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3 Metrics to Measure Automotive BDC Performance

Does your dealership use an external BDC for sales calls? Many managers like to keep control of their sales process in house, but realistically, the majority of salespeople don't have time to place the hundreds of calls necessary every week to keep their pipeline filled.


Additionally, many salespeople lack the skills to effectively engage…


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Overall Depreciation Rates Stable

Welcome to this week's edition of Black Book Market Insights, with in-depth analysis of used car and truck valuation trends and insights straight from the auction lanes. Click here to download the full…


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Four Reasons Why BDCs Fail and How to Improve Them NOW

Dealerships are always struggling with the decision on whether they need a BDC or not. Some try and succeed, but others try and fail. Why does this happen? How is one dealership’s BDC succeeding when other BDCs are failing and returning to status quo after a significant investment? The following are four reasons BDCs fail and solutions for making your BDC a…


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Kerrigan Advisors Represents Minnesota-Based Village Automotive Group in Sale to Ed Napleton Automotive Group


Irvine, CA, -- February 26, 2019 – Kerrigan Advisors, the leading buy/sell advisor to auto dealers in the US, represented and advised Minnesota-based Village Automotive Group in its sale of Lexus of Wayzata, Lexus of Maplewood, and Village Chevrolet, to Chicago-based Ed Napleton Automotive Group, which operates more than 74 franchises in seven states and ranked #26 on Automotive News’ 2018 Top 150 Dealership Group…


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Proper Coaching

Here we are again with the video series, Quality of Life.

We’ve been…


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Auto/Mate Integrates DMS with GoMoto Virtual Service Advisor Platform

Albany, N.Y. – February 25, 2018 – Auto/Mate Dealership Systems announced today it has successfully completed all dealership management system (DMS) integrations with GoMoto, a developer of progressive technologies for automotive service lanes and showrooms. Auto/Mate DMS customers now have the option to use GoMoto's Virtual Service Advisor Platform, a service lane kiosk that provides customers with a streamlined, self-led, check-in process.


"Consumers are…


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Keeping your car safe – features and measures you should know about

When investing thousands of dollars in a car, you simply can’t afford to have it stolen or damaged. After spending that amount of cash in a vehicle, you should definitely be open to the idea of spending a couple of hundreds more on some features that are supposed to keep your car safe in the long run. Most vehicles today are packed with features that keep the driver safe, so you just have to focus on keeping the vehicle itself safe. This is a short guide on what measures you need to take…


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Reviver and Wistron NeWeb Partner to Scale and Innovate Production of the Rplate, the World’s First Digital License Plate

IoT and wireless product design leader, WNC, enters a Joint Design and Manufacturing agreement with Reviver; partnership enables Reviver to meet increasing demand for the Rplate as it expands across the US and globally


Barcelona, Spain – February 25th, 2019 – Reviver, creator of the world’s first digital license plate platform, and Wistron NeWeb (WNC), global specialists in the design and development of cutting-edge communication products,…


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Reviver Partners with HARMAN to Co-Develop Global Software Platform Development for the World’s First Digital License Plate

HARMAN Connected Services collaborates with Reviver on globally scalable software for Rplate’s IoT platform, centered on enabling new safety and security benefits for consumers


Barcelona, Spain – February 25, 2019 – Reviver, creator of the Rplate, the world’s first digital license plate platform, and HARMAN, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., focused on connected technologies…


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What increasing the demands of the truck in Canada?

Demands of the truck are increasing day in and day out with the recent recession in Canada. The recession is the act of financial state which breaks the backbones of the middle-class people because it stops the money rotation in the market. The biggest impact of this recession is on the automotive industry. The worst thing a recession can do to people is it decreases the purchasing power among people. Just like that with the lower purchasing power of automotive…


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Significance of contacting junk car removal company

It could be that you are the owner of a junk car, which is practically of not any use and only occupies your precious garage space. You may desire to buy a new car to drive to your office and avoid the public transport and have some money saved for it. But first, you have to dispose off your junk vehicle before making the new purchase to ensure that…


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Spring Selling Season

The time is now. Spring selling season is upon us. When your inventory, personnel and plans are in the right spot on February 20th, your 2019 is set up to work to your maximum advantage. Five of the best six seasonally-adjusted sales months over the years happen between March and August.  Working the details and making sure that you’re taking care of them…


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Write Service Podcast: Episode 60- Can You Embrace Change?

This week's podcast is a LIVE snippet from a private workshop for an Automobile Dealer's Association. Enjoy this short clip about the ability to embrace change, how it impacts your results, and what to strive for in terms of long-term success. Copyright 2019 Wm Jeff Cowan

Website: automotiveservicetraining.com

800-248-2931 or info@jcowansprotalk.com

Click HERE to watch!…


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How to Remove Friction from the Service Drive

Does your service department software remove friction for your customers but add friction for your staff? Perhaps that is why we see so many software companies come and go in this industry.


With today’s transformation from a dealership-centric focus to one that is more customer-centric, technology companies are rapidly developing solutions…


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Is There Any Alternative for Wipers?

Windscreen wipers have played an important role in car design and safety for more than a century, but now they are challenged with more technologically advanced water-repelling solutions. Since their first use in motor vehicles in 1916, wipers have become a common part of the car. Although very little has changed from their original design, they still have some inherent flaws that need to be addressed. Let’s look into the current state of wiper technology and…


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Auto Dealerships See Avg. 20% Rise in Profits Under DOWC

According to Protective Asset Protection, it is estimated that auto dealers leveraging a Dealer-Owned Warranty Company structure to sell F&I products are seeing a 20% lift in profits on average for F&I sales.

Background on DOWC:

Many automotive dealers have offset the recent downward trend in vehicle margins through increased F&I profitability. One way dealers have maximized their F&I income is through…


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Depreciation Rates Improve

Welcome to this week's edition of Black Book Market Insights, with in-depth analysis of used car and truck valuation trends and insights straight from the auction lanes. Click here to download the full…


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Our Advice for New Salespeople

In our video series Quality of Life, we’ve gotten some insight into a high-level sales process. We want you to be…


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Males's Socks - Picking Design and Comfort

The most fundamental of all men's devices, and the one utilized for convenience as well as style is the humble sock. Socks assist take in sweat and also safeguard the feet from frostbite, as well as additionally offer an interesting appearance to the individual wearing them.


Today, design plays an integral part in sock selection. Individuals intend to have the trendiest as well as most comfy ones that fit their design and requirements. The selections differ from formal to…


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Digital Retailing is Not About Technology

At NADA many exhibitors hyped their digital retailing solutions to support online vehicle transactions. While no one has cracked the code for a complete, seamless online transaction, there are several great solutions that provide enough functionality to meet consumer demands. After all, consumers are not asking for a 100% “digital…


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