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Defining Your Brand

I'm re-launching my Think Tank Tuesday series next week.  Until then, I've been encouraging business owners, entrepreneurs, and dealerships to watch the last 4 episodes on branding.

How important is a brand? Critical.  Without a brand, your business will lack trust in its followers and won't gain loyal customers or increased sales.

Watch these episodes to help develop your brand and become a successful business!…


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What Does a Connected Car Driver Expect from Their Dealership?

What Does a Connected Car Driver Expect from Their Dealership?

Vehicles are evolving to meet consistently increasing consumer demands for convenience, interactivity, and connectivity. In 2015, 15% of new vehicles were considered connected and by 2020 …


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ROUGHLY 75% OF DEALERS AND CONSUMERS ARE READY FOR MORE LEASE OPTIONS ON USED CARS AND TRUCKS, the nation’s largest car lease marketplace, recently completed an online survey presented to more than 2,500 drivers across the U.S. to gauge their appetite for leases deals on used cars and trucks. The company also commissioned a similar survey presented to 250 automotive executives at dealerships across the country on their desire and plans to offer more lease deals on used cars and trucks.

The opportunity for lease deals on used cars and trucks may be ripe. 78.7% of…


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The Best Way to Track Your Data

Building well optimized car dealer website is just a part of its success. Other non-less important thing is to figure out customers’ behavior. There are so many tools to use in the well-known Internet world starting from the capture, analyze, understand customer's browsing behavior, and maximize return on investment. These all mean using analytics for monitoring online traffic and…


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Redefining Employee Engagement

There have been countless studies about employee engagement and how, when engaged, employees tend to be happier, more productive and deliver a better customer experience. With a 70 percent annual turnover rate in sales, this is an area that the auto industry – at least on the sales side – has a problem with. Don’t think the auto industry is alone, however. According to…


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How to Create a Wi-Fi Hotspot in Your Car

Many people make use of an array of outstanding facilities whenever they access the Internet service. They are eager to connect with their online network wherever they go. On the other hand, they do not aware about how they can realize this idea. They have to know how they can create a good Wi-Fi hotspot.

If they have created a Wi-Fi hotspot in their car, then they can access the Internet from the…


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How To Control Most Any Argument

Would you like to know how to control most any argument?

First and foremost, we have to understand that two of the most basic of all human needs are to be valued and understood. Virtually every one of us have these needs in common. Then we must understand what an argument actually is. An argument is simply two people trying to be valued and…


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Setting up Google User Explorer

Google's User Explorer lets us identify individual users by client ID and isolate data.  That way, we can evaluate the user and identify the path that they're taking so we can better personalize the experience for them.

You can also create segments to narrow down users who performed a certain action or engaged with specific content.  From these discoveries, you can personalize your website based on relevance.…


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5 Common Blogging Mistakes

Today, it’s a content-drive world. There is so much content in existence there’s simply no way any person could ever truly absorb all of the messages being thrown their way. Consumers have to get picky about what messages they choose to pay attention to and which to ignore. Frequently, that decision is made in seconds. So you don’t have a lot of time to grab the reader’s…


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Innovative Ways to Create your Brand

Branding is crucial point for any kind of business.

Your brand communicates who you are and what you do as a business. It helps you stand out from competitors in your market. And it represents a promise to your customers that when they buy your product or service, they will receive a certain value every time.

When most people think of branding, they think of logos, taglines, value propositions, advertising slogans, and other common branding tools. But…


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How to Buy a New Suspension Fork for a Hardtail Mountain Bike

About a year ago I purchased an entry level hardtail mountain bike. At the time I did not want to spend a lot of money and I did not want poor quality. So I purchase a bike that had a good frame and basic components.

After riding for a year I have decided that I want to improve the comfort and control of my bike on the trail. Therefore I made the decision to upgrade my front suspension fork on my hardtail mountain bike.

My initial…


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Chris Saraceno's "The Theory Of 5"

5 Mentors That Will Improve Your Prosperity

Learning what to focus on and how to achieve your goals is key to your personal and professional development. I believe in "The Theory Of  5" which has supported my focus on health, happiness, prosperity and continuous improvement since I was 22 years old, It shapes how I think and who I chose to spend time with. This theory is based on choosing five…


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Making Fans of Recall Customers: Nothing worth Having Comes Easy (Part 1)

The subject of recalls has provided plenty of fodder for some in the media. Certainly, vehicle recalls are an explosive issue that places dealerships on the front lines of consumer anger and frustration. At the same time, dealers are also positioned to resolve the situation, restoring the consumer’s confidence in the brand and solidifying or commencing relationships. …


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The 2002 Enzo Ferrari Supercar

Ferrari's charismatic founder may have already passed away but he is immortalized in a supercar that bears his name. The 2002 Enzo Ferrari was made to usher in a new generation of vehicles for the new millennium. It was designed by Ken Okuyama who was the former head designer of legendary firm Pininfarina. Only 400 were ever produced and all of them were sold even before production began. It appeared in…


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The Two Rules

The Two Rules

Most of us have heard about the two rules in life. Number one; don’t worry about the small stuff. Number two; it’s all small stuff. In business however, we must challenge this way of…


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Building Credibility Through Defining Terms

What would it mean to you if you were to pick up a skill that enabled you to quickly build rapport and credibility with your customers and help you earn more of their trust? Would it be worth a little bit of effort and time to master it? And how excited would you be if you could start using this skill with your very next customer?

Then pay close attention to this…


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Most Segments Showed Good Retention Last Week

Welcome to this week's edition of Black Book Market Insights, with in-depth analysis of used car and truck valuation trends and insights straight from the auction lanes. Click here to download the full…


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Black Book, a division of Hearst Business Media that provides new- and used-vehicle valuation services and custom data licensing solutions, today announced a distribution agreement with Gauss Digital Marketing to leverage Bullseye Prospecting as a resource to streamline efficiencies and elevate profit potential in auto dealer customer campaigns.

Powered by Black Book, Bullseye Prospecting is a comprehensive, all-inclusive platform designed to help marketing agencies automate customer…


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Top 15 Service Advisor Myths

Myths are dangerous things. They are invented from misinformation and the unknown.  For example, only a few thousand years ago it was generally believed that if you sailed too far out to sea, you would fall off the end of the earth. It was only when man dared to sail out beyond where they had previously sailed that they proved…


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How to Tell Your Brand Story

For this week's Think Tank Tuesday, I interviewed Ray Bleser: owner of Northeastern Fine Jewelry.

Ray introduces a different way that he portrays his brand to instill trust in his customers. Many business owners still use price to advertise their brand; storytelling is a unique method that Ray uses to make sure that he is giving his customers the best service that they've had.



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