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AutoSucess (The Podcast) (19min)

AutoSuccess Magazine and I sat down to discuss giving and taking the T.O.


Share with your team, I'd love to hear your thoughts.


Thanks for listening…


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2 Days Left

There's no question your mindset shifts when your staring at only 2 days left in your month.


When others wilt- you need to waltz. When others wilt under the pressure, electing to sit and accept "It is what it is" as their fate because they only have 2 days left, you take a stand and fight-vowing to dance with every opportunity you can…


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The Necessary Shift from #BigData to #BetterData

The words "big data" have been buzzing around the marketing and advertising world for a few years now. Technology has made it possible to do things with data through analysis and proper utilization that weren't very easy a decade ago. It's a good thing, but it's not enough.

In the automotive industry, we see it used for everything from conquest sales to social…


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5 Reasons Video Can Help Increase Service Revenue

In our modern world of technology and instant information, consumers are increasingly seeking answers to their questions online rather than asking a business for it. One way that consumers are doing this is through video content they find online. Video content provides many benefits for consumers as well as businesses. In the automotive industry, there are many companies…


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Say Congrats to our newest 200K Club member, Rountree GM/Nissan!

It's always a pleasure to write a post about Success and we have some Great News! Rountree GM/Nissan in Florida hit the 200K Club! Congratulations to the entire Team!

In this picture from l-r Tom Dallett Fixed Operations Specialist, Dan Shelly General Manager, Donnie Rosbury Service Manager and Gary Halter Parts Manager.…


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25 Things Veteran Managers Need to Hear


25 Things Veteran Managers Need to Hear

(But don’t want to…)

In life, we all need someone to just tell us the hard truth.  Even when it’s something we really don’t want  to know.  Call it tough love, a reality check, or the ugly truth..  It is what it is.

My wife is talented…


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2014 Gold Cup Certified Dealer - Ramsey Mazda.

 Ramsey Mazda is Awarded as a 2014 Gold Cup Certified Dealer!

Congrats to Ramsey Mazda for continuing to provide the best customer service and loyalty as well as being a top performing new Mazda sales dealership in the area. This success has earned…


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Dealership Training - High Turnover & Poor Customer Experience, The Price of an Under-Developed Workforce

The knowledge that dealership professionals possess is inadequate to do the job for which they are hired. These individuals receive the bare minimum training necessary for them to interact with clients during the in-dealership sales process and in most cases, no more. This approach to professional development is wreaking havoc on all of the other processes that…


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The 12th Man: Marketing Is Your Virtual Salesperson

In the NFL, one of the most valuable commodities a team can have are its fans. Countless times we hear about the effect that home crowds can have on the gameplay of the athletes on both teams. Termed the “12th man,” this phenomenon is extremely powerful as it can motivate the home team, while at the same time making it more difficult for the opponent. Think of all…


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How to Measure Customer Loyalty (Hint: It Has Nothing To Do With Your CSI Score)

This article appeared in the March 2014 issue of Auto Success magazine.

If your dealership consistently receives higher-than-average CSI scores, you may believe that a good percentage of your customers are happy and therefore loyal. But you may be wrong. Customer satisfaction and customer loyalty are two completely different…


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What I'd love to hear

Too many of applicants resumes I read are loaded with info that is useless. If people would just be honest and to the point you can get a true read on who they really are.

This is what I would love to see in their opening statement -
I hustle
I hate to lose
I have common sense
I can think on my feet
I need to make good money

If I read that I know I have a potential winner who will be willing to work hard and learn.

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Stay Away From The Fried Twinkies!

Stay Away From The Fried Twinkies!

By: Alan Ram

Quit comparing yourself to the mediocre masses! It seems that so many managers have an attitude like “yeah we’re bad, but we’re really no worse than the rest”.  That’s the equivalent of going to the state fair and comparing your fitness level to the people standing in line waiting for fried Twinkies and chocolate-dipped bacon. Step up your game! Start measuring your performance and…


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Should You Care About Branding?

"I'm not a businessman, I'm a business, man."- Jay-Z

What most people don't realize is that even a living person can become a brand. This is a basic staple of advertising and sometimes it needs to be asked: what exactly is a brand? In a…


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Women's Reviews - Accelerating Sales at Your Dealership

Today’s Women’s Wednesday focuses on women’s reviews, and why they MUST be a critical, daily and intentional component of your business practice – both with the sales team and in the service drive.

As the #BigDataAuthority on women’s dealership experiences, we have shared that this powerful buying segment will purchase 27 million cars at new and used car dealerships this year. That equates to over 75,000 vehicles a day. What is your share of…


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How Social Media Can Affect Your B2B Opportunities

Just like any business, I have potential clients that I reach out to in an effort to see whether my services are a good fit. Recently, a potential client, who I had been talking to but hadn’t heard from in a little bit, suddenly “liked” one of my posts on my personal Facebook profile. While this does happen occasionally, I have always used LinkedIn as my primary method of…


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Do You Understand Search Algorithms?

Google and Bing are constantly fine-tuning their search engine algorithms to provide better results for users. With all the recent changes in search, it's easy to get confused on how search engines work, and how businesses should be using them to get the best results from their search campaigns.

On this episode of Think Tank Tuesday, Paul explains… Continue

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2014 KBB Best Resale Value - The 2014 Infiniti QX50 for sale in NJ!

For 2014, Kelly Blue Book has named the 2014 Infiniti QX50 NJ as the Luxury Compact SUV with the Best Resale Value!

For those who remember, the 2014 Infiniti QX50 was previously know as the EX model which also received a similar award for having the best resale value over the course of 5 years of new ownership. The EX or…


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Positioning Your Store in the Recall Era

This post was written by NCM 20 Group Moderator, Wayne George and was originally published on the Up to Speed blog.


Every recall comes with a certain amount of pain and customer discontent. Some of the current recalls that have been announced are extremely volatile. So what, if anything, can you do to keep your entire store’s mindset positive and in a…


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Website Providers are Harming Dealerships and They Don't Seem to Care

Dealers, there’s something fishy going on with the major automotive website providers.

Problems that affect search results are popping up left and right, but no one is willing to accept responsibility and fix the issues. Instead,…


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They're Wasting My Time!

If you've spent more than 5 minutes in sales, then you've likely cried out, "These customers are wasting my time," more times than you'd like to admit. And you know what? You're right, they are a waste of your time. Here's why:…


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