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Data Empowered Influencer Marketing for Car Dealers


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Is Your 2018 Budget a Goal or a Wish?

Most dealers agree their goal every year is to grow their business. Without annual …


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Five Interesting Facts about Hybrid Electric Cars

In the beginning of 2000, eco-friendly and hybrid cars have introduced and this article is going to present five reasons why you should switch to a hybrid car:

As compared to gasoline cars the depreciation cost of hybrids cars is…


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One of the easiest ways to lose a sale is by not following up with your customers.  There is a fine line between pestering them and being there to guide them to the sale. According to statistics post…

One of the easiest ways to lose a sale is by not following up with your customers.  There is a fine line between pestering them and being there to guide them to the sale.

According to statistics posted by Dealer Refresh in August, 20171, as many as 90% of salespeople do NOT follow up with potential customers or even customers that have purchased a vehicle from them.…


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Competing Against Nothing

When asked who a…


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What’s Your Risk Factor?

Recently I’ve experienced some intermittent chest pain every now and then that would last about 10 to 15 seconds and go away. After considering potential health implications I went to my local doctor’s office that performed an EKG. After the EKG was performed she was studying the print out very concerned. She…


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#42: Change Your Words and Change Your Life

It's time to trade-in on some worn out phrases that don't help anyone. Let's upgrade to something that will inspire, drive energy, and create enthusiasm. Stream or download today's episode at …


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Sporty Car and Compact Van Depreciation Increases

Welcome to this week's edition of Black Book Market Insights, with in-depth analysis of used car and truck valuation trends and insights straight from the auction lanes. …


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Why In-House Administration Can Fail

Mistake number one: Wearing too many hats at the dealership which results in too many interruptions.

Most often the warranty administrator gets pulling in many directions while working at the dealership. Here are a few examples:

They are most often the backup for the cashier. I have often seen the warranty admins come in early to get a jump on the day…


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Poor Communication is Killing your CSI

Are your employees communicating well at your dealership? At most of the dealerships I have visited they are not! …


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Dealership Transaction Values at Record Levels as Sellers Continue to Flock to Market, according to The Blue Sky Report® released by Kerrigan Advisors



Buy/Sell market remains highly active as concerns about disruptive technology drive dealers to sell; over 200 transactions projected to close in 2017


Irvine, CA –November 28, 2017 – The auto dealership Buy/Sell market is poised for its most active year ever, with over 200 transaction closings projected for 2017, according to…


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The Essential Ingredient to Customer Loyalty

When it comes to customer loyalty, o…


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Price, Profit and Transparency

22 years ago, as the General Sales Manager at the dealership where I was working, we were dealing with something new.  A dealer 30 miles away had come up with a strategy to sell new trucks.  A customer would call, email or send in an Internet inquiry about a new vehicle and without any consultation at all, they would fax or email that vehicle's invoice and…

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How responsible are YOU for KPI scores?

~by Sally Whitesell for Auto Success Magazine

These days you cannot walk into a supermarket or fast food restaurant without getting asked to fill out a survey. “You might even win a prize!” However, most of us do not take the time to fill out surveys unless we have had a bad experience or someone has really “wowed” us with excellent service; which brings me to my…


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Advanced Dealer Systems (ADS) encourages Dealers to fight back and take their rightful position in the search engine results page! Dealers should stop being held hostage by huge dealer groups and Third Party Lead providers. What many dealerships don't realize or understand is they can now generate and harvest their own leads by taking control of their web presence and creating lead generation opportunities that align with…


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Are Dealers Really Ready for Multi-Touch Attribution?

By Steve White  



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Record Weekly Decline for 2017

Welcome to this week's edition of Black Book Market Insights, with in-depth analysis of used car and truck valuation trends and insights straight from the auction lanes. …

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What's Your Impact?

All of us have individuals in our lives that for better or worse impact who we are as a person forever. One of those individuals for me was a technician I worked with while being a fixed ops director for a car dealership. He came up to me one morning asking me to read a brochure then have a meeting with him. The brochure was…


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Points to Consider Before Making a Career as Auto Electrician

Career is a long-term and needs to be chosen after considerations. You might like one profession, but you have to love it from the core to make a career out of it. So, the next time you are trying to make it big, it is rather important to get hold of the position, which is booming right now in the market. That position has to be…


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#41 The Power of Consistency

Looking to be more in your and stand out as being a game changer? Steps on how to do so in…


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Auto Groups Overlook $230K Per Store in Used-Car Service Opportunities [PRESS RELEASE]

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Need Suggestion About Tesla 3 Floor Mats

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What Are The Different Types Of Truck Alarm System: Understand Their Importance

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The Golden Rule for Game Changers

It's not just what you don't do to someone, but what you proactively do for them that creates…See More
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