet, we did it every year because we knew the effects would only be temporary.  In a couple of days the burn turned to a tan and then by vacation's end, you began to peel.  It was as if…


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An Open Letter to Google on Behalf of Automobile Dealerships

Dear Google:

You amaze and confound us daily.  You have created an infrastructure, tools and resources for accessing and organizing information that the majority of people and businesses all over the world rely on every day.  That is truly awe-inspiring.  You are pulling search, social and reviews together in envelope-pushing ways.

Nevertheless, change and innovation are rarely universally embraced as you have experienced first hand.   As the old saying goes – you can…


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Accountability and real measurable growth is crucial to the success of any dealership or business,

Good morning Dealer Elite,

As I travel around North America I see a lot of dealerships have issues that prevent growth. The one that surprises me the most is how inaccurate the information they currently have about their business. If other retailers were in te same boat they would be out of business.

Here are a few of the problems I see all the time and how dealership owners and management can solve them.

One: Measure everything that happens at your dealership… Continue

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Interesting News: Ads That Smell

As marketers, weʼre always looking for the hottest new thing to get our brand in front of people. For ages, we had signage and print ads, then we progressed into the auditory realm with the radio, then it was video ads on TV, and finally, the ultimate advertisers playground: the internet.…


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Google Adds Live Chat Engagement In Volkswagen USA Paid Search Ads

The world of paid search is never boring especially when Google has been testing new paid "ad units" for the automotive industry.  


I wrote last month about the Google Advisor product (aka Google Cars) and now Google is testing an ad unit that includes LIVE CHAT powered by ActiveEngage.…


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Tracking Details

If you want to track the details in the back of the dealership, use Kleantrac.




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When Being Yellow Is A Bold and Brave Step

If you haven't noticed, about 14% of dealership website visitorsare coming on mobile devices with another 5% on tablets.  Your numbers may vary slightly but dealers would be remiss if they did not take mobile shoppers seriously.

Google searches done on mobile phones have a different urgency compared to searches done on mobile devices. How do I know this?…


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AutoCon 2012 “Digital Tips” Contest

Announcing the AutoCon 2012

“Digital Tips” Contest


SEATTLE, WA – July 27, 2012 – Dealer Marketing…


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