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Dealership Safety Concerns Aren’t Only About Recalls

Life at a dealership is hectic. There are so many pieces moving simultaneously that it can seem as if you’re living in a real-life version of the classic video game “Frogger,” continuously ducking, dodging and weaving your way through the dealership -- just as everyone else is. Combine sales, service and customer activity, and that brings the risk to personal safety to a…


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3 Tips to Up Your Video Marketing Game

Assuming your dealership has a video marketing strategy in place and that you’re getting good results, you may be ready to take your video marketing to another level.


To quickly review, the fundamental basic blocks of a video marketing strategy include:

  • Content. Start with what you sell…your inventory.  Next sell them on your…

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Spring Time Auction Sales Performing Well

Welcome to this week's edition of Black Book Market Insights, with in-depth analysis of used car and truck valuation trends and insights straight from the auction lanes. Click here to download the full…


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The Best "Last Two" Questions to Ask BEFORE Getting the Proposal by Richard Keeney

It is my belief that these two questions need to be asked every time before leaving the customer to get a proposal from management.

Next to the last question to ask the customer before getting up to go for desk assistance:


“Is there any additional equipment you want…


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Episode 17- Success in Professional Sales Podcast: 7 Steps to Self Discipline

This week, Jeff discusses how tough it can be to say no to that movie night or that football game with friends, and replace it with training or preparing for your sales career. From personal stories to key steps, Jeff will show you how to stay focused and discipline yourself so you can live the life you deserve! Copyright 2018 Wm Jeff Cowan.

Click here to watch!

Also available on iTunes, Stitcher, and…


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#67: 6 Truths About Change

Getting to game changer status doesn't happen overnight. Change, over time, is what enables us to move from the lower performance levels up to game changer; but, without a proper understanding of change, you'll be left feeling frustrated or worn out as you try to change things like: how you think, your personal philosophy, your daily activities, and more. Use Dave's 6 simple truths about change to make the necessary adjustments you need to get up to that next performance level, or stay there…


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There’s a War Going On: Is Your Digital Marketing in Danger?

In the digital marketing world, only a couple of things are important – deliverability and tracking. Deliverability is simple: if the customer cannot see your display ad, it’s useless. Tracking, perhaps not quite so simple, is a cookie placed on the…


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Wowing the Customer: Actions Speak Louder than Words

Occasionally, when creating a great customer experience a business will have to go above and beyond for its customers. These little WOW moments can easily take a repeat customer and make them loyal, or even take a loyal customer and make them into a brand advocate.

Author and thought-leader…


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Leadership in the Auto Industry - How to Powerfully position for Impact , Achievement & Success

Leadership is Influence. .Nothing more nothing less. What will dare set your Dealership apart from the next . Dare to be different. Are you asking yourself the right questions ?. We often expect the solutions to come from external input yet we have the best answers internally within. After Sales Coach Training through specific structured conversations will help unlock yours and your Team's potential. Lets get back to Basics. What motivates my Team? What makes them connect to their roles?…


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How to Start Up a Car Dealership

For many people, owning a car dealership sounds like an entrepreneurial dream come true. You are doing what you like and earning good money. Or are you?

Well, getting the operations off the ground is a daunting task. To make it happen, it’s not enough to have a deep passion for automobiles and take a loan. After all, the costs of launching and running a dealership can be measured in millions of…


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Why Debt Consolidation Can Leave You Deeper in Debt

One of the biggest financial challenges that many of us deal with today is debt. It takes forms such as student loans, automobile loans, credit card debt, mortgages, bank overdraft charges, payday loans and more. When your debt is too much, it can become very difficult to pay it all back. However, there is a solution which you can use. A debt consolidation loan is a method which you can useto get rid of all your debt in one fell swoop. Here is more about it.


What is a…


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How to Engage the Visual and Kinesthetic Learners on Your Automotive Team (video)

Joe: Sally Whitesell has spent more than two decades providing service advisor training in service departments across the country. Her professional training products have been utilized at dealerships by individuals, service teams, managers, and of course, at the corporate level. She is…


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How Coachable Are You?

Coachability is about demonstrating the willingness to be corrected, and to act on that correction. Coachable people are prepared to be wrong, and withstand—even welcome—high degrees of candor concerning their performance with the goal of improving it. As a result, coachable people are able to grow to levels that life’s “know-it-all’s” never experience. So, how coachable are you? The answer has much to say about your personal and professional potential. The following are criteria to help you…


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Auto/Mate Streamlines Loaner Car Process for Auto Dealers with Bluebird Auto Rental Systems Integration

ALBANY, N.Y. – Feb 26, 2018 – Auto/Mate Dealership Systems (http://www.automate.com) announced today that Bluebird Auto Rental Systems, a leading provider of cost-effective software to vehicle rental companies, has completed integration with Auto/Mate's dealership management system (DMS). Auto/Mate customers that use Bluebird Auto Rental's LoanerTrack for their service loaner fleets…


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Why Does Your Startup Need MVP?

MVP should be an integral part of any startup. Millionaires who began their journeys with MVP speak eloquently in favor of these successful projects. But in order to get the most out of this minimum viable product, you need to understand what MVP is, how to create it, and what mistakes should be avoided to prevent your startup from experiencing failure. Read more on Appus blog…


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Jumpstart Automotive Media Path to Purchase Insights: Full-Size Pickups Jump Ahead and Saw Increase Interest from Luxury Shoppers; RAM 1500 Interest Up +172%

Jumpstart Automotive Media, a leading media, insights, and marketing solutions company, today released its February shopper interest data results, showing how much luxury-oriented consumers are now cross-shopping full-size pickup trucks. In February, the full-size pickup truck segment climbed four spots from last year and now represents the third most-shopped segment, the highest it’s ever been according to Jumpstart.  …


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Variable Pay Plans: Motivators or Impediments?

To manage and motivate their service advisors, m…


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Car checks to extend the lifespan of your car

Your car, like any other major investment you make needs to be taken care of and nurtured so that when the time comes to get rid of your investment you are not taking a risk. However, your car is also an asset and any asset will depreciate from the moment you buy it till you sell it. Car manufacturers have taken the time to study their products and come up with an estimate lifespan for your vehicle. This is just an estimate and can be more or less depending on your driving style, maintenance…


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A Time-Saving Mobile Auto Mechanic and Pre purchase Used Car Inspection Service Orlando

Keeping a car well maintained and in good shape is quite essential part of owning a vehicle; in fact, it is a great to extend its overall life and improve its overall performance at the same time. But keeping a vehicle running great, looking good all the time is easier said than done. According to some auto experts, most people ignore it and suffer huge…


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USB C Hubs — What Advantages Do They Offer and What Are Their Prime Features?

Technology is said to be a collection of various techniques or methods used in fields related to science and engineering.Any new invention that is useful for humankind is considered as technology. The invention of USB has bought a revolution in the industry of connectors.  Now one may have doubt that why are connectors used? Initially, the devices such as calculators were invented to make the calculation process simpler. However, it was later developed into a computer, and various useful…


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