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Balancing the Scales –A strategic response to the Internet’s impact on the dealership’s sales process, profits and customer experience

The Business Case

In 1989 the Internet came online and disrupted the car buying and selling process by tipping the scales heavily in the consumer’s favor. The easy access to pricing and product information made shoppers better researchers and negotiators, and to an unprepared industry this shift was unsettling. Since then, manufacturers and their dealers have…


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Used Car Market Is Active With Greater Weakness

Hello and welcome to the final Beggs on the Used Car Market video blog for June and also for the first half of 2014, with data and insight from Ricky Beggs and Black Book. It is amazing how fast the days and weeks have been checked off the calendar. We have dealt with a spring market that was delayed, a spring market that extended into the middle of May, and an active new car sales market unaffected…


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Do you know who the life blood of your service department is?


Do you know who the life blood of your service department is? Without this person your Technicians would not have orders to fill.


This person can make all the difference in your customer's experience. They are the first and the last person that your customer will talk with. A top performer in this position can make your…


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Working the Deal, I Hate Internet Sales Part 5

Well its been a long delay in the series but here is the next installation, Working the Deal...

I honestly hesitate to even include this in the series as often it will clash directly with the process that sales managers want to follow when desking deals.  However, the whole point of this series is to address those management teams that actually do hate internet sales and see it as a bottomless h*** of red ink.  If you do fall into a category that this rubs the wrong way, I…


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Why Your Sales Event Isn’t A Sales Event

Car dealerships have been marketing sales events from the beginning of … well… car sales. Not a weekend goes by when the newspaper, radio and television aren’t filled with messages from car dealers proclaiming that THIS is the weekend to buy a car. This has persisted for so long that consumers no longer believe the message.…


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The Absolute Importance of Accountability When Running a Dealership

It’s amazing. And I’ve seen it a hundred times. They don’t realize they’re doing it but they still do it. That’s for sure. I heard a salesman with his chest puffed out (as it should be) reliving the story of a terrific job done with the happy new owner of a car. The salesman DID do a great job. These people were cold to begin with and initially he could barely get…


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Conquest is Great, but Connect with Your Own Customers First

Conquest sales can be exhilarating. Let's face it, there's something medieval, even carnal about the concept of taking sales from your competitors. Even the action itself has an incredible name. "Conquest" - it sounds epic and it's something that we all want to do.

It's more than that, though. It's a double-dip. Every conquest sale is a good…


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Create Great Used Car Marketing Videos with just an iPad

A lot of dealers have had success with our iCar Video New Car marketing program but all of my friends ask what they can do for their used cars. Until now, I haven't had a good answer that let them make good looking videos consistently, in a way that was fast and easy.
Today, I am going to share with you a fast and easy method for my dealer pals to create Used Car marketing videos in minutes with nothing more than an iPad mini ($249 at Walmart) and iMovie ($5 on…

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BMW Un4Gettable Test Drive Event - July 10, 2014 at BMW of Bridgewater

BMW Of Bridgewater's BMW 4 Series Ultimate Driving Experience. 

BMW of Bridgewater is taking part in the Un4gettable Test Drive Event, a BMW Event designed to allow…


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Google Android Auto: What It Means For Your Dealership

Yesterday Google revealed “Android Auto ” its latest play in the connected car game. The new android-based screen-casting feature connects your smartphone directly to your in-car infotainment system…


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Prepare Yourself to Make a Deal

Are you ready to make a deal today? Grab your coffee, grab your Gameplan, and get rolling.
Here are three simple things you can do today to make sure that you're prepared when an UP walks onto the lot: 

Walk your inventory.

Start your day with a walk around the lot to see what inventory is available and where specific vehicles are located. Do any units need attention? Are they dirty and need a…


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Are You of a Mind(set) to Grow?


Professor Carol Dweck of Stanford University believes humans have essentially two mindsets, growth or fixed, and through her research with employees of Fortune 500 companies, she found that managers with a growth mindset are more innovative.

Why is this important? According to the…


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The Future of Subaru's Eyesight Technology

Eyesight Technology, Designed by Subaru. 

The development of the Subaru Eyesight Technology has earned Subaru countless IIHS awards for best frontal crash ratings on models equipped with this innovative system.Currently Subaru offers the Eyesight Technology on the new Outback, Legacy and Forester…


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Audi Wants To Supervise Your Technicians… With Robots

Last week, Wired magazine featured an article describing Audi’s ambitious plans for robots in local dealerships. A remote technician at Audi headquarters controls the “Audi Robotic Telepresence” robot. According to Wired magazine Audi claims that “the robot mechanic will improve speed and…


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"Flaws in Cobalt system prompt honorary change and improvement"

Houston, TX (June 24, 2014) - VL Digital Marketing CEO Manny Luna and Sr. Vice President Larry Flowers were recently recognized by …


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Production of a 2015 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution is not happening.

The 2014 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution will be the last model year for the Evo.

Whether this decision by Mitsubishi is permanent or if they will decide to bring the Lancer Evolution back in a few years, we won't know! It more than likely will be based on an electric…


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New Research: The Top Things Drivers Do to ‘Fight the Drowse’ – Caffeine, Open Windows, Stretch, Loud Music, AC – Do Not Work

DMEautomotive survey reveals that less than one in four drivers do what experts recommend most: pull over and take a nap

With more than half of Americans planning road trips this summer – and the majority intending to drive 7 or more hours a day – dangerous, drowsy driving looks to intensify

Daytona Beach, FL – June 25, 2014  With the summer road-trip season hitting high…


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Be the Cristiano Ronaldo of Dealerships

News about the FIFA World Cup and rock-star soccer players have been making headlines lately. One of the hottest player’s of the moment is Cristiano Ronaldo, who’s not only an exceptional player but a major brand ambassador for big hitters like Nike. So, how can you brand your dealership like Ronaldo?


According to Nike, Ronaldo is known as two people: the superstar soccer player…


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Why Speeling and Grandma Is Impotent

When writing content – whether that content is a short, social media post or blog article, or a full-length feature article – form is just as important as the content itself. Proper spelling and grammar can dictate whether your content is received well or not. It’s not uncommon for readers to start reading an article or social media post that initially grabbed their…


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Lease Credit Approvals for Cars Reach New Low for the Year

Swapalease.com, the nation’s largest car lease marketplace, reports lease credit approvals during the month of May were 60.6%, the lowest monthly level of the year and down from January when the approvals rate was at 70.6%.

Despite the overall approvals rating sliding down from a 2014 high in January, Swapalease.com attributes the recent slide to a significant higher number of applications over the last two months. In fact, 44.7% more applications have been processed in May and…


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