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Happy Halloween! You Should be Scared to Death.

It’s not really black cats and witches on the streets this Halloween that you should fear: What about possible monopoly power in the hands of a few companies that could seriously hurt your dealership’s business this Halloween? And every day?

Now THAT trick is scary.

History can show us a clear parallel to how cartel, or monopoly, power may be…


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Power Play: Consumers Control the Marketplace


With a marketplace full of choices, technology, and customization, today’s consumers are more empowered than ever.  They’ve taken control when it comes to shopping, making their preferences known, and ensuring they get exactly what they want.  Whatever the product, there’s no shortage of options and…


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Be Creative And Decorate Your Car With Personalized And Colorful Stickers

Is dressing up your vehicle and improvising it looks on your mind? Are customized paints too expensive and out of your pocket budget? You must explore stickers for your car; they are not just way cheaper than custom paints but also classy, stylish and creative. Stickers also give numerous designs to choose from for use for clear expression of your thoughts, support and messages you wish to convey.

Benefits of stickers for a car

Safe in installation and removal, a…


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The Rush to Automation Could Be Detrimental to Loyalty

Humans naturally crave interaction with other humans. However, as technology advances, there is an increasing push by companies to automate as much of their processes as possible. While this is understandable, as it saves on costs, the path technology is taking us down could prove to be a double-edged sword.


Think about all the automated technology that you…


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Keep Winning Customers in a New Transportation Age

Ride sharing.  Corporate fleets.  Short-term rentals.  Mass transit.  Ride subscription plans.  The list continues to grow—and traditional dealerships are rethinking how they’re going to position themselves to win with consumers who are approaching personal transportation in a whole new way.  Brand-new drivers are no longer forming lines at the DMV the second they…


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Your C-R-M is a D-U-D!

Do you have a CRM? Did you know that, on average, most major CRMs only see usage of 25%?

Let that sit there for a minute. You pay 100% but you . . . use 25%.

Is it your fault? Maybe. Likely. Sure.

  • Your salespeople won’t use it.
  • And you won’t make them.

And so you pay 100% of the bill for 25% product…


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Auto Dealers: Paying for Marketing Pays Off

Thanks to the auto industry investing in more digital advertising programs and marketing initiatives than ever before, the success of 21st century, digital-friendly customer loyalty rewards programs at forward-thinking dealerships across the country, and the launch of tons of head-turning new vehicles this year, America’s auto industry is continuing to experience an increase in domestic automotive sales.

Billions invested…


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Clarivoy’s Proprietary TV Analytics Solution Wins DrivingSales 2016 Innovation Cup

Clarivoy’s Proprietary TV Analytics Solution Wins DrivingSales 2016 Innovation Cup


TV Analytics Solution Selected By Auto Dealer Panel as the Most Innovative


Columbus, OH (October 27, 2016)Clarivoy, the automotive industry’s leading provider of multi-touch sales attribution, today announced that the company’s proprietary TV Analytics…


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Do emotions play a part in the process?

Car Buying and Emotions, Part I

Women shop and buy cars for a number of reasons, but regardless of the reason, emotions are involved in every step. The emotional range can start with excitement about the prospects of a new car, to apprehension when signing papers, to frustration when taking a car in for service.

Why Emotions Matter

During the buying process, your customers will experience a range of emotions. You know this. It is important…


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Role Play Your Way to Success by David Martin

Role-playing with your sales team will give them the confidence and inspiration to know what to say when handling objections from potential customers. Just like in sports or the fine arts, honing your craft involves practice. Through role-playing, your sales team will master professional and effective responses to the most common objections.

In …


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Automotive Marketing: An Overview of Current Marketing Trends, Statistics, and Strategies

Automotive Marketing: An Overview of Current Marketing Trends, Statistics, and Strategies

The auto industry has undergone ongoing and dynamic transformation over recent years.  Connected technologies, changing trends in consumer shopping behavior, digital and mobile channels, longer vehicle lifespans, and consumer mobility behaviors are all impacting how the…


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Reports of Increasing No-Sales at Auctions

Welcome to this week's edition of Black Book Market Insights, with in-depth analysis of used car and truck valuation trends and insights straight from the auction lanes. Click here to download…


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New Pin Collective, New LinkedIn Skills & Endorsements Section, & More!

This Week in Social Media


News for the Week of October 24


Facebook Adds New Recommendation Engine and CTA Buttons for Local Events and Businesses

Facebook issued an update to improve the usage of the Events bookmark by adding a new…


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New Study Finds Consumers Are Dissatisfied With Dealerships’ Lack of Desire to Resolve Complaint

Total Dealer Compliance shows the impact of offering a clear complaint resolution has on sales and reputation

Total Dealer Compliance (TDC), a car dealership compliance-auditing firm, today announced key findings from its latest auto dealership survey conducted online in September among 200 U.S. adults age 18+. With over thirty percent of…


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The Insurance Your Dealership Needs, But Probably Doesn't Have

Insurance is one of those business costs we all hate paying every month, until the day we actually need it. I'm not an insurance expert so I don't know exactly how many policies a typical dealership has. I imagine it's quite a few when you add up the various property, casualty and liability coverages.


But I do know there is one very important insurance that a lot of dealerships don't…


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DataMentors Launches Auto Lease Expiration Data to Power Conquest Marketing

DataMentors Launches Auto Lease Expiration Data to Power Conquest Marketing


TAMPA, FL – October 25, 2016 – DataMentors, LLC, a leading provider of Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) and Right Time Marketing, announced today the launch of its auto lease expiration data…


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3 Birds Marketing Partners with ELEAD1ONE to Offer Full Systems & Data Integration for Optimized End-to-End Marketing

Partnership gives mutual dealer clients better accessibility and visibility into operational and marketing data and 3 Birds’ best-in-class consumer-directed marketing solutions

Chapel Hill, N.C., October 24, 2016 – 3 Birds Marketing, a two-time Inc. 5000-ranked automotive digital marketing company today announced a new partnership with ELEAD1ONE, the benchmark in automotive software. The partnership will pair 3 Birds’ powerful integrated marketing, analytics platform,…


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Your Q4 Reality Check: 5 Reasons Online Buying Is NOT Everyone’s Reality

People buy everything online these days. Or do they? In reality, there are some items people simply prefer to touch, see, feel, taste, smell, or drive before they consider signing on the dotted line or forking over their credit card. Several automotive leaders have…


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Gubagoo’s New RESQ App Generates a 300% Increase in Lead-to-Sale Conversion

 Gubagoo launches RESQ’s new industry-first technology to empower dealerships with complete access to, and insight on, potential and existing customers, from their sales and service teams’ mobile phones, via text, chat or call

Boca Raton, FL, – October 24, 2016 – Today, Gubagoo announces that RESQ, it’s newly developed app, is generating a 300% increase in lead-to-sale conversions in dealerships. RESQ gives dealers…


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Maintain Your Vehicle in Melbourne by VACC Certified Members

Do you know the benefits of car maintenance by experts who are certified by Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce or VACC? These certified members will not only repair and maintain your car, but they will also help you enjoy a safe drive. They know the importance of safety and reliability of a car in transporting you and your family.



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