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How Do You Know Your Digital Strategy Is Working?

How Do You Know Your Digital Strategy Is Working?

Is your business keeping you up at night? We want to offer ways to uncover some great opportunities in your strategy, including:

  • Focusing on the handling of phone calls
  • Generating more content for your website
  • Emphasizing the value of tracking your leads
  • Maintaining…

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"The Technician Crisis"

I just finished an article to address the Technician shortage in American car dealerships. It is understood some might say change isn’t needed to address the fact we are in need of 30,000 technicians today! My thought is change is required to attract and retain quality people for the future. Sign up for our no cost conference calls or newsletter and receive an advance…


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The Dyslexia Of Your Goal

"Many are stubborn in pursuit of the path they have chosen, few in pursuit of the goal." Friedrich Nietzsche German Philosopher…


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Order "Win The Game of Googleopoly" Book and Unlock The Secret Strategy Of Search Engines! 856-546-2440

Order "Win The Game of Googleopoly" Book and Unlock The Secret Strategy Of Search Engines!

Rank higher in search results with this guide to SEO and content building supremacy Google is not only the number one search engine in the…


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4 Customer-Centric Infographics to Check Out Right Now

As you prepare for a new year at your dealership, you’re probably on the lookout for innovative, measurable ways to effectively engage your shoppers. That’s why we’ve compiled 4 customer-centric infographics to help you improve your marketing strategy and proactively engage the modern shopper in 2015.

Check out these…


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Volvo Boldly Goes Where No One Dares Go

While most businesses analyze budgets and shift money towards digital advertising, video and branding, Volvo has taken an interesting strategy: to decrease marketing. While it isn’t planning to cease all activities, Volvo has decided that, rather than attempt to take on any rivals with bigger budgets, it will shift money towards providing a more personalized customer…


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L.A. retailer knows the value of a good name

L.A. retailer knows the value of a good name

Downtown revival and handy URL steer traffic to Honda store

From left, Sean Wolfington, Ted Bessen and Joe Shuster bought the Honda dealership's assets from bankruptcy court in 2011.…

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God loves sales people! 30 gifts from him (Proverbs Power of Words)

                              Bible Believers' Selling -

                               by Roger Williams

          I thought this would be appropriate due to the reason for the season!! 


 Do you want to have a better 2015 than 2014? If you are Christian, this is a must read!

                   Want to sell more? The big man says it’s all in the words!

      30 "Gifts" God…


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Webinar Wednesday - Episode 4 -The Excitement of The Deal

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LinkedIn Wants Relevancy: Punishes Abusers

In yet another move by LinkedIn to create a more engaging user experience, the company has decided to penalize any users of the InMail feature that send mail that is irrelevant to the recipient. As LinkedIn cannot read the messages, it had to formulate a way to determine which messages are more likely irrelevant – namely those which receive no replies. LinkedIn used to offer…


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4 Reasons Why Shoppers Love Using Live Chat

Automotive marketing as we know it has changed. The Internet now forces dealerships to have an online presence and build relationships with consumers in the digital world. Why? Because the modern shopper expects it.

Consumer research is no longer solely accessible via phone calls and drive-bys. Now, your prospective customers are…


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Did We Forget Anything?

The Holiday Cheer Is On Us

The holiday season can be a stressful time a year both personally and professionally. We want to give you the opportunity to share a few laughs in an effort to help minimize some of that stress.

On this week’s Think Tank Tuesday, enjoy "The 12 Days of…


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Using Emotions To Excite Customers: Honda’s Brilliant Holiday Marketing

To promote their brand this holiday season, Honda is pulling out all of the stops by incorporating just about every feeling and sentiment it can into a series of commercials featuring toys. Consider their “Happy Honda Days” commercials that published around Thanksgiving. Every one of them featured a toy covering many demographics – including He-Man & Skeletor, Stretch…


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Another Solid Week of Activity

Hello and welcome to this week’s Used Car Market Report from Black Book. Last week we reported how the market has been trending in a non-traditional December way. Little has changed this past week. Bidders are still pretty aggressive and the results were over 2250 vehicles adjusted on average each day of the week, with 52% being increasing adjustments of the previously published values.…


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Think Twice Before Going Under The Knife

Think Twice Before Going Under the Knife

By: Alan Ram

Let me say at the outset; I love BDCs. Like anything else though, there are efficient, productive models as well as ineffective ones. Like plastic surgery, when done wrong, you can end up creating more problems than you solve. The acronym “BDC” does not have an absolute definition. There are several variations as well as activities that any BDC might be engaged in. Let’s…


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Flick Fusion Introduces VidMagnet™, An Inventory Video Add-On Designed to Drive More Traffic to Auto Dealer Websites

Urbandale, IA--December 22nd, 2014--Flick Fusion ( today introduced VidMagnetTM, a powerful addition to inventory videos that leverages Video SEO (VSEO) and drives more traffic from YouTube and other video websites to auto dealer websites. When a dealership sells a vehicle featured in an inventory video, normally that video is removed from the Internet. With VidMagnet, the video stays on the Internet indefinitely…


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Jim Radogna: Avoiding the Eye of Mordor in Social Media

Just like in the blockbuster series “The Lord of the Rings”, the Eye of Mordor is always open. Until now, its focus has been on larger battles and more interesting things. Then a Hobbit found a golden ring and slipped it on his finger. And the Eye started paying attention to this little being that had avoided the Eye’s gaze… until now.

The intersection of…


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5 Things We Read This Week: December 14-19

Dealership reviews coming to AutoTrader, the state of the U.S. auto market, and an important new Google AdWords metric

1. Adding Dealership Reviews (Auto Remarketing)

AutoTrader will begin integrating consumer-generated ratings and reviews from DealerRater into its dealer profile pages starting this month.…


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The FTC Strikes AGAIN - What a Surprise!

The Federal Trade Commission started the year by making a major statement regarding how they feel about questionable auto dealer advertising practices with their Operation…

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Win the Game of Googleopoly Book Will Be In Stores All Over The Country In Hudson News! Now on Amazon & Barnes & Noble 856-546-2440

Win the Game of Googleopoly Book Will Be In Stores All Over The Country In Hudson News! Now on Amazon & Barnes & Noble

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