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Join The Content VS Retail Debate! 

This week on Think Tank Tuesday, Robert Donovan of DOM360 joins me to discuss the importance of both merchandising AND content development. Get inside knowledge on how you can marry the two schools of thought to build a robust and rock-solid marketing strategy.…


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5 Tips to Get Your Car Summer Ready


There are many tips available for how to get your car ready for winter. But not a lot of people talk about readying your car for the scorching heat, the dust, and the high temperatures summer brings. Summer can be hard on your car, but with a little effort, you’ll lessen the odds of a…


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All Car Segments Decline and Pickups Defy Normality

Welcome to this week's edition of Black Book Market Insights, with in-depth analysis of used car and truck valuation trends and insights straight from the auction lanes. Click here to download the full report.


As summer picks up steam, so does the depreciation of just about every car segment with the exception of Premium Sporty Cars, which has outperformed the average car for eight straight weeks. Click through to see how cars…


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Your Customers Are Talking To You. Are You Listening?

One of the key metrics to look at when gauging the health of your Facebook page is the “People Engaged” metric. This tells you how many of your pages’ fans are interacting with you, as well as those that are interacting but are not fans of your page. The higher that percentage, the more organic reach your posts will achieve. You obviously want people talking about your…


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Save Yourself From a Bad Rep

What You Must Know About Managing Your Reputation

A lot of businesses have learned from experience the importance of a strong reputation. Poor treatment of customers will only hurt your reputation. Keeping that in mind, here are some suggestions about how to do things the right way to gain…


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5 Star Review Videos Why Do You Need Them?

Bring on More New Customers

Visitors are 144% more likely to purchase a product after seeing a video.

  • Easier 1st Page Google Ranking

    A web page with…


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What Your Female Customers Are Looking For In Your Service Drive

Optimizing your service engagement with women is the key to client retention. I had the pleasure to be on ServiceDriveToday of @CarBizToday and share ideas on how dealers can do just that with this growing customer base. Click here to view interview and learn more:…


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Median Media Adds Flick Fusion Videos to its Multimedia Suite of Solutions for Auto Dealers

Urbandale, IA--June 29th, 2015--Flick Fusion Video Marketing (www.flickfusion.com) announced today that Median Media, a provider of multimedia marketing solutions to small and medium sized businesses, has added Flick Fusion's inventory videos to its menu of services for auto dealerships. Flick Fusion's automated video production and distribution solutions enable Median Media to provide their auto dealership customers with the complete set of…


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The Art of the Trade-in Walkaround

The Art of the Trade-in Walkaround – Setting Realistic Expectations with Customers.

Most customers looking to trade in a car bring to the dealership unrealistic expectations about the value of their trade-in.

Experts believe the Automotive Sales Consultant is the best person at the dealership to manage the customers’ expectations of the value of their trade. And, sales consultants can…


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Customer Satisfaction evolves, a must read. You're already rich but being the best was always your first goal.

C.S.I. of course is our strongest marketing message we can deliver, but are we covering the bases? Most dealerships are extremely focused on C.S.I and so are their salespeople.  Ironically with that said, even though our number one source of customers is our previous customers the sales person who sold the…


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Is it Time to Break the Mold?

Change isn't easy; but what I'm about to share with you is worth the challenge.

Breaking routines isn't easy but change yields long term results. On this week's Hard Facts, Samantha shows you how to shake up your routine and your priorities.…


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Is It 9am?

I’m currently sitting at my desk after making bucket loads of calls, emails and SMS’s from 9am - 2pm today… 


And honestly, there’s not a lot to show from it, well at least today anyway.


Most salespeople after doing a day like I have done, would become “head nicked” and not do this again, but I know that the more follow up, prospecting and relationship building I do today,  the more sales…


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Customer Perceptions of Salespeople


Most car shoppers have the opinion that car Salespeople are basically dishonest and will say or do anything to make a sale today.  It has been that way for a long time and is the reputation of our business in general stemming from decades of car…


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Swapalease.com, the nation’s largest car lease marketplace, reports sixteen lease deals on popular cars and trucks in its Wantalease.com new lease marketplace with monthly offers of $200 or less in June, with six under $160 per month.



Headlining the lowest monthly offer, the Volkswagen Jetta S is listed at $139.00 per month followed by the Chevrolet Cruze LT at $147.00 and the Chrysler 200 Limited at $149.00. Lease deals are offered at 24-, 36-, or…


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Service Departments Need Tune-Ups Too

The service department tends to be the busiest place in a dealership, and service managers must stay in tune with what’s going on. While meetings and discussions can be useful, at times they only result in vague ideas the service staff never acts upon. Just like in any organization, a service department is only as good as its leader. Sometimes, you have to get in the…


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3 New Ways to Advertise Effectively to Women

Car advertising is heavily slanted towards price. The buying demographic has shifted to women who now make up more than half of the sales, and influence over 80% of the deals. Today, it makes sense to move advertising to accommodate this powerful market sector.

Did You Know?…


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Sales vs Service

Today’s car business has many challenges such as customer satisfaction, retention, and overall profitability. One thing I find interesting is, many of the challenges that car dealerships face are self-imposed. Today let’s look at some of the challenges and areas of opportunities for growth between the sales and service…


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Would You Like White or Red Wine With Your Oil Change?

If you were to ask today’s consumers if they’d like to hang out at a car dealership, chances are that the majority would respond “no.” When consumers do visit a dealership to purchase a vehicle or get their vehicle serviced, many times the process can be longer than desired and is not always a great experience for the consumer. Dealerships have been attempting to streamline…


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How To Overcome Quiet Days

In the sales business, the success of our day is usually determined by the foot traffic or phone and internet enquiry into our dealership. 


But then what do we do on quiet days, and how can we make them as successful as the busy days?


Let me first say that your success is not just determined by the amount of sales you make from your enquiry today, but it is the activity you do today that will lead to …


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