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CallSource Acquires ContactPoint’s Phone Coaching and Training Division


CallSource expands its leadership in end-to-end call management, tracking, and training


Westlake Village, CA – April 30, 2015 - CallSource, the leader in call management, tracking, and training, has entered into an agreement with ContactPoint (also known as LogMyCalls) to acquire the company’s phone coaching and…


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Spring Season Strength Appears To Be Over

Welcome to this week's edition of Black Book Market Insights, with in-depth analysis of used car and truck valuation trends and insights straight from the auction lanes. Click here to download the full report.


The Black Book editors began to see signs of a tiring spring tax season in last week’s report, and this week those signs have become more obvious. This week’s data showed the largest drop off of the spring for…


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It's All About the ROI


Every now and then I find the automotive digital marketing controversies and handwringing on sites like LinkedIn, DealerElite.net and others to be both humorous and disturbing.

Humorous, because it’s really not all that complicated (yet some people insist on adding drama to everything); and disturbing, because no matter what the issue, the bad advice always seems to outweigh the good. (Usually because those creating the…


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#1 Opportunity In The World

Is there gold here to be mined, or is it just worthless rock?  Are we mining something of value or should we blow up the minefield?

Automotive News April 13, 2015 article…


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Who Owns Your Cars? Automakers Say They Do

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act is a law enacted in 1998, enforced and administrated by the U.S. Copyright Office. Every three years, the U.S. Copyright Office is tasked with holding hearings to determine what new technology should, or should not, be exempt from copyright laws. According to…


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There Is Good Failure and There Is Bad Failure

This was originally posted on the NCM Institute Up to Speed blog.

failure and success

I think we have all heard that we can’t even fail unless we try. In every class we conduct at the NCM Institute, we begin by focusing on accountability, management, and…


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Why Search and Social are so Closely Tied Together (and why they're not)

When you have two people who have combined for over two decades of working with automotive website providers, you would think that they the company they would build together would be another website provider. It wasn't. There's a reason for this.

Search and social are the marketing venues we chose to pursue for one big reason: minimal parody. Car dealers have…


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Boost Women's Confidence to Boost Your Sales

The Good News? Women account for 50% of car purchases, and influence more than 80% of the deals.

The Downside? One in three women report feeling apprehensive or overwhelmed when they shop and buy a car. Only 38% of women feel confident about the process.

Women have different buying criteria and behaviors than men. Women rank trust…


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Autoblog, AOL’s Automotive Channel, Incorporates CarStory® Market Reports


Featuring independent, third-party data for consumers higher in the shopping funnel promises to accelerate purchasing decisions


Austin, Texas – April 29, 2015CarStory, the industry’s largest provider of crowdsourced data and analytics on used vehicles,…


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The Millennial Mistake: Detroit’s Absence From Hollywood

Swapalease.com executives recently analyzed the difference in how Hollywood leverages cars today versus during the 1970s and ‘80s. The difference is obvious.

During the 1970s and ‘80s, Hollywood went to great lengths to showcase iconic cars and trucks in popular TV shows and movies.

  • The A-Team van
  • Magnum P.I.’s Ferrari
  • Smokey and the Bandit’s Trans-Am
  • Herbie The Love Bug

Since the late 1990s,…


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The BEST Automotive Sales, Internet Sales, Phone Sales, BDC & Management Training Is On Bradley On Demand

http://www.BradleyOnDemand.com 856-546-2440

The BEST Automotive Sales, Internet Sales, Phone Sales, BDC, Management Training Is On Bradley On Demand 

If you want a FREE test drive for your dealership and start to sell more cars, more often and more profitably… call me or…


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This Sounds Crazy Coming From Me

On this week's Think Tank Tuesday:

What is SOS? (It doesn't mean what you think!)
How much is it costing your business?
What can you do to avoid it?

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Keeping Talented Technicians

The dealerships that are willing to understand what needs to be done to attract and retain technician talent will have an appropriate staff. Those dealerships are unwilling to change and expect technicians to just show up at their dealership wanting to work are in for a shock. It all starts with you. I hope you choose your actions wisely and support your…


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AutoAlert is proud to welcome Royal Auto of Oneonta NY to the family!

We are very excited to start working with Steve Harris and his experience team of auto industry professionals. 

AutoAlert is the industry leading data mining solution. AutoAlert Helps dealers capitalize on missed opportunities within their own database, locating customers who can get into a new car with no money out of pocket and at full MSRP for the dealer.

Whether you're looking to curb margin compression, fill your lot with low mileage single owner cars or convert service…


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Digital Dealer's Mike Roscoe and Flick Fusion's Tim James with Car News Network

Watch Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=582RtTrzkcQ

Car News Network's Criss Castle interviews Mike Roscoe, President of Digital Dealer and Tim James, Vice President of Flick Fusion during Flick Fusion's kick off party event at Digital Dealer 18 in Tampa, Florida.

Flick Fusion…


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Car News Network: Drive Digital's Adam Rouff Announces New Parts and Accessories Platform

Watch Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NYE5nvtYJ40

Car News Network - At the 18th Digital Dealer Conference, president of T3, Stan Thomas, conducts vendor to vendor relations and is at Digital Dealer 18 looking for new technologies for his company's…


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Car News Network: Flick Fusion VP Tim James Elaborates on Partnerships in Video Content

Watch Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5x6r25dAmdg

During Flick Fusion's kick off event at the 18th Digital Dealer Conference, Dealer Authority's Executive VP, Subi Ghosh discusses her speaking session regarding vendor collaboration and panel participation…


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Top Ranked Auto eRetailer Erich Gail credits Flick Fusion for Success

Watch Video: …


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