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Why Your Dealership Marketing Should Be Dominating

In every industry, there is endless data to collect and apply to sales and marketing, all in the hopes of converting consumers to customers. Marketing strategies and campaigns, again, in any industry, can tailor this data to help drive its users down the correct path. Through all of its uses however, marketing strategies have the most in common with the goals attributed to the automotive industry. Let’s explain…


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10 Ways to Help Your Dealership Employees Embrace Change Like Champs



Change is necessary for businesses to grow.  That’s true for the salon down the street, for the local grocery store, and for your dealership.  In order to keep up with consumer wants and needs in the marketplace, it’s important to keep your eyes open and focus on trends that are inspiring shoppers to buy.  Although change is necessary, most people…


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Is Good Content Really Worth the Effort?

All too often, a company gets intrigued with content marketing and decides to give it a try. But then, after just a couple of blogs, executives decide that there just isn’t any tangible return on their investment, or that it’s not measurable, and so lessen their content output, or abandon the initiative…


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You Might Consider Becoming the Amazon in Your Area… And Fast!

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard about Amazon’s entry into the automotive world… something I predicted quite a while ago and covered in previous blogs.


For the moment, Amazon is functioning as simply a new…


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Mercedes Benz E-Class is all About Grit and Guile

Mercedes Benz is all praised for its individual in-car features. Don’t miss the bigger picture. Consider this new E-class, which revives its technologies with whole lot of cryptic phrases such as Distance Pilot Distronic, Pre-Safe Impulse, Air Body Control, and the…


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Ideal locations for dealerships

Congratulations! You are ready to buy or rent some space for your first dealership, and now you have the unenviable task of deciding exactly where that should be. Having a car dealership is not only many people’s dreams, but it is a huge undertaking, and a lot of people’s livelihoods will depend on your ability to make good decisions, and that can often lead a lot of people to panic, and find themselves completely unable to make any sort of decision at all – which is exactly the opposite of…


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The Ultimate Power Bank Guide

Portable Battery chargers are comprised of a particular battery in a specific case with a distinct circuit to manage electricity flow. They let you to store electrical power (deposit it in the portable charger) and later utilize it to charfe a mobile unit (withdraw it from the portable charger). Power Banks have grown to be more popular than ever since the battery life of the precious cell phones, computer tablets and compact…


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Tips and Strategies to Help Improve Your Sales Process! #1

Tips and Strategies to Help Improve Your Sales Process! #1

The reason athletes train daily is to fuel their body to become the best they can in their chosen sport. The reason salespeople need to train daily is to fuel their mind so they can become the BEST.

I have always believed in the old saying “You are never too old to learn”.

If you are…


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My New Car Buying Experience

The glaring mistakes of a well-intentioned sales team.

I was excited about buying a nice new car, but like many of your clients, I was dreading the process. As a service advisor trainer who specializes in teaching the differences between…


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This Week in Social Media   News for the Week of August 29   Facebook Image Recognition Software Open to Everyone With the goal of someday applying it to live video, Facebook is open sourcing its ima…

This Week in Social Media


News for the Week of August 29


Facebook Image Recognition Software Open to Everyone

With the goal of someday applying it to live video, Facebook is open sourcing its image recognition software.  Currently, Facebook algorithms work in conjunction with MultiPathNet convolutional neural networks, allowing the platform to understand…


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Facebook Image Recognition Update, Facebook Lifestage, and More!

This Week in Social Media


News for the Week of August 29


Facebook Image Recognition Software Open to Everyone

With the goal of someday applying it to live video, Facebook is open sourcing its image recognition software. …


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Data Strategies to Increase Your Dealership Sales and Profitability

Data Strategies to Increase Your Dealership Sales and Profitability


Despite the digital disruption and new ways to research and shop online, the dealer is still an integral piece of the sales process. Consumers may do the majority of their…


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AT LAST: Attribution Claims Its Throne


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Does Email Marketing Still Work?

Whether you like it or not, email marketing will always come in handy as long as you’re checking your email. 

This week on Think Tank Tuesday, Paul will give you 3 tips that will help you improve your email marketing exponentially.  By taking these marketing tips and putting them into action, your open rates and click through rates may increase! Watch people engage more with your business and brand by utilizing this week’s Think Tank Tuesday in…


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Do You Have A “Super” Loyalty Program?

Loyalty programs are nothing new to retail. In the beginning, most consisted of simple punch cards or other basic means of tracking customer transactions. As technology improved, many programs became digitized with key tags, cards and other ways for retailers to keep track of these transactions, aside from purely…


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Obtain Valuable Information about Car Donation Tax Deduction

Donating your vehicle to charity can lead to significant tax savings in case you have included it on your charitable donation deduction. But, doing a bit of planning will make sure that you increase the tax savings of your donation. The IRS necessitates you to estimate your deduction in any of the two techniques, based on how the charity utilizes your donation. If you file an annual US individual tax return, you will have to list your deductions so that your charitable gift deductions can be…


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5 Tips To Effective Marketing On Your Blog

Your blog is a great avenue that you can use for effectively marketing your products and services. This is an advantage at your disposal and your competitors are already using it. What are you waiting for? Here are 5 tips you can use to increase your blog’s effectiveness in marketing your…


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Quick Lube: A Minor Investment for a Huge Return

In the past, customers were willing to bring their vehicle into a service department and wait patiently. However, with the rise of convenience and the promise of speed in the form of express independent chains such as Jiffy Lube, regular service customers began forsaking the dealership and started defecting to these…


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The Best Auto Glass And Windshield Replacement Service

Are you looking for the Auto Glass and Windshield replacement service, you are come for the perfect place. They are offering the professional and the quality service to the customers. If you can get help from this service you are come for the perfect place. Of course, whether you are hire this service you will get the following advantages such as

  • Access to an exclusive discount on
  • Easy thirty second safe and secures…

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Essay Writing Service Online To Complete Your Assignment Fast

Image result for essayagents

At present most of the students looking to hire the experienced writers to complete their paper work and assignment work in the proper manner. It is the ideal way to get free from stress along with this you can earn good grades by hiring experts. Need to “write my essay 4 me service? Then consider EssayAgents, it is the ideal choice for the people who need support to complete their paper…


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