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Relationships Give Back

Welcome back, my friends, to our video series, Quality of Life!

We’ve been discussing Ali’s record-breaking month in December of 2018 and how he used the Five Pillars of High…


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Market in the Tail End of the Spring Market

Welcome to this week's edition of Black Book Market Insights, with in-depth analysis of used car and truck valuation trends and insights straight from the auction lanes. Click here to download the full report.

This week’s Market Insights Report…


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Five Keys to Achieving Goals

There's a lot of information available today on goal setting, but an important and often overlooked component is alignment. There are certain things in your life that have to align with your goals, and if they don't, you'll fall short of reaching them. Here Dave shares 5 critical success factors of your life that need to be aligned with your personal goals, so you can set yourself up for success when it comes to goal attainment. Listen today and get on target at …


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Power of the Pixel

The power of the pixel is immeasurable. It’s why CEOs of digital powerhouses are being summoned to testify in Washington, DC.


Congressional testimony aside, companies use pixels to track consumer behavior throughout their web journey in order to understand, advertise and monetize.


Facebook and Google tracking don’t stop with…


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Ten Rules to Determine How Committed You Are To Automotive Sales

This is a real question you have to ask yourself if you want to survive the automotive industry. Are you willing to do what it takes to be successful each and every day to not just work a job, but to build a career? There are many people who started in the automotive industry as a crutch until they found a “better” job. Only a small percentage, however, end…


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Car Mechanic Near Me - Used Car Inspection

Check used car inspection and search Car Mechanic Near Me through Eco Inspection App. Eco Offers best inspection car inspection services in India.

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Helion Technologies Partners with California New Car Dealers Association to Educate Dealers on Privacy Act Compliance

Timonium, MD –­ April 30, 2019 –­ Helion Technologies has partnered with the California New Car Dealers Association (CNCDA) to educate dealers on how to comply with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). The sweeping new privacy law takes effect in January 2020, imposing new data security standards on dealerships located in California, as well as third-party vendors that access and/or store customer data from these dealerships.


In a…


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Q1 Vehicle Lease Report: Is the Luxury Sports Sedan Dying for Leasing?

Is The Luxury Sports Sedan Lease Dead?


For decades, sports cars and luxury sedans dominated the lease market and enjoyed significant marketshare on the Swapalease.com online lease marketplace. New data from the Q1 lease trends report…


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Electrifying Classic Cars & Resto-Mods: Two Growing Trends in 2019

Electrifying Classic Cars

When people think about electric cars, sleek, new models loaded with technology usually come to mind. No doubt, these vehicles are incredible feats of engineering. However, there are millions of cars already on the roads, especially classics, and collectors are increasingly converting them to electric.…


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Are you a Good Leader?

All businesses need good leaders who know what it takes to be profitable, but also how to retain employees who are valuable to the business. Employee retention is key to profitability, as replacing someone takes a significant amount of time and effort. It can also result in lost revenue as the dealership sacrifices the opportunity to connect with and foster…


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How To Change Your Own Car Oil

You can save anywhere between $25 and $75 by changing your own oil. There are plenty of tools to help your car on your own, such as a portable vehicle battery charger, and oil is definitely one of them. With some simple training, you can become your…


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Renting Industry creating ease for people

Renting industry is getting boom these days because people use different products for events and occasion and don’t want it in the future so they rent it for themselves. If we talk about renting industry there are several industries which are getting more customers in it.

In the past, people…


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Pre-owned Management

Used Car Management

Used Car Manager, Let's set the ground rules, you have to have lots of

courage. Okay got experience and courage you're ready. The best

position to be in is to have an inventory that after pack(s),

certification, and recon you're in wholesale book, good luck with that!

Okay since that is not going to happen the majority of the time, don't

worry. Banks are buying up to 140% for good customers and down payment

has always and will always be…


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Digital marketing course scenario in Bangalore

Digital Marketing:

Digital Marketing is nothing but, selling of product or service through digital media. A Digital marketing campaign includes components like Internet advertising, Mobile ads; TV, SMS, etc. and a social media campaign which includes Facebook, Twitter, etc. Since the internet is the place where marketing is carried out, Digital marketers should apply many techniques through which promotion can be done to reach more customers and get beneficiary…


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Digital Marketing Training Institute

Digital Marketing:

Digital marketing is a type of marketing in which we promote our product or services using an online platform like Facebook, Google, and YouTube, etc. It is not an exaggeration if I say that we live in a digital world and if you want to improve your business then its presence in the digital world is a must.

In simple terms, Digital Marketing is the future of marketing with the advantage that it is cheaper than traditional marketing and you can reach a large…


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Write Service Podcast- Episode 65: How to Keep Your Advisors!

This week, Jeff discusses a hot topic- how to keep advisors! Are you struggling with turnover on your service drive? Feel like you hire someone and the next thing you know, they're resigned? Stay tuned to hear why advisors want to leave in the first place, how to solve the problem, and key steps to creating a long-term service team. Copyright 2019 Wm Jeff Cowan

Website: automotiveservicetraining.com

Call Us: 800-248-2931…


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Are Your Digital Retailing Efforts A-Maze-Ing?

While the components of digital retailing have existed within our industry for some time, digital retailing as a concept has not. Indeed, dealers could sell a vehicle entirely online in the past. And many have done so. But they’ve done so by cobbling together a less than perfect experience for the customer involving multiple widgets, phone calls, emails, and…


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Cut The Cord On Third-Party Data

Like any sales company, dealerships want to get their messaging and advertisements out to as many people as possible. It’s historically been a numbers game: throw as much as you can at a wall and see what sticks.


That is no longer the case.


Customers expect more personal interactions, and targeting the wrong customer is more…


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A Mobile First Strategy is the Future of Marketing

Consumers increasingly use mobile devices to view content online. Study after study cites the fact that mobile devices are on a continued rise as the preferred medium for content. They surpassed desktops not too long ago and will undoubtedly continue to rise in dominance.


Mobile devices are always at hand, can be used almost anywhere, and are…


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Rethinking the NFL Draft Model—Marketing as QB

Tonight four of the top draft picks in the NFL Draft are expected to be quarterbacks. Meanwhile, two of the top 32 will be wide receivers.


Recently I visited with one of the top collegiate quarterback coaches in the nation.


“There’s a saying in football that the further away you get from the ball, the less a part of the team…


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Four Steps to Productively Process Disappointment

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#WittsWiseWords: Do You Know What Your Competitors Are Doing

Scoping out your dealership competition is good business. Bill Wittenmyer says it can help you determine what prospects want that you currently aren't provid...
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Account Manager Mike Correra explains why dealerships shouldn't neglect their Google My Business page in this video blog.
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