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Consumers Are Taking Their Complaints to Social Media. Are You Responding?

In the past, consumers were limited in their options when they had any sort of complaint or service issue with a particular business. Those options, however, have progressed and today’s consumers have moved on from phone calls and e-mails to air their complaints. They now turn to review sites and social media in an effort to get businesses to rectify a perceived…


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Google Auto Says Mobile is the Place to Be

In a study published this month by Google’s Automotive division titled, “The 5 Auto Shopping Moments Every Brand Must Own,” it’s crystal clear that dealers need to have a strong mobile strategy in order to stay in the game.

The study breaks the car buying…


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How to Update and Completely Replace the Faulty Ford PCM in Your Car?

Summary: The Ford PCM when generally goes faulty has got only one option, and that is to be completely replaced. There are certain methods of removing it because all the sensors and batteries are delicately attached within the car.…


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Don’t Creep Out Your Shoppers

How to Track Consumer Behavior and Leverage What You Learn

If your dealership is able to take advantage of the right tools, you can easily tell which consumers are in the car-buying market and what vehicles they’re searching for. This knowledge, however, means your employees’ approach is key in making sure they attract potential customers instead of scaring them off. …


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This Week in Social Media

Social Media News for the Week of November 23

Brand-New Google+ 

Google will look different for users due to its latest updates to Google+. Latest improvements focus on Communities and Collections, placing those features front and center for Google social media…


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Are You a Hoarder?

Are You a Hoarder?


This is the time of year dealerships are making decisions for end of year adjustments. Today I wanted to focus on the parts Department aged inventory. I understand how hard it is to realize eventually old inventory loses its value and has absolutely no chance of selling. Nevertheless, this is a…


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In this Age of Extreme Political Correctness, Should Businesses Care?

If you’re on any social media platform, there’s no doubt that you’ve seen or heard of a multitude of topics where someone somewhere was offended. Not counting obvious religious, political or other volatile topics - there are many that seem, well, baffling. Take for example, the University of Ottawa’s decision to cancel its yoga class over concerns that cultural…


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Navigating SEO: How to Create Content That Attracts Links

Create Content That Attracts Links

What do you want from SEO? If I had to guess, I'd say "more traffic" or "more leads" are at the top of your goals list. The problem is, those things don't just happen on their own.

One way to accomplish these goals is to pursue link building by creating amazing content. Links are one of the most important…


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Planning For the Ultimate Racing Experience

Are you a fan of hot cars, but can’t afford to buy one? V8 race cars are consistently ranked as some of the fastest vehicles in the industry. Not only are such cars powerful, but they are also often revered for their performance on the track. However, if you are a fan of V8 cars, but can’t afford to buy one on your own, there are plenty of companies that can help you get behind the wheel on a private track. Planning a race is a great way to spend an adrenaline-fuelled day with your friends,…


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Here's Some Important Things You Missed

With All the New Things Everyday, It's Easy to Get Overwhelmed!
With all the new flashy technologies being developed everyday, we get caught up in the hype and miss the basics. This week, Paul is focusing on what you may have missed that's costing you leads and sales.…

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Want to Know Why Consumers Don’t Trust Us?

The reason that consumers don’t trust us is simple… the messages we send them aren’t believable.


Point in case: Doug Demiro, a former manager of Porsche Cars North America, and now author of a popular column on automotive website Jalopnik, answered a…


Added by Mike Gorun on November 24, 2015 at 8:57am — 1 Comment

A Guide to Toyota Warranties Transfer

All Toyota vehicles come with a transferable warranty but there are limitations on these warranties and you should know them before you buy or sell the vehicle. Whether you can transfer the warranty on your Toyota vehicle or not to its next owner depends on the state you are based in and also the year and mileage of your vehicle.

But before looking into the transfer details, it may be helpful to look into…


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Is Your Online Service Scheduling Application Chasing Your Customers Elsewhere?

Let me start this post by stating unequivocally that I am big fan of online service scheduling applications for car dealers. When set up correctly, these little tools can save you and your customers the headaches and hassles of numerous service phone calls.

When set up correctly.

Without getting into the weeds, suffice it to say that online service scheduling is a great way to balance the load and maximize the labor in your shop without having to employ a service receptionist…


Added by Steve Stauning on November 23, 2015 at 12:41pm — 5 Comments

TrueCar names Chip Perry chief executive officer

TrueCar names Chip Perry chief executive officer

Digital automotive services pioneer begins role next month SANTA MONICA, Calif., (November 23, 2015) –

TrueCar, Inc. (NASDAQ: TRUE) announced that Chip Perry, an online automotive pioneer and long-time industry leader, will become the company’s president and chief executive officer, effective…


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Not in My Backyard! How to Protect Your Turf with a Geofence

Most of the time the goal of a dealership's advertising is to reach car shoppers and convince them to visit your store. But what about the customers who are already in your dealership? You're probably thinking there's no need to advertise to them. If they're in your showroom, there's a pretty good chance you can close them. And you're right - unless one of your competitors…


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What Is Your Point Of Difference?

For those who have met me, you would know I have never had the problem of being lost in a crowd. At 6 foot 5 inches, I tend to be hard to miss. Most of you wouldn't know though that my wonderful wife Melody is 6 foot 1 inch, very tall herself. Like many of you I'm sure, I am punching well above my weight and I am convinced that my wife just married me because I was the only one she knew that was taller than her! It was my point of difference! And after celebrating 6 years of marriage last…


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Guaranteeing Drivers Are Covered in Case of Personal Injury When Involved in an Automobile Accident in Dayton, Ohio

In the state of Ohio, drivers are responsible for carrying a minimum requirement to ensure that all drivers are protected while on the road. The Dayton, Ohio state related law concerning auto accident’s states that drivers are required to carry the insurance unless they are able to provide proof of other forms of financial responsibility like a bond that has been filed by the state treasurer. In the state of Ohio, there are laws in place that are there to ensure that auto accidents and…


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Steps for Creating a Sales Culture in Your Service Department

“We want to create a sales team and sales culture in our Service Department but don’t know where to start.”

A great question that actually has a fairly easy answer and solution.  Below I will outline the steps to make this happen, but before I do, here are three simple rules you will have to be diligent with.

  1. Be…

Added by Jeff Cowan on November 20, 2015 at 1:22pm — 1 Comment

How to Sell Cars on Instagram

Four Keys to Success on Instagram

Want to sell more cars and reach more potential shoppers with Instagram? This week, special guest Tori Hoffman has the four keys to success on Instagram.

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How to Sell Cars on Instagram

Four Keys to Success on Instagram

Want to sell more cars and reach more potential shoppers with Instagram? This week, special guest Tori Hoffman has the four keys to success on Instagram.

Added by Paul Potratz on November 20, 2015 at 11:30am — No Comments

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