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CarChat24 Announces Extended Beta Testing Of Their New Premium Chat Software

CarChat24’s new premium dealer chat software is now in extended beta release. This new beta test is ready to go and we would like to invite you to participate.

We are currently looking for enthusiastic and eager car dealers to take part in our extended beta test to help us find bugs and to give feedback and suggestions for features that would improve our…


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Auto Dealer Live from 4/26/2012









Listen to our last Auto Dealer Live! We talk about BDC and phone training for sales people. Listen and let us know what you think. If you would like to be part of the show email us.



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So many blogs lately on the processes of top producers, selling 20-40+ cars a month, best practices, does anyone really grow up to be an automotive sales person, etc.

From back as far as we can remember, we are "programmed" by parents, friends, school buddies, work associates, bosses that many "things" are either impossible or just can't be done.

Remember the 4 minute mile?  EVERYONE said it couldn't be done yet Roger Bannister didn't believe it and was…


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Do You Know Where Your Business Is Going?

Do You Know Where Your Business Is Going?





Do You Know How To Get There?


Written by: Randolph S. Lofgren…


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KPA Announces Revised Emergency Response Course, Also Available in Spanish

Lafayette, CO (PRWEB) April 30, 2012 - KPA’s online Emergency Response Course is designed with the goal to educate every worker to correctly respond in the event of five classes of emergencies. This revised course is required by OSHA and EPA, and it is required annually for every employee.…


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Thirty Seconds of Difference

When an Internet customer asks for a quote through Edmunds or Cars.com they get five to six new best friends. The Internet Sales Managers say the same stuff with the same quotes and whoever how the lowest price wins. Not really. The battle is won by how you, the ISM, distinguishes himself from the rest. This is the art of our job, this is the most fundamental selling there is: selling yourself.

Listen to Lead: This is about the first thirty seconds of a phone…


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Commodity or Original-part 2

Most consumers have lumped "service", whether you are a dealer or an independent repair facility, as a commodity. Which means you compete in a market with everyone else even though the market is not a level playing field.…


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Why People Don’t Like You – Part 1

OK, that’s not fair.  Most people like you.  At least according to a recent Consumer ReportsAnnual Auto Survey in which 73% said that they were either completely or very satisfied with their repair shop.  I thought it interesting to look at the 5 reasons most often cited for dissatisfaction.

Before we dive in, let me give you a quote: “Truth is universal. …


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re:member group Loyalty Marketing Solutions announces two promotions in key positions




For Further Information Contact:


Nate Sieveking / 952-224-8003  



re:member group Loyalty Marketing Solutions announces two promotions in key positions


MINNEAPOLIS (April 30, 2012) – Nate Sieveking, former Vice President of Marketing, is now President of re:member…


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Process beats activity every time in every business.......

The Right Process is the key to success in every industry period.

Most business professionals already know that process is what drives success. most if not all of the worlds most successful companies depend on it. Companies like McDonalds, Starbucks, Disney, Hilton to name just a few. The big challenge facing the automotive industry today is not the "Road to the Sale" it's all the other things we do that are not process driven.

Simple things like…


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What Auto Accessories Are Your Customers Searching For on Google?

What Auto Accessories Are Your Customers Searching For on Google?

Courtesy of Insignia’s Guest Blogger: Author Jason Lancaster is an SEO consultant at Spork Marketing as well as the editor of TundraHeadquarters.com, a…


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Automotive Boot Camp: SEO Techniques that Leverage the Latest Changes in Google's Search Algorithm

In all of my years of doing presentations at conferences, I don't believe I've put one together that was as important as this one. Google's adjustments from just a few days ago are changing the game for many in the automotive industry. Sites are moving up. Sites are moving down. Being on the right side of the moves comes down to some simply yet important actions that dealers and their vendors need to make as soon as…


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Lessons from Lowes - More Specifically A Bell Pepper Plant

Today, I joined a friend of mine for some shopping at Ikea, Lowes, and Target. I'm not a traditional female. That is, I don't know a lot about gardening, color combinations, or, I hate to admit, about cooking. I've made do with pasta, rice, and cereal for longer than I care to admit.

With experience, I've learned to navigate the twists and turns that is Ikea.…


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Be the Person You Were Meant to Be

Be the Person You Were Meant to Be

You can be all the things you dream of being,

if you’re willing to work hard and if you believe in yourself more.

Learn from the mistakes of others –…


Added by Jack Higginbotham on April 29, 2012 at 10:25pm — 1 Comment

How Does Google Identify Fake Online Reviews?

In this blog post I reference two published research papers that cover a very important topic: Identifying fake online reviews. The two research papers I reference below, start to shed light on how online communities and the search engines will…


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Where is the Business Intelligence?

I worked at Oracle for a number of years and learned a great deal about Data Mining, Statistical Decistion Theory, Data Warehouses--all the components of Business Intelligence. I look around the Greater Los Angeles Area and where is a true BI--Business Intelligence Solution--at the dealer level? Dealers have, not years, but decades of data, and rather than using it to target specific demographics they still do the same ol' same ol' wasting millions of dollars on advertising, promotions, and…


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Your Customers are Mad as Hell, and They Won’t Take It Anymore!!

Your Customers are Mad as Hell, and They Won’t Take It Anymore!!

Conquest and Retention are both driven by the Caller’s Journey

Great new is...we are clearly in recovery. The risk is, as Jack Jackintelle, President of the Rick Case Automotive Group, recently stated in his presentation to the Automotive Leadership Roundtable, is that we go back to reading our financial statements from the bottom up. There has…


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The People

A great feature of VinSolutions is the Fulfillment team and their ability to enhance your current marketing programs. The team prides themselves on being One With Vin, and that pride carries over into their work. This is evident in the strong relationships built with each client, the dedication to stay on top of the latest trends and technology, as well as a round-the-clock initiative devoted to their work. It is very apparent they have a ‘your business is our business’ attitude.



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Typography.. What Is It?

Check out this great blog by Joe Cimmino from our graphics team, as he talks about the important role of text in a graphic.

What does it take to create a ground-breaking advertisement? An advertisement that will successfully communicate a message as well as…


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Online Auctions - Friend or Foe?

We all use traditional methods -- and now increasingly digital methods, such as Craigslist, Cars.com, and Autos.com -- to scout for used cars. Getting the best results can be a challenge, especially in today's economy: it takes consistent monitoring and persistent effort to find quality used vehicles.

Are any of you leveraging alternative methods to add used cars to your inventory? Most auto auction houses have evolved to now offer online auctions, and during a recent search for a…


Added by Nannette Staropoli on April 27, 2012 at 3:30pm — 1 Comment

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